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donyell Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 5:21pm
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I'm new to decorating. I have seen some unbelievable cakes on here. I would like help with making a purse or shoe cake.

How do you gey the coach or LV color and letters on the cake?
(do you use stencils?)
How do you make the zipper for purses and the small details?
(do you use luster dust? and how do you use?)

Any help with this is very appreciated. thumbs_up.gif

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jelligirl Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 5:57pm
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hi there,

as far as the stencils for the purses, i think some do it free-hand...

here is the link for the purse cake

and i had to do some digging for the shoe one icon_smile.gif, its in my private emails..

i'll send you the email that i got if you send me your email address...i don't know if this site has one


jelligirl Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 6:09pm
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holy macaroni! icon_surprised.gificon_surprised.gif

i thank YOU as well icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

RisqueBusiness Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 6:16pm
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how do I save this so I don't lose the thead?

JanH Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 6:20pm
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You're very welcome! Glad to help out icon_biggrin.gif

I'm pretty good at finding stuff and I find it a very relaxing activity tapedshut.gif

If only I didn't have to hold this kitten to keep him from walking on the keyboard; I'd be a bit faster.

Oh well, he'll only be little once icon_lol.gif

tiptop57 Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 6:27pm
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Whew JanH, I didn't bother answering the thread cuz I knew you'd be on the ball. But holy cow we got the motherload here icon_biggrin.gif

I'd also love to know how to save the thread also.

But until I find out I guess I'll just print and put in my three ring binder for reference......

JanH Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 2:22am
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The easiest way to save the thread (for easy short term) reference is to make a comment.

Then you can search by author (your user name) and ALL the posts you've responded to will come up.

You can always search by your user name, but the more posts you make the more you have to sort through. (Not difficult, just time consuming.)

Or you can hit "watch this topic for replies" which appears at the bottom of the page for all threads.

However, there seems to be a two page limit for "watched items." (Please correct me, if this is inaccurate.)


P.S. I certainly don't want to dissuade anyone from making comments. I'm sure those asking would love to have as many answers as possible icon_smile.gif

I only post previous threads so that the question can be answered quickly and completely with the (old) comments.

I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm monopolizing the threads, that certainly isn't my intention. I was going to pm this info but thought it might be useful to other newer members.

RisqueBusiness Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 3:06am
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what I did with this I just kept the email notification as new.

So when I have the time I can preview it at my leisure..thanks!

arosstx Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 3:18am
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Wow - I'm one of the many who are thankful JanH is a cake decorator.....

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! icon_lol.gif

Thanks for the links - many, many thanks!

arosstx Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 3:34am
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Wow - I'm one of the many who are thankful JanH is a cake decorator.....

I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! icon_lol.gif

Thanks for the links - many, many thanks!

Inlovewithcakes Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 1:57pm
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Thanks for all the links!

MissRobin Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 2:18pm
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You can have it as a quick reference if you add it to your favorites!

tiptop57 Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 2:26pm
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Hey JanH, we love your quick help. I am so impressed on how fast your are!!!!!!

khoudek Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 2:28pm
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How do you add it to your favorites?

MissRobin Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 2:54pm
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You click on favorites at the top of your screen and then a window will pop up and you click "add". and "ok", and that's it. Then anytime you want to refer to that post you click on favorites and all your items you have put in that file will pop up and you click on what you want to open.

chaniliz Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 6:17pm
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Thank you, thank you....

JanH Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 11:10pm
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I'm no computer whiz... but if you save these posts as favorites to your computer it's going to be hard to find them over time, unless you create a file for CC favorites.

Otherwise, they will get mixed in with anything else you save (like websites, etc.) and you'll have to go down long lists....or maybe that's just me because I find so much I like!


JanH Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 1:39pm
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Luby Posted 19 Jan 2007 , 1:49pm
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I, for one, am very thankful for all of your help and your speedy responses. It's such a great time saver for anyone looking for information.


loveqm Posted 14 Mar 2007 , 12:33am
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mrscricket Posted 3 Sep 2009 , 5:34am
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Thanks for this wealth of info.

Loucinda Posted 3 Sep 2009 , 12:46pm
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JanH - I appreciate all the research work you do on here, you always come though with spot on help!!

Jannie92869 Posted 3 Sep 2009 , 2:03pm
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Thanks for all the information.

jak1372002 Posted 6 Dec 2010 , 4:15am
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Great links!

Rosie2 Posted 6 Dec 2010 , 10:22pm
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Great info, thank you !!!

yummy Posted 7 Dec 2010 , 8:37pm
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Saving this.

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