The Infamous Chocolate Ornament

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Ladivacrj Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:04am
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Okay CC'ers:

I did a search to see if anyone started this spin-off from the cupcakes and didn't find anything. So if I missed it, please add the link.

I have added a picture of my first attempt at making the shells for the ornaments.

I have also placed the clear ornament shell (80mm), there were many questions about what they look like.

And if anyone has any tips let me know. I'm getting the feeling that making the shells are the easy part, but putting them together with something inside and decorating them, a whole different story. icon_rolleyes.gif


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czyadgrl Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:22am
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wow! those look great! are they hollow or solid chocolate?

this might be an obvious, but can you heat the edges of the chocolate on a warming tray or something and fuse them together that way?

I've never done anything like that, just guessing at how it could be done "easily". lol

crp7 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:24am
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The are looking good so far. Where did you get the shell?
Somewhere on here I saw someone give a website but the minimum order was $50! The site had instructions but can I remember the name or find it now? N-o-o! I will keep thinking.


flourgrl Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:25am
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Yes you could gently heat the edges and glue both sides together.....

what a fun idea for kids - they could make them into little pinatas (?spelling) and fill them with candies or something....

oooh ideas ideas......

NEWTODECORATING Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:29am
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Funny--I did the same thing today and am wondering how in the world to get them together too! I did not do as many as you did. Yours look wonderful!

DianaMarieMTV Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:31am
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You're off to a great start!!! I can't wait to see the end result!

SugaryGoodness Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:39am
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I was thinking about this the other day. I was thinking you fill one side and snap the other side on and then swirl the chocolate around. Then they would already be together. You might have a seam to deal with but maybe just a hot knife or spatula would take care of that.

Did you get that shell at Michael's? You sure did a lot of them! They look good. So now that you have two piece - I would say the obvious is to melt the edges. But not sure how exactly. Sorry! Maybe someone can tell us.

Ladivacrj Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:44am
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I hope the rest goes as easily as making the shells, I will let you know when I am sitting in the middle of the floor with a face full of chocolate. icon_twisted.gif

I purchased the clear shell from a local craft store (Pat Catan's) but many others have said Micheal's and Jo Ann Fabrics and I would probably add Hobby Lobby to the list.

I would really like to find some in different shapes, i know just looking to get into more trouble. icon_rolleyes.gif

Briarview Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:55am
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Ladivacij how did you get them out of the moulds. I have some of these and did try the chocolate but it wouldn't come out. How many times did you coat them? Mine are hard plastic. Can't remember what I got in them.

Ladivacrj Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:03am
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These are also hard plastic. I filled the cavity and swirled the chocolate around only one time. Turned them upside down to drain the access. Then put them in the Freezer for about 4 minutes.

Took them out and let them sit for a few more minute, took my fingers and started to loosen them up and they started to slide out.

I cracked a few from leaving them in the freezer to long. But many started to loosen on their own and it only took a little help to get them out.

lu9129 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:13am
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I just took a candy class in November. The instructor said when you are putting halves together you make your first half and put in the refridgerator until ready and set well. Take that one out and pour your chocolate into the second half. After that one is poured into mold you place the half that is done on top of the one that needs to set. Then put it in the refridgerator and it will set into the new half. Then you have your whole ball when done. Does this make any sense.? The only problem with this way is that you won't beable to place anything inside I don't think. I am going to try these tomorrow. I'll let you know how they go.

I got the same mold at Hobby Lobby tonight.


luvincake Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:23am
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What section in Hobby Lobby did you get them at? I have looked all over the place and I can't find them. TIA


ValH Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:26am
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I don't know if this is any help but when I used to make Easter eggs for the kids, I used to place one finished half egg in the mould (as support), fill it as far as I could and then "paint" melted chocolate around the edge and balance the other half on top (pressing together gently). The melted chocolate glued both halves together without any problem.


cake2decorate Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:35am
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Wow, just beautiful!!

lu9129 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:36am
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The guy took me back to another section. It wasn't in the cake section.
It was back with the plastics. Like the boxes and hearts And I believe there were some styrofoam blocks. Are you in St. Louis? If you are it was the one in Kirkwood. It was several Isles past the cake section one the right.


crp7 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 6:00am
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Ok, I cannot find the post that I saw before (this will make me crazy now). Anyway, I did find some instructions on the SugarCraft website.


Ladivacrj Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 2:42pm
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SueW Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:03pm
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They look great so far. How did you get the colors to be so bold? Is it just melting chocolate that came that color? I'd love to see a photo once they are decorated icon_smile.gif I am going to try them this weekend. Still not really sure how to put them together icon_confused.gif

Ladivacrj Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 4:24pm
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Thank you SueW:

Yes I used the colored candy melts.

I tried coloring the white but it took to much color and the chocolate started to seize.

Not sure if you got a chance to see the other thread, but cocorum21 did a tutorial.

Here is the link:

SueW Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 6:13pm
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Oh, I didn't know about the new thread, thanks so much Ladivacrj
Looks like I will be buying colored chocolate melts tonight too thumbs_up.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 6:28pm
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Ladivacrj... FANTASTIC!!! So glad you started this thread!! So many interesting & easy new ideas for Christmas! Thanks!!

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