Anyone Know Of Any Good Cake Sites?

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BabyC1985 Posted 26 Sep 2007 , 10:57am
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I'm looking for ideas for my web site and I need some inspiration. So does anyone have any good cake web sites i can look at??

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ValH Posted 26 Sep 2007 , 11:05am
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If you go to the following page there are hundreds of cake sites. Hope this helps.

mgdqueen Posted 26 Sep 2007 , 11:11am
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try this one.

mypastrychef Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 2:14am
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This is my website it is more focused on the cake designs

Here are alot of websites I have collected
Cake Shops's/The%20Cake%20Page.html

SimplyM Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 2:25am
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What an amazing list of sites!!! Thank you for sharing.


littlecake Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 2:35am
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holy cow!!! thats alot of sites MPC!

i been thinking about you.

how is emma?

mypastrychef Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 2:47am
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Originally Posted by littlecake

holy cow!!! thats alot of sites MPC!

i been thinking about you.

how is emma?

Emma is recovered and back to eating (like mikey she'll eat anything) her little baby attitude is back, thanks for the amazing prayers!

I can't believe I am typing on CC. Haven't been in the community for a while.

I had way more sites than those but the other computer crashed and I lost all of my favorites. From time to time I have to go to these site to keep my motivation up.


mommachris Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 6:27am
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I am so bookmarking this page!!
Thanks for sharing your extensive list. I'll be busy for days checking them out. icon_wink.gif

Honey_Cakes Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 6:32am
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Hi how do you bookmark or save a topic so you can refer to it without having to search for it?

cakenutz Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 6:33am
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redpanda Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 6:43am
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Originally Posted by Honey_Cakes

Hi how do you bookmark or save a topic so you can refer to it without having to search for it?

It depends on what browser you are using, but with Firefox, you just go up to the Bookmarks menu in the toolbar and click Bookmark this page.

With Firefox, you can even make folders on the "Bookmarks toolbar" and then drag the cake icon next to the http: in the CC address down into that folder. (If anyone wants to do this and can't figure out how, just ask.)

I think with Internet Explorer, you go into the Favorites menu and pick "Make this page a favorite" (or something like that--I don't have IE on this computer.)


BabyC1985 Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 9:05am
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Thank you all for your help

Erdica Posted 27 Sep 2007 , 11:47am
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Wow. That's a heck of a list.

Thanks for sharing your list. It's nice to look at other websites.

Jeyjoo Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 12:00pm
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I just finished working on a responsive website for a sheffield cake decorator -

what do you think? We tried to build a fun website that looks great on mobile phones and even large PCs. Before building we checked out lots of cakes websites, but the better  sites all belonged to chocolate companies :P

Baking Sis Posted 1 Oct 2013 , 12:59pm
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Wow, that is quite a list of sites!!  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions; the rest of my day will be spent checking out those sites...and the laundry will have to wait! ;-D

Tzoavva Posted 4 Oct 2013 , 10:15am
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what a huge list of links.  Hope they are still active since the post was made a few years back.....guess I will be busy this weekend to find out :)

luvoven Posted 4 Oct 2013 , 12:03pm
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AWhat a list! Thanks!

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