dolphins256 Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 10:45pm
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Has anyone done a Backyardigans cake? That is what my 3 year old wants for his fourth birthday in December. I think 3-D would be neat but lots of work. I would have to practice this one. I have never done a 3-D cake. Any ideas or pictures would be great. I did a search on the site but could not find any.


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lapazlady Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 10:52pm
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I'd never heard of Backyardigans until this thread. I looked on google, you can purchase (always) edible images on the web. You might want to take a look and see if this would be a way to go. I have to say, they sure are cute, but LOTS of work to do by hand. icon_lol.gif

cakemomne Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 10:58pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (a day early icon_lol.gif )

I havent done a 3-D cake, but maybe you could use Wilton's stand up teddy bear pan and carve out/off the features?

Cannot wait to see what you come up with!

crafty01 Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:04pm
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I too have been trying to come up with something to do too.
Granddaughter has BD this month and am doing a cars cake and a small Backyardigans but dont know how Im going to yet.
Good luck on yours and Ill post a pic of mine if I do it.

Ditter Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:13pm
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If you look in the latest uploads in the gallery there is a picture of the backyardigans. Maybe the person who made them could help you all


kelleym Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:16pm
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There are some great Backyardigans cakes in the gallery if you do a search. I am making one tonight for my son's birthday party tomorrow, and I'll post a picture when it's done. It's going to be two-tier, yellow and orange stripes on the bottom and blue with white clouds on the top and Backyardigans characters all around it. Here are the MMF figurines I made for it. I had a ton of fun with them. They took me probably 30-45 minutes each.

StephW Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:24pm
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Kellym, those figurines are wonderful!!! I'm sure your son will love the cake!!

coolmom Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:38pm
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Wow!!! Amazing Backyardigan people, figure,....things! My son walked in the room and knew immediately who they were. There really are some cute cakes in the gallery for this show. I hope I get a chance to make one some day. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures!

dolphins256 Posted 11 Nov 2006 , 5:35pm
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WOW! Your backyardagin characters are great. I wish I was that talented. I'm just at a loss for words. They are so neat. I'm going to have to start working on this now. If I do it I will post but I can't wait to see your cake. Thanks everyone.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

mxpark Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 1:28am

i love the backyardigans! my husband thinks i'm crazy and i'm more into it than my son is! anyhow - good luck dolphins! can't wait to see pictures!

Mamas Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 1:38am

I made backyardigan's cupcakes and it was a lot of work but everyone loved them. check out the site below it uses very imaginative things such as icing covered nutterbutters and cheerios for ears. Its really cool.

Fascination Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 6:10am

Wow ! you did a great job; seriously, before I read the text, I had scrolled down & saw the image. My first thought was: cute toys. When I read that they are MMF I was stunned. They are so well done, so smooth, the colors so vivid... very impressive!
wonderful work.


finnox Posted 14 Nov 2006 , 7:09pm

Yes Kelleym they are awsome. I wish I was that talented. I love seeing all the great things that can be done with MMF.

Jesjacster2 Posted 27 Jan 2007 , 5:56am

WOW! I thoug those were toys when I first saw them too! Awesome job....would love to be so talented...really super great Job!

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