Reality Shows: Bridezillas, Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, Etc

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MariaLovesCakes Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 12:44pm
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I don't particularly like Reality shows, but like to watch the ones where it has to do with weddings.

HOWEVER, the Bridezillas ones sometimes gets on my nerves!!! icon_mad.gif I mean, are those women for real???? Or do you think this is just exaggerating acting to portray the character required for the show.

I know they are meanies out there, but some of these brides are just too much.

I mainly watch it to see the trend on the wedding cakes.... Don't care much about the rest of the stuff.

One bride broke with all traditions and didn't even want to cut the cake. Instead just had the staff cut it and serve it.

Oh, well, its her wedding, right!!!?? icon_cool.gif

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SquirrellyCakes Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:07pm
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Haha, I am not a big fan of reality tv. shows either. I think that they promote the worst character traits in people. People are rude, nasty, without scruples, devious, lying... need I go on, haha! I am wondering how many folks watching these shows are being conditioned to think this is acceptable behaviour.
I find that some of these folks look like they are over-acting too. Sort of like the quests on Jerry Springer or worse yet, the crowds, haha! Scarey thing though, I have met a few folks lately that act just like this. Hhmn, could be reality mimicing reality tv? Frightening isn't it?
I agree though, you can pick up a lot of ideas from these types of wedding shows. Still, it is hard to sit through the rest of it! They could do a spin-off. Bridezilla Brat Camp - oh dear I shouldn't have put that in writing, haha!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

mrsfish94 Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:16pm
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You know I was thinking the same thing. My husband was watching that...Hooking up show. Because there wasn't anything else...anyway I could not believe people act that way!!! icon_surprised.gif I am so glad that I am married and don't have to deal with that. What is wrong with people today!!! Is it because their parents spoiled them and they feel it is ok to act like you have NO morals????? Reality shows are thumbsdown.gif to me!!!!

Just my 2cents worth

thecakemaker Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:18pm
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There is nothing "real" about reality shows! That is just not reality!


MariaLovesCakes Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:26pm
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Whose Wedding is it Anyway, is much better. ... They portray two wedding coordinators and how they put it all together for the brides...

I about die laughing about one of the brides that was ALWAYS late... On the cake tasting day, she even cancelled soooo late, that she told the wedding coordinator to go ahead and do the tasting for her that she would trust her. icon_surprised.gif

Can you believe that!!!!! icon_eek.gif The cake to me is VERY important and she let someone else handle that!!! I DON'T THINK SO!!

But this show is pretty decent... Its the Bridezilla show that is a JOKE! icon_cool.gif

eve Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:37pm
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I think these women are being unrealistically insane..esp when they know that they are on TV, besides trying to get everyones attention. They are being drama queens and very overacting in everyway possible, not to mention very inconsiderate to everyone involved..very sad ! a sucker for an opportunity to be the center of the Universe for one day, because that's all they have. On my wedding day I was nice to everyone & never gave anybody a hard time.. I think they should be called "Nazillas". Godzilla is not real, but these women are, so might as well call them "NAZILLAS" icon_twisted.gif

SquirrellyCakes Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 5:47pm
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Originally Posted by thecakemaker

There is nothing "real" about reality shows! That is just not reality!


Oh gosh, at least we hope not, haha!
One reality show I would like to see made is; "Neighbour From Hell". In fact I could provide a good candidate for it, haha!
Has anyone else been following, "Hell's Kitchen"? I think I may have worked with this chef's sister at one time, haha, or maybe she was his mother, but she would have certainly made a good clone for him. That man is so incredibly rude - it is unbelievable. He is even rude to the customers. He has calmed down the last couple of shows and sometimes is actually nice to the chefs-to-be but some of things he has said and done, geesh! I don't care how talented as a chef he is, I would never eat in any of his restaurants.
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

BritBB Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 6:10pm
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I knew of him in UK before he was famous. In fact he dated my best friend's daughter a few years ago. Big ego - even worse now he's famous! I, too, would not eat at one of his restaurants.

SquirrellyCakes Posted 29 Jul 2005 , 6:45pm
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It is a shame really because when he is being nice, he can be quite nice, but boy when he is being rude, he is really rude!
Hugs Squirrelly Cakes

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