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cakesbgood Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 1:18pm
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Do all of you know about the happy hostess house store? I came across it in the phone book about a month ago and just got out there to check it out a couple days ago. For those of you who don't know about it, OMG! The whole store is nothing but wilton supplies!! Everything and anything you could want or that you can order, they have it! I mean, I could have spent the entire day in there if my son hadn't been with me lol, I didn't know what to look at first there was so much lol! So if you don't know of it or haven't been there, you HAVE to check this place out. It's out on Johnstown Rd by the airport, off of Steltzer. thumbs_up.gif

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CakesByNikki Posted 22 Oct 2006 , 5:43pm
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No I have not heard of it. I live just a couple hours from Columbus. I will check it out. Thanks for the info! thumbs_up.gif

rsaun Posted 22 Oct 2006 , 5:45pm
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Oh -- I'm so glad you told us. I live in Hilliard, so that's just a stone's throw away. How are their prices? I mean, this week Hobby Lobby has 50% off all Wilton products (with the internet coupon), so that can't be beat, but if they have sales, too, it sounds like a dream come true.

patticakesnc Posted 22 Oct 2006 , 5:47pm
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I wish we had something like that here. My ex Brother in law is from Columbus. We went there one time. Almost with they were still together I could have an excuse to go visit (the store that is LOL).

darandon Posted 22 Oct 2006 , 5:50pm
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I remember going to Happy Hostess when my mom decorated cakes in the 70 & 80's. I'm in Hilliard and haven't been there in a while. That would be a quick trip on 670 to get there. Thanks for reminding me that it is there.

Dustbunny Posted 22 Oct 2006 , 6:00pm
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I will be in Columbus next week so thanks a bunch!!! I will try to squeeze it in icon_smile.gif

cakesbgood Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 1:57am
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You are all very welcome!! As far as the prices go, I didn't get a chance to really price compare while I was there, I think their prices run along what they do in the wilton yearbooks from what I did look at and buy. But no, you certainly can't beat half off coupons!!! I am still going to use my Michaels coupons for what I can get there with them, but there are sooo many things that Michaels and hobby lobby don't have, that's what reminded me of this place to begin with lol. I was IN Michaels, had a 40% off coupon, I still used it while I was there of course lol. But they didn't have the 11in cake plate, or the pillars that I needed. I'm tellin you, you are all going to LOVE this place if you can make it out there. I've never seen so many cookie cutters in my life, they have any and every shape you can think of it looked like. I didn't have the time that day to go through ALL of them lol, but their everywhere! Next time I get over there I'll be sure to check out the prices on more of the stuff and post it. If anyone else gets there before me let me know what you found and think lol. I can't wait to hear from you all thumbs_up.gif

cakesbgood Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:03am
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Oh and I forgot to say that not only do they have all the cake pans, pillars, wedding toppers, cookie cutters, etc, they also have BOXES, I picked up 3 while I was there, a 14x14, 12x12 and a 9x9, I think they were 4 in deep. Anyway, they have all kinds and sizes of those to, along with cake boards. PLUS, you wouldn't believe all the flavorings, like for candy and everything, bottles of this stuff. Ummm, what else lol!! I saw packs of 100 individual bags in different sizes, like for packaging up the cookies individually, and for a 100 count of those they were from 2.49 to maybe 3.99 I think, depending on the size of the bags. Oh just GOOO, your gonna love it lol icon_lol.gif

dianagreen Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:16am
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Thanks for the great info! Ill have to check it out sometime. Ill be doing my first wedding cake next spring, i need lots of practice and lots of supplies


cakesbgood Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:28am
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Your welcome! It's on Johnstown Rd, right next to the airport. Plus just think of what you can save on delivery charges since you won't have to order from catalogs, etc. icon_wink.gif

DeniseRoy Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:29am
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I live right down the road from happy hostess there is also a store on cleveland ave. called cake craft it is wonderful and the owners are very nice. This is where I get all my luster dust and americolors. Wilton I still buy at michaels or hobby lobby with coupons. I have heard that they will also rent pans.

cakesbgood Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:33am
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Which one will rent pans? I'll have to check that one out to! Thanks thumbs_up.gif

DeniseRoy Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 2:43am
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One of my students said cake craft rented her a retired batman pan

Loucinda Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 3:25am
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HI Denise!!! (did you go to Pittsburgh?) I go to Cake Craft pretty often - they have all of that stuff too. I need to go check out the Happy Hostess, but that is further down for me to go. I heard that Cake Craft rents out the retired pans also. (this is Cindy - I sat at the same table with you at the WMI meeting!!) icon_smile.gif

cambo Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 3:35am
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Thank you so much for posting this! My husband and I are bringing my daughter up to OSU on November 7th for a college visitation and I'm definitely going to check it out! We live in Dayton, but travel up often to go to Easton and Polaris! Also just came up recently to eat at Schmidt's! Just love that little village! Thank you again!

dianagreen Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 12:20pm
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Where is Cake Craft? and i must go check out happy hostess

Cambo -- Im a student at OSU - if you or daughter have any questions just ask im a sr so ive been there done that -to almost everything osu wise hope you have a good visit there

DeniseRoy Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 12:38pm
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Hey Cindy I did go to pittsburg a lot of fun and a lot of information. My husband went with me and we turned it into a little get away. Next time anyones at Easton come over to Michaels and say Hi!!

Loucinda Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 12:59pm
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I never got an invitation. icon_sad.gif (and I even requested on!) Oh well. Maybe next year. Glad you had a good time there.

Cake Craft - it is on Cleveland Ave. just south of Rt. 161. (kind of across the street from Meijers) It is ran by an older couple - just have patience when you go! thumbs_up.gif

ch0psuey Posted 24 Oct 2006 , 5:37pm
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I LOVE Cake Craft, and they do rent pans -- along with stands and just about anything else you'll need for set-up. Very cheap renting, too!

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