11X15 Cake Pan Question

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CakePrincessHolly Posted 28 Nov 2006 , 10:40pm
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A friend has asked me to do a half chocolate and half white cake. Could I get by with just one mix on each side of an 11X15 pan? I use the durable cake recipe. My biggest concern is if it will be tall enough or will somehow they be completely even or will this even work. Thanks for any help.

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jstritt Posted 28 Nov 2006 , 10:46pm
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I do this all the time and use one cake mix of white and one of chocolate, but add the cake mix extender to each recipe. You should have enough batter to make a tall cake and may even have some left over.

firegal79 Posted 28 Nov 2006 , 10:47pm
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Not sure about the recipe that you use, but I have done that with one cake mix for each flavor. Does your recipe make about the same amount as one cake mix does? icon_biggrin.gif

JanH Posted 28 Nov 2006 , 10:49pm
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That should work icon_smile.gif

I used this same pan and two mixes (DH) with the white almond sour cream recipe on CC.

Are you wrapping a strip of cardboard in foil for your divider....

luv2cake Posted 28 Nov 2006 , 10:53pm
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I always have to use 2 mixes of each flavor (even though it all doesn't fit intot he pan). If I don't then I am not happy with the thickness of the cake.

I just end up making a smaller marble cake with the leftovers....my family never complains about that.

However, I have never used the cake mix extender recipe. Maybe that's the way to go if you don't want to have leftovers.

dogluvr Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 1:49am
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jstritt, what is a cake extender?

luv2cake Posted 29 Nov 2006 , 2:08am
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It's a recipe here on CC. It helps to extend the amount of batter that one cake mix will make.

Here is the link:

CakePrincessHolly Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 12:22am
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Thanks for all of your alls help. I think I will try the cake extender. The thought of having to do 2 mixes for each side makes me ill!

JanH Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 7:25am
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If it isn't too late, the white almond sour cream cake on this site is awesome:


It's a doctored mix, so you would get the same benefit as using the cake extender..


steplite Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:00am
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I always use two mixes with the extender recipe. I make a coller around the pan to make nice square edges.

veejaytx Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:10am
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I made the two flavor combination several times and wasn't too pleased, the flavors never baked quite the same. My alternative was to make two 9 x 13 pans and put them together, easier to handle and better results. Janice

heavenlys Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 11:32am
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I won't bake plain white with chocolate but I will bake a BC french vanilla with a chocolate. White cake bakes faster than chocolate so I either have a doughy choclate side or a overbaked and dry white side.

LittleLinda Posted 30 Nov 2006 , 8:11pm
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I make 11x15 cakes ALL THE TIME with one mix white and one mix chocolate. It's a perfect size!

Jen12196 Posted 28 May 2015 , 2:37pm
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Ok i am making 2 spongebob cakes for my sons 7th bday.(choc and vanilla) in the wilton 11x15 pan. Any tips for me so it doesn't stick or overcook? Also, how much batter would you use? Sorry that pic came out so big. Thanks for the advice all! :)

Magda_MI Posted 28 May 2015 , 10:25pm
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I've been known to make 1.5 cake mixes worth of batter on occasion, when that's what I need.  I've learned to eyeball half a cake mix (a bit less than 2 cups of powder), then use half the oil and water recommended and 2 eggs for the half mix  Then I save the remaining half mix for the next time I need an odd amount of batter.

Magda_MI Posted 28 May 2015 , 10:28pm
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BTW, this chart from Wilton is a decent guide as to how much batter to add to different sized pans (though I sometimes find I need a bit more than they say).  I'd do 2.5 cake mixes for an 11x15, or 2 mixes with extender.

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