Have You Ever Heard Of A Fondant Basketweave?

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CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:20pm
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I am doing a wedding cake and the bride told me that she wanted a basketweave cake using fondant. She wants some of them to be chocolate and some of them to be ivory. I have never heard of such a thing have you? icon_confused.gif I need to know whether to tell her that I have to do it in BC. TIA!

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snowshoe1 Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:27pm
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She may be referring to an impression of a basketweave on the fondant. For this you could use a roller such as:


kelly75 Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:34pm
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You wouldn't be able to use an impression mat if she wants the basketweave to be two-tone.

It can be done, but you'd need a sugarcraft gun and it will be very time-consuming (I did all the webbing on my spiderman cake using a sugarcraft gun and it took me hours to squeeze them all out, cut them to size and stick them in place!).

It would look fantastic though. If you do it, make sure you charge accordingly for the time it will take!


CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:40pm
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Alrighty! Thank you ladies! I will probably just do it in BC then because I am doing it in 2 weeks and I live in the boonies where I cannot just get supplies at my every whim. icon_smile.gif I really don't think she would want to pay that much anyways. icon_biggrin.gif How much would you charge to do a regular BC Basketweave? If I do 2 different colors do you think $3 a slice? (She also wants it to be a 10'' 3 layer rhubarb cake)

Fairytale Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:42pm
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I just did a fondant basked weave. You literally weave the basket on the cake. "Wilflower" cakes does this and they are breathtaking. Here is the one I just did.

CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:44pm
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Wow! That is amazing! How do you do it Fairtale?

momvarden Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 7:51pm
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I did my husbands cake with modeling chocolate ( the fishing basket in my pics). I used a polymer clay tool that i purchased just for cake decorating. I have also just purchased a caulking gun to put the plunger in because the plunger hurts your hands.
I have not had the chance to use it yet. Fondant works really well in this plunger, and what is really nice is that it comes with several different disks, for other shapes. I takes a lot of time but the end result is worth it.

The cost is about 10 to 20 dollars at michaels or joanns. There are 2 on the market i own the silver one, but there is a green one on the market as well. If you have any other questions send me a pm.

CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:00pm
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could I just do it by rolling the fondant out and cutting it into strips? How much would you charge for a cake like that?

momvarden Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:10pm
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yes you could do that, just keep it between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. When not using them, because they will dry out.
I have done that and i used a sheet of lined (ruled) notebook paper as a guide for making even strips and a pizza cutter for cutting it.

Cost i am not sure of i have an issue with that myself.

CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:16pm
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So, if I cut them into strips myself, how do I get them onto the cake without getting them all covered in BC? Is anybody willing to give me a tutorial about it? icon_smile.gif

CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:20pm
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Oh, and also... it it better to cut them into long strips and then roll them or just use them as strips?

momvarden Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:40pm
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let you frosting get firm in the fridge, or get a crust. as far as the strips that depends on the look you would like. If you want it a round or flat weave. Try a small amount out on the side of a lg stock pot.
frost it with a little of your frosting let it get hard. and then try the fondant.
You may have to use a dab of h2o to help the fondant stick a little or some people will use a clear fluid such as vodka, or lemon extract ect.
because it evaporates quickly.

CheriN Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 8:43pm
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Thanks so much Momvarden! I will give that a try!

Fairytale Posted 16 Aug 2007 , 9:41pm
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Originally Posted by Chen

Wow! That is amazing! How do you do it Fairtale?

Thanks. I use a clay extruder so the pieces are uniform. Then just weave like you would a basket.

Lacicakes Posted 5 Jun 2008 , 9:01pm
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I've been looking at doing fondant basketweave and ran into something interesting. These are actually texture mats for clay and pottery but say the are made of flexable plastic. They come in different sizes and I wonder how easy they are to cut. I thought maybe I could cut them to the size I need roll the fondant on it.Trim the excess overhang off and put it on the cake and then peel the mat off. Kind of like you do on chocolate transfers. http://www.continentalclay.com/detail.php?cat_id=398&sub_categoryID=33&PID=1227. Does anyone know how flexable these mats are?

peacockplace Posted 5 Jun 2008 , 11:09pm
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I have a fondant basket weave cake on my website. It has a regular picture and a close up. I used a textured pin to make it.

yaadie Posted 6 Jun 2008 , 6:24pm
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I know I have seen a few two tones basketweave in fondabt on here
I had saved some in my favourites and this is one I found quickly. I am attaching the pic as well as the link to the photo, but perhaps this is what you are looking for??
it seems to be simply weaved...


wgoat5 Posted 6 Jun 2008 , 6:58pm
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That looks cool AND time consuming

Mike1394 Posted 6 Jun 2008 , 7:10pm
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Could you make your basket weave on a flat surface? It seems like trying to weave the strips on a cake would be H***. If you did it on a flat surface. Just figure out the length you need. Weave it long enough, then pick up the whole weave, and put it on the cake.


wgoat5 Posted 6 Jun 2008 , 7:15pm
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it would mishapen though wouldn't it?

Mike1394 Posted 6 Jun 2008 , 7:42pm
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Originally Posted by wgoat5

it would mishapen though wouldn't it?

I'm thinking you would have to work pretty fast beofre it dried out. I think for the sides it would work.


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