Poll: What Kind Of Icing Bags Do We Use?

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justfrosting Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:27am
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Disposable, parchment triangles, vinyl?

I want to know what you all use...

I use vinyl but am looking for the easiest.

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ps3884 Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:34am
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I usually use the featherweight bags for buttercream and the disposable for royal icing.

mdutcher Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:37am
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I use the disposable ones and ziplocs for multiple color change outs learned here on CC.

newlywedws Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:37am
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I have three featherweight bags, but normally use disposable - I have been known to re-use the disposable bags also icon_redface.gif

mjs4492 Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:44am
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I use the disposable ones and occasionally the small parchment ones for royal icing.

MillyCakes Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:50am
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I use featherweight for big jobs and parchment for small detail work.

birdgirl Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 12:55am
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Parchment for small amounts depends what is on hand--either disposable or ziplocks for larger jobs. I like the parchment since I can peel the paper away to get the tip out.

georgies_girl Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:34am
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I have one big featherweight that I keep loaded with white icing and for all others I use the Ateco disposables. I have NEVER had one of them break and they are fairly reasonable to buy.

I use parchment when I only need to do a tiny bit on a fill in or such.

Sweetpeeps Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:41am
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I use the feather weight bags with the icing plugs. The disposables always seem to get slippery on me. I do use them for small bits of icing or royal though.

cakesoncall Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:44am
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I use Featherweights for everything except chocolate work and royal icing...for those I use plastic disosables. Once in a while when I'm feeling lazy icon_rolleyes.gif , I'll use the disposables for my BC but I try to keep that to a minimum.

elvis Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:46am
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I use parchment triangles for everything--love that they're cheap and that you can throw them away.

tinascakes Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:48am
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I use disposable bags.

Rambo Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:50am
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Ziploc freezer bags for multiple colors and tip changes. Parchment for color and single tip usage. I only use my Featherweights for white with multiple refills and multiple tips. I hate to wash anything with BC so that's just one less thing to clean.

elvisb Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:53am
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Featherweights are my favorite, but I use the disposables a lot too. I do wash them out and try to get a few uses before throwing them away.

cakesondemand Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:53am
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I have both but never use my featherweights. Disposable all the way I have 2 sizes 14' & 22" I hate to clean the featherweights when I can just through away the disposables less of a mess.

bertha40j Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 1:57am
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I use disposables. I don't like trying to clean the others.

mbelgard Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 3:23am
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Parchment unless I'm using alot of one color, then I use featherweights. My mom always used them so I learned on them.
I like being able to rip the bag to get the tip, it's also really easy to get the chocolate out once it's set.

cakesbyjess Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 3:30am
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I use disposables all the time. I don't like having to clean the other bags. Kee-Seal is the brand I use, and they are wonderful. I've tried several brands, and they are much better than any I've ever tried. In case anyone's interested, their website is http://www.keeseal.com/.

Cassie2500 Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 3:44am
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I use featherweight for my BC and disposables for BC and royal-not with the same bag, of course!! I wash and reuse my disposables over and over until it gets a hole. I pay too much for these bags to only use them one time. I have been using the Wilton brand of disposables, but I may try the Kee-Seal brand I've seen mentioned on here. thumbs_up.gif

butterflybebby Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 3:58am
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I have always used disposable. I don't like to clean anything more than I have to that has the icing on it!!

I'd like to try parchment though. Soon...

frosting111 Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 4:09am
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I always use disposable bags now,I like being able to see my colors threw them, and too because I hated to wash the featherweight bags!!!..The main thing I like about using the disposable bags is I can toss them in the trash when I'm cleaning up and be done with it icon_smile.gif

Luby Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 4:50am
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I use the Featherweight. I have a set for buttercream and a set for royal and never do the two I mix.

redpanda Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 6:52am
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I use featherweight for fairly large amounts of BC, especially for colors I am likely to use again before the icing gets old. I use parchment triangles for colorflow, small amounts of BC, and small-medium amounts of RI. Finally, I use Wilton/Ateco (depending on where I am when I buy them) disposables for intensely colored BC, larger amounts of RI, and melting chocolate.


SpaceMonque Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 7:23am
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I use the Wilton disposable bags. Since on the day of delivery I have to finish decorating, deliver, then go to work...I look for the easiest possible way to clean up and the disposable bags fall into that category.

SouthernSugar Posted 5 Nov 2006 , 7:41am
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I have featherweights for BC and a set for Royal. I really don't mind washing them.

awela Posted 6 Nov 2006 , 2:56am
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I always buy the disposable ones. For royal icing I make a very small one out of parchment paper.

BearLuvsCakes Posted 6 Nov 2006 , 2:59am
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I like the disposables. So much easier to deal with.

Charb31 Posted 6 Nov 2006 , 3:05am
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my preference is the featherweights, but I have been using the parchment alot lately. I just hate folding those dang things...hmmmm think they'll every come out with prefolded parchment in both the regular size and the mini size?

Laura102777 Posted 6 Nov 2006 , 4:36am
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I use disposables for everything except the big icer tip. For that one I use a larger featherweight bag. I've only tried the Wilton disposables, and I've only tried one size. I might consider ordering a box of bigger disposables and eliminate featherweights altogether.

Wendoger Posted 6 Nov 2006 , 10:27pm
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Keeseal. They rock. icon_wink.gif

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