NoviceBaker2 Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 5:31pm
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I have been doing cakes for several months now and I still don't have a name for my business everybody keeps asking me but I just draw a blank. PLEASE HELP!!!! icon_smile.gif

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lapazlady Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 5:54pm
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What style name do you have in mind? Do you like catchy type names, simple names, fancy? rhyming? What's your name, maybe we can come up with something that includes you name.

Sweetpeeps Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 5:54pm
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I have this same trouble. I can't think of a name for myself either. Maybe somehow incorporate your name into the business name. Sorry I'm not much help.

kakedecorator Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 7:02pm
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How about "Edible Embellishments". Embellish is a synonm for decorate.

NoviceBaker2 Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 9:22pm
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I plan on doing cakes and petit fours no big weddings so I want to use cake in the business name but I'm stumped for ideas some of the local bakers are The Cake Shoppe, Create-A-Cake, That Special Touch, so I want something different maybe I could just list what I'll do on the card. Kakedecorater I love Edible Embellishments! It's nice and fancy cause I really don't want to use my name in the title. So please keep the ideas for business names coming. THANKS!!

littlecake Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 10:30pm
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when i was looking for my name...i got ideas from looking in the yellow pages under bakeries in other cities.....

if you found something you like you could change it up some....

there are some pretty hilarious names out there...we really got a kick out of it...

i saw one place called "the little pie co."...

well....i thought that is so cute i love that.

so...the Little Cake Co.

my nic around here is "little cake"...hee hee since there are alot of native americans here i always joked that..."that must be my indian name"

NoviceBaker2 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 3:33pm
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What a great idea had not thought of that. Thanks! icon_smile.gif

ckdcr8r Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 3:47pm
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I turned my husband's pet name for me into my cake biz name. Little Apple Cakes. When we first met, I used to wear all that apple scented stuff from Bath and Body Works and once we went to Krispy Kreme and I got an apple filled donut with an apple juice and he made a joke of it and started calling me his "little apple". icon_wink.gif So something like that might help. I used to make wedding cake toppers to sell with the cakes, because they were custom designed to match and I called that biz The Top Tier, which would also work for a wedding cake shop, if anyone wants it.

Firstlady Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 3:54pm
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What about sugarcreations or somenewcreations?

mnmmommy Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 4:05pm

How about Elegant Cakes or Cake Elegance???

NoviceBaker2 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 4:09pm

You guys are the greatest I like the idea that ckdcr8r has in for coming up with a cute nickname that your husband inspired I love making petit fours they really are my speciality my husband calls them pedifiles icon_lol.gif definitly couldn't go with that maybe something like "little cakes" what do you guys think cause that's mostly what I make small cakes. I haven't made anything to grand the largest cake I did fed 100. Can't do anything to big cause I don't have a van to haul it in nor do I want to be responsible for a wedding cake SCARY!!

Firstlady Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 4:11pm

"Little Cakes" sounds great! Good Luck

salsera Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 4:21pm

Have fun with it! Other possible names:

Wee Cakes
Lil' Cakes
Sweet & Petite

NoviceBaker2 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 5:14pm

Salsera I love the name "Sweet and Petite" thank you so much it is definitly one of the top 5!! icon_biggrin.gif

Akesunflower Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 5:46pm

Here's more:

Splendid Lil' Cakes
Classy Lil' Cakes
Artsy Lil' Cakes
Sumptuous Lil' Cakes
Sophisticated Lil' Cakes
Sophisticated Sweets
Delicious Lil' Bites

Change the words around a little:

Lil' Classy Cakes
Lil' Artsy Cakes
and so on...

NoviceBaker2 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 5:57pm

Akesunflower it's good to see another MS native on the site thanks for the name suggestions my favorite is "Classy Lil' Cakes" and "Sophisticated Sweets" I definitly have some great names from all you guys hope you don't mind I'm gonna consult with the family to pick the final one cause it has gotten to hard for me to choose the final name. Keep 'em coming and I'll post the winner next week! THANKS!! icon_biggrin.gif

Chef_Stef Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 5:57pm

I've always been partial to: Sweet Celebrations, but it was taken in my hoo

PieceofCakeAZ Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 6:01pm

You should roll with "Gateaux Fabulous", it sounds elegant to the older crowd and the younder crowd will think it's funny. icon_biggrin.gif

Whatever you do... I beg you... Don't use some stupid cliche' in your name UNLESS your city/state is void of other cake companies with stupid cliche' names. As you can see from my screen name... I speak from experience. icon_smile.gif

In the Phoenix Metro area we have these cliche' names for cake companies:

Let Them Eat Cake
Icing on the Cake
Piece of Cake

I cannot tell you how many times we have been confused with one of our competitors. I'm not talking about the casual phone call wrong number, I'm talking about facilities calling us on the wedding day asking what time we are delivering the cake... and of course, it wasn't us.

Whatever you decide make sure it is something unique to your area to avoid any headache.

Best of luck!


nglez09 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 6:02pm

I hate that all the good ones are taken! icon_mad.gif

tiptop57 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 6:05pm

Ravissant Gâteau

Akesunflower Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 6:07pm

NoviceBaker2, you are very welcome and glad to hear you're in Ms too!

Family is great for little girls like to have say in EVERYTHING! lol! Happy choosing!

Sumer Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 6:10pm

I recently thought of a name for a cake business...."Cake Divine".....but I already have one. My name is Sumer, so I call my business "A Sumer Affair Catering". (I do catering and cakes) Now "Cake Divine" is open, here at least! icon_biggrin.gif

surfergina Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 7:35pm

I'm in the same shoes as you are! I haven't make a final decision on which business names that I would like to us. I have at least 20 names and still UNDECIDED. icon_sad.gif

What I'm planning to do is to contact your close friends and relatives to cast a vote thru your email system. How's that sound? Hopefully it will help me to make my final decision.

NoviceBaker2 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 7:36pm

PieceofCakeAZ you are so right we have a lot of cake businesses that have close to the same name thanks for the tip I had not thought about that. I know this is a dumb question but what does gateaux mean and how do you pronounce it? The longer you live the more you learn. Thanks in advance! icon_biggrin.gif What would I do without my CC family?

nglez09 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 10:17pm

It's French for cakes.

As for pronunciation, it's kind of hard to explain over the internet- the French language has a lot of nasal sounds.

But my closest explanation would be (very nasally icon_razz.gif ) "GAHGH------AUH------T (tip of your tongue "t") OOOO.

pinkorchid50 Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 10:30pm

La Dulce Amor
Sweet Heavens
Cake Du Jour
Sugar High
Cake Chic
Cake De Elegance


dogwood Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 10:30pm

Just wanted to put in my two cents worth. icon_smile.gif I love the name that salsera came up with -- "Sweet & Petite". I think that would be perfect for you since you mainly do petit fours. Good luck on choosing thumbs_up.gif

PieceofCakeAZ Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:43pm
Originally Posted by NoviceBaker2

PieceofCakeAZ you are so right we have a lot of cake businesses that have close to the same name thanks for the tip I had not thought about that. I know this is a dumb question but what does gateaux mean and how do you pronounce it? The longer you live the more you learn. Thanks in advance! icon_biggrin.gif What would I do without my CC family?

The pronunciation is kinda like "gat-toe". Imagine Eric Cartman saying "ghetto" and you have it. It's a play on the phrase "Ghetto Fabulous".

ckdcr8r Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 7:14am

Ha! That's funny! I have a useless talent of mocking Eric Cartman's voice and I used to have my best friend rolling when I would do his version of the ghetto song by Elvis!

I really like Sweet and Petite. It fits.

kaychristensen Posted 1 Dec 2006 , 7:38am

I agree with the Sweet and Petite it fits what you are doing. That is my vote thumbs_up.gif

I thought I had came up with an Ok name but after this last show I did I am rethinking my name. KAY'S CAKES AND MORE was what I had. I do alot of crafts and wedding flowers and such so I thought that would work. And I had a woman ask me if I was at a bridal show in a neighboring town. Because Kay's Cakes was at the show. I told her no that wasn't me and I was not aware of this other person with a similar name. I am just starting out so I will probably be changing it also. So I am also looking for a name again.

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