firegal79 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:32pm
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I am doing an 11x15x2 sheet cake this weekend. They need it to feed around 50-100 people. Will one do it or should I bake a second? Thanks. icon_biggrin.gif

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JanH Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:43pm
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If you only do one layer, I'd make two cakes.

This might help:

Bettycrockermommy Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:51pm
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I would bake a second cake.

whitgent Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:59pm
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ditto, i've always been told an 11x15 feeds 35

kjgjam22 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 12:19am
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if you cut the slices 1 by 2 will get 82 slices from one 2 would more than feed the 100 people.

Melvira Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 12:38am
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I'm going to throw a little reality in here... I cut an 11"x15" into 40 pieces. (8 slices long by 5 slices wide) for reasonable servings. You can reasonably go 8 by 6 rows, but anything under that and your guests are getting one bite of cake. If that's how you want it (very common at weddings) then 2 sheets will work perfectly. I just know that at many weddings I have been to, people get cranky if you don't give them a decent piece of cake. (Unless the cake is nasty, and I am guessing yours is TOTALLY AWESOME!!)

Zmama Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 1:10am
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I agree. For only 2 inches tall, a 1x2 piece won't work. If you cut it 8x5, and get 40, you need 3 cakes.

ladybug03 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:12am
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You could make a really tall cake and stack the two 11x15's. Then you could cut small slices and still get lots o'cake and you'll have less decorating to do!

sherry4620 Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:17am
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I agree with baaking a second.

JanH Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 5:57am

Here are some previous threads:

It seems to me that in considering serving sizes, it makes a difference if:

torting and filling (a single layer)

torting and filling stacked layers

using the Wilton wedding/party cutting guide

There doesn't seem to be a CC standard for sheet cakes.....

I do like Zmama's serving guide - it's more realistic for party planning:

(However, on the sheet cakes, it's about the same as Wilton's.)

So then the issue comes to "price" - since there are now less servings per cake?

icingprincess Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 7:31pm

two would do i think

jstritt Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 9:57pm

I suggest going with three. I don't think two would be enough.

AlicesMadBatter Posted 11 Dec 2012 , 4:20pm

I agree.  I always get 3 rows of 12 slices so 36 servings from my 11x15 pan and I make a 2 layer cake. Mind you I like my serving size to be much larger than what is noted by Wilton.  Who only eats a 2"x2" piece of cake?!?! 

AlicesMadBatter Posted 11 Dec 2012 , 4:21pm

My reply was not super helpful. Wedding cake slices, Wilton says that pan will feed 60 (so about dbl what I get out of the pan). 

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