nanabear Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 2:23am
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I need ideas for a cake celebrating OR nurses week

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sweetviolent Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 3:38am
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here is a pic from the gallery

bethbyington Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 3:40am
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maybe you could do a cake that looks like scrubs or how about a stethescope? does OR mean operating room? maybe a flat cake with a picture of someone on the operating table and a funny quote.

mqguffey Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 3:47am
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Are you thinking funny or serious? For funny, what about a syringe with a lipstick kiss on it?

Check out my avatar. This was for a friend, a nurse, who is dating a poultry science prof. Get it? Chicken nurse!

I may be overtired icon_smile.gif

bethola Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 3:51am
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I am sure the OR Nurses have a particular insignia. How about a FBCT of the insignia?

lacrimal Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 5:59am
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I'm a nurse and I love cake decorating for fun. Do you know what department this is for? Is it for all nurses in general.?SOmetimes it is nice to even do roses for nurses.
if it is telemetry. or icu use could use a ekg strip, ob- baby etc.maternal care( or whatever theycall taking care of moms) pink is good. pediatrics etc.
maybe you should give more information.
nice flowers allways work. and trust me if this is taken on a floor. the nurses will eat it and appreciate it. if they have time

lacrimal Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 6:16am
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I'm so dense. saw the or after I posted. syringes allways work. I have seen people put kool-aid in them. ekg strip/ heart monitor
have a poem ;
nurse's hands
bring God's healing touch.
Their hearts are filled with
his compassion and their arms pass along his hugs.
nurse prayer
let me dedicate my life today
to the care of those
who come my way.

let me touch each one
with healing hand
and the gentle art
for which I stand

and then tonight
when day is done
O let me rest in peace
if I helped just one

ellers Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 7:33am
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I made a cake for a nurse one time. I filled a syringe (clean of course LOL) with pink frosting. The cake was an 8 in round frosted in white. For the border around the bottom I made EKG lines and hearts in between becuase she is such an awesome nurse.

I then took the syringe and stuck it in the top of the cake and wrote (as if it was coming out of the syringe): RX for an RN = heart symbol.

Hope this helps!


GeminiRJ Posted 15 Nov 2006 , 12:59pm
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I've got three sisters who are nurses, and have made cakes for them to take to work. The best is from a greeting card I found. It had four nurses standing in a line, and each one was a bit weird. Things like spiked colored hair, tatoos, nose ring...biker atire. I had captions on the cake like" Born to Cure", and "Nurses Rule". It was a hit.

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