Wedding Favors! Sugar Cookies! Need Help!

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christeena Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 10:22pm
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Hi cookie lovers everywhere!! I hope someone can help me with this dilema (?) ! I am doing 350 decorated sugar cookies for a freind's DD wedding. Here is the description: Heart cookies with one half of the cookie in teal and the other half in chocolate brown (wedding colors) with the letter "M" on each half in the opposing color. HOW DO I put the letter "M" on so that kinda sinks into the icing and doesn't stand out on top of the cookie??? I hope I made my ?? clear! Please give advice!! Thanks! I've never had to do this before! icon_surprised.gif

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sweetlybaked Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 10:29pm
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If you use Antonia's icing, pipe it on before the icing hardens and it kinda sinks into it by itself. HTH.

Jasra Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 10:29pm
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I wish I could help but I don't know so here's a BUMP for you!

cryssi Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 10:38pm
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could you pipe the "M" with the stiffer, outlining royal, then flood? don't know if you want that much distinction...

Mickig Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 10:44pm
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Never tried that one. My first thought would be to "carve" the M in the cookies while they're still warm. That would give you the indent to fill with icing.

Mickig icon_smile.gif

slejdick Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 2:09am
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I've used Antonia's icing to make cookies with several colors, but all smooth (I think there are some pics in my photos, of multi-colored heart cookies).

Just do your flooding, then like the poster above said, do the detail right away. You may not get a perfectly crisp straight line, since the monogram icing will sorta sink into the background, but it will give a smooth surface.

I think it will be a challenge to get the line straight in the middle, and the colors all mixing and matching in the right places. When you pipe the details while the flood icing is still wet, things tend to shift around as the detail icing settles, and pushes the background icing around. When I first started doing this, I overflowed quite a few cookies, because I put enough "extra" icing to push the flood icing beyond the borders. Is there any chance you could talk her into doing half the cookies in teal with a chocolate brown "M" and the other half in brown with teal?


christeena Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 2:10pm
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Okay, here is a pic of the cookie I hope to create with a smooth surface. If anybody has any ideas on how to get the "M" on the cookie without sticking up too much, I'd be grateful!! Thanks! thumbs_up.gif

KHalstead Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 2:23pm
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this is very easy to do.........use antonia74's icing recipe on this site......I would first make the dividing line with a slightly stiffer consistency and then immediately flood half making sure to touch the flood icing to the dividing line so it melds together....then flood the other half.....then using the same flood consistency ( like pancake batter I find works really well) draw in the M on either side with the correct colors then let the whole thing sit out at least over night to be completely I'll include a photo of my valentine's day cookies you can see that the cookie with the bee and hive on it is the same level I was just impatient and didn't wanna wait for the

yellow to dry before I drew on the cookie with the brown!! In fact all the brown and yellow and brown and pink ones were done like that! I thought it was kinda neat that it was all smooth too...everyone was wondering how I managed to do that.......turns out all you have to do is be impatient......they take a while to start setting up..but your best bet is going to be to work on each cookie assembly line set up here....finish one cookie then start the next just to be sure!!! good luck!

angiebee245 Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 2:33pm
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Could anyone give a link to this recipie for the icing, I am having trouble finding it?

Yomomma Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 2:54pm
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Originally Posted by christeena

I am doing 350 decorated sugar cookies
HOW DO I put the letter "M" on so that kinda sinks into the icing and doesn't stand out on top of the cookie???

OMG! 350 of these! Are you sure you want to commit to that? Makes my back hurt just thinking about it!

Anyhoo, if you pipe on the letter while the background flood icing is still soft, your letter piping will sink into the icing. Good luck w/ that big order!

mdutcher Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 3:00pm
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Would using rolled buttercream and cookie cutters work? Use the same cutter used for the cookie, then cut out where the letter will be and place the letter there? Does that make sense?
I haven't tried the flooding technique yet.

christeena Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 3:13pm
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KHalstead- Thanks for the advice! I was going to do the assembly line thing with first the blue/brown "M" and then go back and do the other side! BTW, your cookies look awesome!!

Yomomma- Yep, I have already committed myself! icon_rolleyes.gif What was I thinking?? The cookies are due Nov. 2nd and I've just started baking!! Please keep me in your prayers!!

TiffTurtle Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 3:44pm
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if all else fails...stencil...

mcalhoun Posted 25 Oct 2006 , 4:06pm
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Good Luck - I am sure you will make it with flying colors (literally lol)

BarbaraK Posted 26 Oct 2006 , 12:34pm
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Oh my goodness! 350 cookies!!!!! I hope you had no plans to get any sleep over the next few days. I've got to do 150 cookies for a friends wedding on 25 Nov and I am already freaking out! Never made so many 4" wedding cake cookies in my life and soon I will experience the joys of back aches and cramped fingers from icing them.

kneadacookie Posted 26 Oct 2006 , 1:03pm
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piping the monogram onto semi-wet flooding will work, but it might take longer to flood a couple then go back and monogram a couple, then go back...piping the monogram first then flooding might work better from a production sense. i had an order for 270 wedding cookies i squeezed into 2 days...ouch!! I feel for you with 350

antonia74 Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 3:49am
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It's do-able sure....but a lot of work and each step must be done very quickly before the icing starts to dry/crust or it won't look good at all.

Here's how I would do it.

-make up the thinned royal icing recipe
-split recipe into two bowls
-tint one bowl blue, tint one bowl brown
-put each icing colour in a piping bag
-outline all the cookies using either brown or blue (about a #1 tip)
-when dry (10 minutes), take one colour and fill in half the cookie then immediately take the other colour and fill in the other side of cookie (about a #2 tip)
-using a pin or a skewer, swirl the middle of the cookie to create a mixing of both colours (see my Autumn Leaf cookie photo for example of this technique)
-shake the cookie softly to settle the icing and quickly fill in any gaps
-take the opposing icing colour and write the initials on either side (this MUST be done before the icing starts to crust, so that the icing literally sinks into the icing and is flat)
-do not shake the cookie after this step or you risk distorting the lettering

BarbaraK Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 7:43am
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Wow Helen that is a lot of work but it looks like it is worth the effort. Your cookie looks great - just like everything else you make.

antonia74 Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 2:01pm
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Thanks BarbaraK! icon_smile.gif

christeena Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 6:53pm
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Here are some of them! Outlined and flooded with a #3 tip in one fell swope, then did the "m" right away with a #2 tip, repeated on the other side! With 350 to do, I tried to come up with the quickest way possible! thanks for all your encouagement and help! My back was achey already so I took a break to post these!!

slejdick Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 7:37pm
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WTG! Those look fantastic!


antonia74 Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 8:02pm
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They're beautiful!! Just like the sketch!

BarbaraK Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 12:52am
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They look really great. Well done! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif Don't forget to book yourself in for a back massage after you are done. Sounds like you are going to need it!!!!

PerryStCakes Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 12:58am
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nice work!

christeena Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 2:34am
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Thanks, everyone for the kudos! Since this is the first time I'd done cookies like this, I know I couldn't have done it without all the great advice you gave. Calling my massage therapist Tuesday to book my massage for Thursday (cookie delivery day). Think I might hit the chiropractor after the massage!! I've got two more decorating days (120 cookies a day) to go and I'm feeling it already!! I don't know how you do it if cookie decorating is your livlihood! Kudos to YOU!!

Tomoore Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 2:47am
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Your cookies look phenomenal!!!! It will be well worth the work to see your friends joy in you doing this for her. GREAT JOB!!! Hang in there...You'll get through it!

4DS4Me Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 2:59am
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I just had to say that your cookies are beautiful. I am sure the bride and the groom will be pleased! icon_biggrin.gif

heavenscent Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 3:00am
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wow great job ladies.

lonestarstamper Posted 31 Oct 2006 , 3:01am
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OMG! Your cookies look awesome. Just like the sketch too. Good luck to you.

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