Stupid Dog Strikes Again!

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Cakepro Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:43pm
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I find it weird that people will freak out and want their entire meal comped if a human hair is found on their food, yet those same people have dogs whose shed hair and dander also wind up in their food....and have no problem with that.

That human hair has what? Maybe some gel or mousse or hairspray in it, while that dog hair may have rolled outside on something nice and smelly before coming indoors, being shed, and getting airborne.

I'm not saying any one of you dog people ranted about human hair...just making an observation. icon_smile.gif

tomsmom245 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:44pm
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I think the best part of having 2 HUGE HAIRY dogs with huge slobbery tongues is how well they clean the kitchen floor after I get done with a cake....saves me tons of time.... icon_biggrin.gif

tomsmom245 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:47pm
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cakepro, i totally agree. But I know where my dogs have been.. I know they get bathed regularly can you really say that about the ex-con cooking at the local Waffle House? Where has his hair really been? I'll take my chances with flea shampoo.....

nechee Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:49pm
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I feel for you. It sounds like my dog Rocky. He decided to eat the wedding cake I made for my friends wedding 15 minutes before I had to leave to drop it off. Oh was I mad at him. But the look of him with BC and cake all over his face was too funny for me to be mad at him for long.

justme50 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:52pm
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can you really say that about the ex-con cooking at the local Waffle House

Gosh, I hate to get into a nasty debate, but that's pretty insulting to people who work outside the home in the food industry. My husband isn't an ex con and he's pretty clean....most of the time. icon_wink.gif

dolfin Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:54pm
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I hope all you picky people wash your canned goods and cans of soda with soap and water before you open them!!!!) quoted from tomsmom 245

Yes, I do. Not everyone handling your canned goods washes their hands, they sneeze,blow their noses and drop the stuff. I also clean my kitchen and wipe down everything with clorox solution the only animal allowed in the house is the turtle and if he ever gets into my food OUT HE GOES.

We all have our ways, if animals in the house works for you I am not going to tell you diffrent, doesn't work for me.

grama_j Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 1:57pm
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" No offense to anyone because I respect everyone's opinion. However, I think that tomsmom245 posted her story to give us that do have pets, a laugh, not to gain critisim for having indoor pets."

Sharon, this is not about indoor pets....... it is about indoor pets getting into food that is supposed to be served to humans.... Post after post is a big chuckle about their animals eating decorations and in some cases entire cakes, cookies, and or ingredients..... either the animals should be contained or the food should.........

wgoat5 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:00pm
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I just want to say this...I don't want this thread to get ugly but....I worked in a food packing plant when I was a teen and they are NOT as clean as they should be...

I dont smoke in my house....we have 2 beagles that come inside to sleep in their kennels but do not have free reign of the house...I have a yorkie who weighs less then a bag of PS and Im sorry he will not sleep outside...I find there shouldn't be a problem with pets if you are clean and use extra precautions then you are fine...If you let your dog jump up and lick the spoon that you mix your food with well then that is plain gross LOL.. icon_sad.gif

In my cakes you won't find dog hair, cigerette butts OR let me emphasize this.....bits of LUNCH that you might eat in your kitchen whilst putting your cake together...I clean my utensils 3 times....I soak them..wash them in hot soapy bleach water (because they are stored in my pantry and I don't want dust) and dry them thoroughly. My dog doesn't get in there...(if he could I'd be rich icon_biggrin.gif)

I have yet to find a kitchen with enough counter space to fit 300.00 worth of grocery bags on them. I wish I could afford that many. If you think about it your groceries are in a packet in a box in a bag...the food itself is very far away from "sitting on the floor" .

My tone if I were speaking this is friendly not sarcastic nor hateful, I am just speaking my honest opinion and we all have ours icon_biggrin.gif

Have a great day ya'll icon_biggrin.gif


tomsmom245 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:03pm
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Justme, it really isn't my intent to offend anyone I was just making a joke. I do work in the food industry. I am the head cook at a local establishment. I just find it very comical that so many people freak out about dogs.

I guess since I do work in the food industry and see a lot of what goes on in those kitchens where people eat, I know that a dog eating a cake is the least of my worries.... You should hear the stories that my friend from the health department (who eats my cake) tells!!

Sorry if I offended anyone...I just think these dog stories (and the people who get freaked by them) are pretty darn funny!![/i]

*Edited to fix my typos

SuHwa Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:06pm
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I didn't mean that those of us with indoor pets (almost typed pests icon_lol.gif ) shouldn't bake. After all I do have an indoor cat. We live in the country and if she wasn't indoors, the mice would be (even though we do have several outdoor cats who claim their mousing skills are good enough that we don't need said indoor cat). My post was rather in the vein of, once we know our pet's proclivity for eating things they shouldn't we should make every effort to keep them separate from food areas, especially when making food for other people. (like the poster with the static mats and kennel)

pklundberg Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:08pm
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Oh I wish I had your getting into baking stuff. Instead our english bulldog prefers kids toys and cotton batting. icon_evil.gif Just 2 weeks ago, I had to pay $500 for her naughty habit. She got sick after eating who knows what. Took her to the vet and they found a large mass in her intestines. GREAT!!! Well, that mass was cotton, packed solid. 13 inches and the diameter of a nickle. icon_eek.gif No wonder she was so sick.
Now she gets locked up with the puppy everytime we are gone or sleeping!!!!
However, if she ever eats a cake...I'm sure I'll post something on here! icon_wink.gif

justme50 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:11pm
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No problem, I just get a little touchy about the subject when I know the stringent regulations my husband's workplace has to meet. They are a wholesaler though, so perhaps the rules are bit more stringently enforced. I know where he works, you could literally eat off the floor.

Just a thought though..Honestly, if the dog ate the ingredients or cake, then unless you served his leftovers to people, I think you're pretty safe.

Now if you're running a licensed commercial kitchen and you let your dogs in there....different story entirely.

This coming from a person who changed to a manual can opener that cuts the sides off instead of the top (ugh to electric ones that get nasty and gummy with food gunk) and who absolutely never, ever buys or drinks canned soda...go figure. icon_lol.gif

tomsmom245 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:13pm
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I didn't mean that those of us with indoor pets (almost typed pests ) shouldn't bake.

I am the scat mat and kennel owner. I thought (silly of me) that a door would deter my dog as well. Apparently she uses her big butt (probably so big from eating all that cake and cake mix) to swing the door open!!

I agree that we should try our best to keep them out...but they are pretty darn sneaky. Too bad we love them anyway!!!

I'll still laugh my head off at every doggie or kitty disaster that is posted here. As long as no one actually feeds a half dog-eaten cake to someone icon_wink.gif

wgoat5 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:15pm
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Justme50 I read up a long time ago on the can opener thing..... Replace the sucker (if it is a reg hand held type) 4 times a year ( I know costly) BUT you never know what kind of bacteria is lurking on them...I also use a toothbrush and bleach along with a kind of rust remover on the one that I have. Clean every time you use wonder so many people get sick icon_sad.gif . But 10 years ago I would of never really thought about it!


ShanonR Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:15pm
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I do see your point. I have 2 indoor pets (one being a 180 lb dog). I do not bake professionally. I only bake for family and friends. I have never charged for a single cake. Those same family and friends eat at my house often. They know that my dogs are inside all the time. I figure if they eat dinner at my house on a regular basis, then they should have no problem eating a cake from my pet friendly house.
My dogs are my babies, if anyone has a problem eating a cake that I made with my dogs indoors then they can just go to Publix.
This is just a matter of opinion. We all have our pet peeves (no pun intended). My dogs being inside is just not one of mine. Now if you leave the shower curtain open, or if I find clothes not on matching hangers, then you have pushed my buttons. HA!
I'm not going to argue the issue. Like I said I see your point and I really do appreciate your perspective!

ge978 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:16pm
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Common guys ...seriously? The OP said she doesn't bake as a business, but for friends and family. The dog ate the mix and powdered sugar...did she say she was still going to use it? No, she was just sharing a funny story.
If she said that she was going to sweep the ps off the floor and use it for icing then we can get all riled up, but all she did was set boxed food in a plastic bag on the floor...BIG DEAL!

Anyway, I don't bake out of my home, but I have a big old St Bernard that Twinsy calls Cujo..(my avatar)...she can literally put her big fat head on any counter or table so it gets very tricky where you can put certain things. icon_razz.gif

summernoelle Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:18pm
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Originally Posted by tomsmom245

I think the best part of having 2 HUGE HAIRY dogs with huge slobbery tongues is how well they clean the kitchen floor after I get done with a cake....saves me tons of time.... icon_biggrin.gif

Ditto on that. With 2 little kids around, always making messes, I always use my dogs to clean up their food on the floor. It saves me tons of time, too!

wgoat5 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:22pm
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LMAO I just love you wonderful ladies icon_biggrin.gif

pklundberg Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:28pm
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"I think the best part of having 2 HUGE HAIRY dogs with huge slobbery tongues is how well they clean the kitchen floor after I get done with a cake....saves me tons of time.... "

I love your humor. I have 3 children under 5 and 2 dogs. All I have to do is tap my toe on the kitchen floor and the dogs will come running to clean it up. Even funnier, now the kids are doing it. Tapping their toes that is!!! icon_lol.gif
I still have to mop at least twice a week! And for those of you talking about can openers. I have the old hand crank one. I just toss it in my dishwasher and run the sanitize cycle. When it starts to get rusty, I replace it.

tiptop57 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:31pm
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Hey you guys, I didddddddd say that my kitchen cleanliness bordered on obsession didn't I? Egad give me a break, we must lighten up and let it go...... unless of course you clorax your floor then we can talk about groceries on the floor, bag or no bag.

I did love the dog stories and they were funny, but I don't think I could eat at your furry houses icon_eek.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif ....but then you probably wouldn't invite an obsessive old crotchety lady like me anyway, because I would be checking things out with my white gloves. icon_wink.gificon_wink.gificon_wink.gif

Gosh there just isn't any humor anymore, I'm otta here and moving onto another thread...........
...................the seriously disturbed Tiptop says shaking her head again while Cloraxing her computer screen cuz she swore she saw some dog fur rolling by disguised as a dust bunny.

P.S. I do soak the can opener with Clorax also..... icon_wink.gif

ShanonR Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 2:45pm
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Well said tiptop!
You continue on cloroxing your computer, meanwhile I'll head to my closet to color coordinate it! HA!

kansaslaura Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 3:03pm
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Ok.. off with my head!

I've been on both sides. My dad decorated cakes for years and had a lab in the house. I've seen what that dog could do. Entire cakes .. GONE! My mother wasn't and isn't the cleanest person either, even as a kid I didn't like eating his cakes. I'm not going to say another word on that subject..

On the other hand, I've been on the licesensed side of the fence, and am currently looking for a store front. (first one closed after divorce and moving out of the area) I know the rules, maybe that's why my radar is on -- all the time. I can be the customer from...ahem.. at restaurants, and don't even get me started on buffets.

Quick story: Setting..salad bar. Guy comes out from the back with a tray of salad dressings in containers. He's gloved. He looks at one kind of dressing.. looks at another..looks back at first one.. puzzled look........ Sticks his GLOVED finger into dressing on the bar.. licks it.. sticks same gloved finger into dressing in the container, licks that too. ~~~By now I'm looking down at my salad and turning as green as the romaine leaves.~~~ He pours the now violated new dressing into the violated old dressing. I wave for the manager who on his way over to my table sticks HIS freekin' hand into the ice and grabs a cube for his coffee............ Needless to say my son never got to pick that place for lunch again.

I would have rather seen a dog run through that restaurant than what I'd witnessed--true enough. But, I will tell you with all honestly, I've seen inspectors come unglued quicker over a hair, any hair, than I have over a thumb on a plate or silverware.

Hang me from the nearest tree.. being in the restaurant/catering/ baking business for 15 yrs left the rules hammered in stone in my brain!! I don't begin to suggest anybody with an animal in the house is dirty. I just know how hair and dander float through the air.

Oh.. and those can openers that don't break the can surface, but rather the seal are awesome!! No lid to slip and fall into the food. Rodents and filth are rampant in warehouses. I wipe the lid and use one of those non cutting openers.

pklundberg Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 3:09pm
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No problem with Clorox here. I use it all the time. My DH even complains that our house smells like a swimming pool. I was just saying how I clean my can opener. I found that Clorox was to abrasive and caused rusting sooner.
I vacinate my children, keep them clean, their stuff as clean as possible, and my house fairly clean and uncluttered. But I won't live in a bubble. A few germs won't hurt you. It helps build up immunity. Maybe when my kids go to school all day, I will find the time to dust and clean everyday. I just love my time holding my kids, playing with them, reading to them, and just doing things for them. That's what they'll remember most.

So here's the kids and animals in our lives. May they always bring you joy and a smile to your face!!! And a little dirt to go with them. icon_lol.gif

pklundberg Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 3:14pm
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No offense taken here. I hope I don't offend anyone. I strictly bake for my family. Nothing like a little debate to get your morning going. My baby is sleeping, so I love coming here and reading. I usually stay out of this stuff. This has been fun though. I love the adult interaction...even if it is thru a computer screen! thumbs_up.gif

RoseCitySugarcraft Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 3:43pm
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These stories are EXACTLY why we have a Dachshund! lol
I am sorry for the disaster stories, but a pup under foot is a small price (figuratively AND literally) to pay to keep little snouts out of our baking supplies and finished projects icon_smile.gif


justme50 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 4:17pm
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Oh goody! Argument over, time for cute doggie pics! icon_biggrin.gif

I'll have to hunt mine down. icon_lol.gif

tomsmom245 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 4:21pm
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I too, want to thank everyone for making me smile today! I was pretty grumpy when I got up and when I started reading on here, I couldn't have cracked up and faster.

Nothing like a dog hair debate to make me smile icon_wink.gif

I could live without the sticky carpeting in my living room, though...Guess I better get out the steam cleaner and take care of the remnants of the powdered sugar/cake mix storm that happened in here last night.

To everyone who is disgusted that I didn't clean the carpet immediately last night, sorry but I couldn't because my 1 year old wanted mommy to snuggle him to sleep so I did and enjoyed some sleep myself!!

Have a great day everyone!!

wgoat5 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 4:36pm
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Tiptop how do you keep your hands from burning with clorox ...seriously...I SWEAR I get burnt everytime I stick my hands in the dishwater!!!! No joke...I get little red peely places, my hands look like they are always raw and hurt!!!

justme50 Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 4:46pm
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No joke...I get little red peely places, my hands look like they are always raw and hurt!!!

Uh oh....another topic for debate.. Red, raw peely hands...gloves or no gloves? icon_twisted.gif

You'll have to forgive me, I'm just sitting here tapping my toes waiting on a call from the insurance adjuster about my car that was totaled in the fun little flood we had last weekend.....gotta have something to do to keep me from pulling my hair out. icon_cry.gif

ShanonR Posted 24 Aug 2007 , 6:31pm
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I'm ready for doggy pics!

I don't have children so this is my baby...

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