How Do I Make A Barn Wit Rice Crispies?

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Sarsi Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 6:50am
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I am making a barnyard theme cake for my little nefews 1st birthday and am a little stumped at the barn. I've searched the forums and someone suggested making it out of rice exactly can I do that and it not be lumpy..have nice corners... Do I just make one big square and then "sculpt" it or what?? Please help me!! icon_cry.gificon_wink.gif

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Sarsi Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 4:11pm
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Can anyone help?!?! I am open to making a barn out of cake as well!! But am also a little unsure of how to do that. Please help!

smitakasargod Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 7:59pm
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I used rk to make a barn in my first ever cake last year.I made a lot of mistakes icon_redface.gif Covered the formed rk directly with thin mmf which resulted in tearing and bumpiness. I also used wilton red spray food color from the can and needed a lot of it.The moisture made the barn sag even more icon_mad.gif .
My post is more what not to do icon_biggrin.gif .Hopefully someone out there will tell you the proper way to do it.

SMRturtle Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 8:07pm
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I've never made it but I'm thinking maybe either use the house shaped pan (the standup one) or design a template. Make a batch (or 2) of rice krispie treats according to the side of the package. Then just spoon them into the pan or mold and let them harden for a little bit- then remove. No idea the best way to decorate though-personally I would melt red chocolate and pour it over the top of the rice krispie treats.

Sarsi Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 8:08pm
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Well thank you for those tips!! icon_biggrin.gif I appreciate anything I can get!! icon_biggrin.gif

Kyoko Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 8:13pm
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You can either make one large rice cripie square and then carve or you can mold. The rice crispies usually want harden right of way so you have time to cut pieces out the stick them together. After you form your barn then just cover it with fondant. You have to roll it out a little thicker so the bumps don't show through. I recentely made a two couches using rice crispies and also the top part of the boat. If you want I can send you pics. Hope this helps icon_biggrin.gif

weirkd Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 8:17pm
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YOu want to use a little less butter than what the recipe on the box calls for so that it molds better. You also want to cover it with buttercream, then fondant so the bumps are hidden.
I dont think you really need to buy a special pan. I would use a pan that you normally would make bread in and only put RC in half of it. Then you want to smoosh it as tight as possible. Then set it in the fridge to cool off. You might have to smoosh it a couple more times to get the shape. If you want to have the roof line then while your block is cooling off, take some more RC and make some in a square pan, flatten as much as possible until you get about a 1/2 inch thick. Then once everything is cool you can use the heat of your hands to mold it more to what your looking for. The flat piece can be cut in half to make the sides of the barn. Secure with BC or RI. Then go ahead and put the rest of the buttercream on and stick it back in the fridge. I would let it get good and hard before you put the fondant on it.

Sarsi Posted 11 Sep 2007 , 9:44pm
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Well thank you so much!! I think I will try to make a big square and carve it and also try what wierkd said for the roof line. Thanks so much, everyone! I'll probably start on that tomorrow!!

Koyko, I would love to see the picture!! Please send it to me!!

lachpach Posted 19 Sep 2007 , 1:06am
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So have you made your cake yet?

I am thinking of using rice krispies to make the wings and tailfin of a space shuttle cake. Any words of wisdom?

Sarsi Posted 19 Sep 2007 , 3:43am
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Yes, I did finish it...I attatched a picture of it.. I found it was easiest to do it when it was still warm and easy to handle...and cover your hands with crisco...

lachpach Posted 19 Sep 2007 , 12:40pm
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wow!! that turned out beautiful!!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

steffunicorn Posted 12 Jul 2012 , 10:41pm
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has anyone ever tried out using premade rice krispies to make the barn? and then just try molding it into the shape of a barn..would that work?

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