AKS Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 2:25am
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If I wanted to substitute meringue powder for egg whites in IMBC or SMBC, how would I do that? In what quantities? What about methodology? Do I have to reconstitute the M powder with water first? When you substitute with the M powder, is it gritty? Thanks in advance. -Alysa

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ivanabacowboy Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 8:54am
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I've never done a meringue icing, but I have done meringue on pastries and the like. You would need to reconstitute the meringue powder first. In the Italian/Swiss BC recipes I have, the whites are either whipped separately with the syrup streamed into them, or with the sugar. The powder wont peak without liquid. icon_smile.gif

ivanabacowboy Posted 2 Aug 2005 , 8:56am
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Sorry I missed the second part of your question. The pkg of powder should have a "per egg white" equivalent so many tbsp of powder to a quantity of water to make 1 egg white.

AKS Posted 6 Aug 2005 , 9:50pm
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Thanks for the help. I made it and I ignored the number of egg whites needed and just put in the correct amount of egg whites (1c). It workes great!

Jackie Posted 6 Aug 2005 , 10:00pm
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For those of you following this thread and are not sure what they are talking about:

The difference between IMBC and SMBC is in how the eggs are cooked.

IMBC - Italian Meringue ButterCream

the hot sugar syrup is slowly poured into the whipped egg white mixture

SMBC - Swiss Meringue ButterCream

the egg whites and sugar are cooked to 160 degrees F, then whipped until it cools

IMBC is the most commonly used of these buttercreams. I know several people who use it, but it has to be kept refrigerated and would not hold up very long at an outdoor Summer wedding. HTH
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okieinalaska Posted 29 Oct 2005 , 11:18pm
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For smbc, does it need to be refridgerated as well?

Is there a taste difference?

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