Making A Cake That Looks Like An Apple

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TheDomesticDiva Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 7:15pm
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I only have round pans sizes 6,8,10, and 12. ...Which ones would you think I should use? I'm going to have to do some carving to get it into the right shape, I know that. Has anyone done something like this? I searched the gallery and saw a few pictures. One was done with the ball pan, which I dont have and am not going to buy, as I dont want an extra pan just for one cake! icon_smile.gif

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DianeLM Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 7:23pm
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Since a rounded top would be the best way to start out, do you have a metal or glass bowl you could bake in? An oven proof soup bowl? Even if you just bake in the bottom of a bowl (rather than filling it all the way) you can give your stack of cakes a rounded top.

TheDomesticDiva Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 8:27pm
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Hmm...I dont think I have anything rounded that I can bake in.. I do have a couple heavy cereal bowls, but I'm not sure what temperatue they could be heated to. Great idea though!!! I'm going to go tear my kitchen apart and see if I can find something!!!

belindajax Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 8:33pm
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If you have a bundt pan you could do 2 bundt pans. One on the bottom right side up and one on top upside down.

Meg72 Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 8:40pm
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Do you have a bundt pan? If so, you could bake 2 bundt cakes and invert them on top of one another. I've done this for a pumpkin shaped cake and it works wonderfully. And it eliminates the need to do any carving. Good luck!

lynda-bob Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 8:43pm
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Originally Posted by belindajax

If you have a bundt pan you could do 2 bundt pans. One on the bottom right side up and one on top upside down.

Good idea, belindajax. I did just that but it was a mini-apple. I used the mini bundt pans and put them together just like you suggested. Then I just filled the hole w/ cake scraps and built up the frosting on top for the bigger apple top. This pic is in my photos. Good luck w/ your apple, LadyDZA! icon_smile.gif

TheDomesticDiva Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 9:57pm
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My kitchen seems so non-efficient right now!! Would an angel food cake pan work?? I dont guess it'd have the same effect. icon_sad.gif

How sad is it that I have an All-Clad cookware set, but havent spent the money to get any nice baking things!!! I just bought a 4-piece round cake pan set, but before that, baked everything in Pyrex dishes or those throw away aluminum things! I really want to make this work! Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragment.

Edited to add, I think I will go buy a bundt pan! lol

melysa Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 10:09pm
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no no no~ dont buy anything. you can stack the rounds and carve it just fine! just taper the bottoms and round the top. make sure you chill the cakes overnight or at least several hours and use a sharp serrated knife. it will work just fine. then cover with a crusting buttercream and smooth with a viva paper towel or dense foam paint roller (melvira's method). use fondant or rolled buttercream or candy clay to mold the stem and leaf. (add a worm hehe icon_smile.gif )

melysa Posted 25 Sep 2007 , 10:15pm
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depending on how many people you need cake a sizing like this:

6-8-6, 8-10-8 or 10-12-10 and carve to shape. less waste.

TheDomesticDiva Posted 26 Sep 2007 , 1:21am
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Melysa, I am fairly good at carving cakes, so I guess I will just take your advice and do that instead of buying a pan. Before finding this site, I'd just go in my kitchen and go to town on it lol! Improvise until I got it how I wanted it. But I figured everyone had a better idea of what sizes and how to make it easier!! The cake is actually just for my son's preschool teacher. My son did the cutest thing today in class...they had to go around in their circle time and tell what was special about their Mommys and he said "My Mommy makes special cakes!" and the teacher said she'd like to see some of my cakes, so I thought I'd make her one!

Thanks so much for all your ideas and help!

melysa Posted 26 Sep 2007 , 3:00am
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how sweet!

in that case...i'd bake ONE twelve inch round, and cut it into three pieces (triangles). torte if you wish, fill and stack, THEN CARVE. that way you only have to bake once, you have plenty of height for your shape and its small enough for her and her family or class. (approx 4" diameter, 6" tall) only one recipe too.

post a picture when youre done ! icon_smile.gif

TheDomesticDiva Posted 2 Oct 2007 , 4:51pm
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I totally started out intending to do an apple. ...Somewhere along the way I decided to do a fall-themed pumpkin instead. The cake ended up kinda collapsing along the bottom center, but I figured it was fine since pumpkins are hardly ever completely symmetrical anyway. icon_smile.gif Here it is, thanks so much for all of your help! This was my first time making my own fondant also, and it was SO easy!

Biya Posted 2 Oct 2007 , 5:32pm
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I did my apple with regular pans and I think it came out well. Mine was a bit smaller than the one I think your making but it shouldn't really matter. Just stack in whatever size you want then carve. I didn't level the top out so that I could take advantage of a dome in the middle from baking without strips or rose nails.

Biya Posted 2 Oct 2007 , 5:34pm
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Wow that really came out fuzzy! this is a link for the whole thing in my gallery if you want to take a look

TheDomesticDiva Posted 2 Oct 2007 , 7:24pm
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Thanks Biya, maybe next time I'll actually get around to making the apple instead of getting sidetracked and doing a pumpkin LOL.

melysa Posted 2 Oct 2007 , 8:59pm
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ladydza, turned it out very cute! nice and colorful too. biya, nice apple!

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