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babynewyear Posted 15 Dec 2006 , 2:54am
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LOve the christmas trees, they remind me of the green popcorn ball trees my mom use to make ,she frosted them like that. Yum,now another thing Ill have to think about making.
Your other cookies are great too! Like your idea for the fur on the gloves and stockings.

TiffTurtle Posted 18 Dec 2006 , 6:38am
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omg yall...i sent pics of my cookies to school w/ my sister...i got orders for 76 cookies...YAY!!!!! im sooooooooo happy!!! just had to share w/ some peopl who would understand my excitment!!!!

sweetamber Posted 18 Dec 2006 , 9:45pm
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Everyone's cookies are so great! TiffTurtle- congratulations on your orders!! I finally have some cookies to add to the cookie club....I made these for a cookie exchange at my women's club meeting today- and I got orders for more (woo-hoo)!!

sweetamber Posted 18 Dec 2006 , 9:57pm
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I have a question about the rules...

"Please do not post monthly theme cookies to your personal album or cookie Gallery until after the monthly theme has expired. The reason for this is that as a group we all decided each picture must be new and not previously uploaded to the Galleries. Seeing that we have no way of knowing when pictures were uploaded this will help to prevent any squabbles about people using previously uploaded pictures. "

In the gallery, doesn't it give the date uploaded now? Can we change this rule? Please? I don't have very many pics in the gallery and am impatient to add some more!


momsandraven Posted 18 Dec 2006 , 10:05pm
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sweetamber, your snowflakes are gorgeous! I have that set of cutters too, but mine weren't as pretty as yours.

7yyrt Posted 18 Dec 2006 , 10:06pm
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Oh, my! Those cookie cutters would scare me to death, but they came out so beautifully.
This has turned out to be a very interesting thread.

Melvira Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 2:21am
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sweetamber... WHERE did you get those cutters!?! I must have them!!! Your cookies are fantastic!!!

sweetamber Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 2:52am
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Thanks for all the compliments! Melvira- I used a single copper cutter (bought at a specialty shop in Florida) and an 8 piece set that I got from King Arthur Flour at . They no longer sell that set, they only have a smaller one, but I did find an 8 piece set direct from the manufacturer:"

You'll have to scroll almost all the way to the bottom of the page, but it's there icon_wink.gif . It's slightly different than the one I have, but close enough! Here is what my cutters look like

sweetamber Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 2:54am
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ps- the item # for the cutter set is 1989-02...that might help you find it easier!


acookieobsession Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 3:41am
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wow sweetamber those snowflakes are super!! I would like to know how you transport them...are they as sturdy for you as regular ones or do you have to do something special?


Melvira Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 3:46am
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Thanks for the info sweetamber!! Those are so gorgeous! Kudos to you.

sweetamber Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 3:51am
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Thanks! I use a rolled shortbread recipe for them (sorry- can't share that one folks!) and they are amazingly sturdy and tender at the same time. A soft cookie might be a little trickier though.

Does anyone else agree with me about the rule change or am I the only one?


momsandraven Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 8:54pm
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I have a 5 pc. cutter set that includes some of these. I made a batch using NFSC to take to my Mom's house last weekend and they held up just fine. No special handling required. Here'a a link to the set that I have:

I love that they come in the tin, I worry less about them getting bent in my bin that way!

7yyrt Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 9:02pm
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Dopey me! dunce.gif It never occurred to me that the inside openings were from tiny cutters like that. I guess I just assumed they were all one piece. It makes a lot more sense now. Thank you for the info.
I don't know who makes the rules. I'd like the 3 picture rule amended, myself. Several people have wanted to post more than that.

kathik Posted 19 Dec 2006 , 11:02pm
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Here is my latest experiment. They are some dipped oreos that have dreidels "imbedded" in them. Obviously, the ones with white and dark chocolate together are my favorite.


momsandraven Posted 20 Dec 2006 , 4:45am
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Those are very pretty kathyik! And YUMMM!! Oreos!! thumbs_up.gif

Alison01 Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 12:22am
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Well, I FINALLY tried the NFSC and Antonio's icing! These are my first decorated cookies ever! I made these for my daughter's Kindergarten class Christmas party! They were a big hit!!! I think I've found a new addiction!! icon_biggrin.gif

Yjudania Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 12:37am
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Great cookies, everyone!!
The snowflakes, the oreos (yum!), and Alison01's great snowmen...fantastic!!

Alison01 Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 12:46am
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Wow..I love those snowflakes! I think I'm going to have to order those cutters!!! All the other cookies are great too!

momsandraven Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 12:49am
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I'm glad to see that your first try at decorating cookies was a success! Your snowmen look so cute. icon_smile.gif I'll bet the kids in the class LOVED finding the snowman with their name on it. thumbs_up.gif

zoraya Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 2:11pm
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Heres my first contribution to the monthly cookie event. I've baked tons of cookies but these are my favorites because of the colors.

ETA - would help if I actually attached the picture icon_redface.gif

giovanna Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 4:04pm
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These are NFSC with Antonia's royal icing, MMF or both icon_smile.gif

sweetamber Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 5:26pm
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Alison01 and zoraya- both of your snowmen cookies are so cute!

giovanna, I love the sparkle you added to your snowflakes! Is it luster dust or edible glitter or what?


giovanna Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 9:37pm
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Thank you icon_smile.gif

I used luster dust on the white snowflakes but you can't really see that from the pictures, and the blue snowflakes have the edible wilton sparkle stuff.

Alison01 Posted 21 Dec 2006 , 11:32pm
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zoraya - I love those colors you used on the snowmen & mittens!

giovanna - I'm just in love with snowflakes! very pretty!

oolala Posted 22 Dec 2006 , 5:13pm
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Here is mine for this Christmas 2006 :

Yjudania Posted 22 Dec 2006 , 9:16pm
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oolala, your name fits those cookies perfectly!! Is that molded fondant or what?

oolala Posted 22 Dec 2006 , 10:00pm
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Originally Posted by Yjudania

oolala, your name fits those cookies perfectly!! Is that molded fondant or what?

Thank you, yes they are molded fondant. all of it. icon_smile.gif

BarbaraK Posted 23 Dec 2006 , 7:00am
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My contribution to the cookie club.

craftst3 Posted 25 Dec 2006 , 1:36am
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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been sharing their cookies this month. You are all very talented.

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