How Do I Do A Cupcake Bouquet?

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cncgirl00 Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 9:44pm
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Parable--awesome ccb. Those colors really pop. And the flowers look so real.

zoraya Posted 14 Apr 2007 , 9:56pm
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this is something I'll have to try!
SherriSenger - yours are absolutely gorgeous! Would you mind explaining to me how your making the rose on the cupcakes with the 1M tip? I'm not quite getting it.
saving this for a future project!

juro1234 Posted 15 Apr 2007 , 11:54pm
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Here is the cupcake bouquet I made today. I did it with smaller flowers all over instead of the bigger ones.


step0nmi Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 8:18pm
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OK now! i have two questions!

#1 has anyone ever done this in a flower pot?? How?

#2 Would a 1M tip look just as good as Sherrie's??

You are suppose to start from the middle Then go around, right??

I guess that was 3 ?'s! icon_rolleyes.gif

jescapades Posted 17 Apr 2007 , 8:35pm
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i can't wait to try this! everyone's are gorgeous!

loveqm Posted 19 Apr 2007 , 1:29am
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I hope to try this one day

sarahnichole975 Posted 19 Apr 2007 , 1:43am
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Sherri and juro, both of y'alls cupcakes are beautiful. I did some one time that were like mums. I just pulled leaves around and and around from the outside and worked my way in. I'll see if I can find a picture. I made them for a friend and she put them together when she got there, but I think she gave me a picture of the finished product.

sarahnichole975 Posted 19 Apr 2007 , 1:54am
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Okay, these are nothing in comparison to the others, but what she did when she put them together was she put a styro ball in the flower pot which she then put tulle on and she skewered the cupcakes and put them in the ball. Now I probably would have put them close together, but they're still cute. And the cupcakes touched in the box, so you have some transfer of icing on them, but you can see the mum look to them anyway.

Tweetycup Posted 19 Apr 2007 , 2:17am
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I've not seen these and can't wait to try it out!

bjfranco Posted 19 Apr 2007 , 2:41am
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In the flower pot w/cupcakes on skewers is how I have seen them done. There is also a green styrofoam ball that you can get too that sort of blends away. Cupcakes are close together and because of the roundness the bottoms touch and gives more room at the top. Very cute and always a big hit.


midwestmom Posted 27 Apr 2007 , 5:18am
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I'm curious, these look great from the top, but what about from the side? Do you just see plastic cups? Hopefully CC will make a tutorial of these since I'm still a little confused. Also, I've never heard of putting two colors in one bag. Anyone care to elaborate on that?

imartsy Posted 27 Apr 2007 , 2:13pm
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maybe I missed it - but where can you buy those little plastic cups? I haven't seen them....

lakaty Posted 28 Apr 2007 , 2:24pm
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I got clear 5oz plastic cups at the dollar store. It does take some looking around to find the right cups(at least for me it did!).

Also what I learned when playing around with making cupcakes for a bouquet is that I have to use 'jumbo' size cupcake liners. I wasn't thinking ahead and made a batch with 'medium' liners and the cupcakes just fell into the glass. icon_redface.gificon_cry.gif

Good luck!

Delicate-Lee Posted 29 Apr 2007 , 12:24am
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This is such a great and cute idea! If only I didnt have anything on today I would be makeing one! Thanks for the tips! and hopefully sometime soon I will be able to do one and post some pics! icon_lol.gif

juro1234 Posted 29 Apr 2007 , 4:08pm
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I also looked all over the place and finally found them at Walmart.

Aly24 Posted 3 May 2007 , 11:20pm
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this is so helpful! thanks everyone I must try this!

purplebutterfly1234 Posted 4 May 2007 , 3:19am
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I am loving this! detective.gif All very interesting!

Amberslilzoo Posted 4 May 2007 , 5:32am
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I am also wondering about putting the two colors into the bags to get a sort of swirly look?

I was trying to figure something out to bring to my daughters preschool class for her birthday next week and now I have it! The kids will love this icon_biggrin.gif

Cassie2500 Posted 4 May 2007 , 7:44pm
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I LOVE this idea!! Hopefully I will do it right and surprise my mom at work with a bouquet for Mother's Day!! Amberslilzoo, for 2 colors, you can "stripe" your bag down each side (using just the gel or paste color with a small paintbrush) with the colors you want. Disposable bags are not recommended because the color just slides down the side of the bag. Parchment bags are what you want to use. The vinyl bags will stain easy so you probably will not want to use those either. Also, there is a tutorial here on CC where the lady uses plastic wrap to "wrap" her icing in the plastic wrap and places down into her vinyl bag and it is a lot less messy on cleanup. I personally have not tried this, but it looks like a great idea.
I don't know the link, but just look under "articles" I believe and you will find it. Hope that helps!!

angkimbrell Posted 6 May 2007 , 1:54pm
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Guys I am so excited about this!!! I just put the cc in the oven to try!! Now to find a way to sneak out for cups whit dh napping!!! Thanks for all the inspiration you give. I love it!!!

purplebutterfly1234 Posted 6 May 2007 , 4:40pm
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Lol! You're funny! =) I hope you left your poor sick husband a note! icon_wink.gif
Be sure to post pics and let us know how it went!

nickir0108 Posted 7 May 2007 , 2:18pm
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Oh you guys! I'm supposed to be taking my final exam online and now I'm going to have to rush through it so I can go try one of these bouquets. I absolutely love this idea. You all are so incredibly talented. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Aunksunamun13 Posted 9 May 2007 , 4:58pm
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Hello!!! I love this thread! Ive been wanting to try one for some time. But I was too lazy to look for instructions, lol. My mother LOVES yellow roses....I sense a great mothers day gift in the horizon.

I am having a hard time finding color mist though......anyone know where I can get it? Aside from online. Perhaps Michaels....joAnns...etc.


girltrapped Posted 9 May 2007 , 5:19pm
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This is an excellent idea! I can't wait to give it a try for Mother's Day this weekend. My Granny, Aunts, and Cousins will be knee-deep in cupcakes! icon_lol.gif

purplebutterfly1234 Posted 10 May 2007 , 6:44am
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Originally Posted by Aunksunamun13

Hello!!! I love this thread! Ive been wanting to try one for some time. But I was too lazy to look for instructions, lol. My mother LOVES yellow roses....I sense a great mothers day gift in the horizon.

I am having a hard time finding color mist though......anyone know where I can get it? Aside from online. Perhaps Michaels....joAnns...etc.


In my case the only place I've seen them is at Hobby Lobby. Perhaps wherever they carry Wilton products. (I haven't seen them at Walmart). Not sure if there's another brand for the color mist stuff.

I plan to get some eventually, they look fun! thumbs_up.gif

Aunksunamun13 Posted 10 May 2007 , 10:53pm
post #86 of 94 I searched all the way to kingdom come and found neither 5oz cups OR color mist. *bangs head on counter*

Our walmart did NOT have the cups...but our local Smart and Final had them...thank the lord!! =)

I >did< find 3 1/4 oz cups which I think will work fine. The cupcakes sit in there quite nicely. I havent frosted them....yet....due to the color mist dificulties. I will post a pic as soon as I find some....or just give in and make due with what I have!

groovymonkeydesigns Posted 11 May 2007 , 12:17am
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JoAnn Super Stores do have color mist. Probably 5 or so diff. colors. I'm totally excited to try this next week. It's my daughter's last day of preschool on Thursday and thought I would do a smaller version of the cupcakes and get a nice plant pot to put them in w/some ribbon. I totally missed Teacher Appreciation week.

pattykayscakes Posted 31 Mar 2009 , 6:07pm
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I have been using the 3 oz. cups that are with the bathroom cups. I found some that are plain white plastic so that I don't have cartoon characters showing! LOL! I was wondering if anyone uses the cup method for mini cupcake bouquets. My minis will fall down into the 3 oz. cups I'm afraid. Thought about buying some disposable communion cups but would have to glue them together I guess. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Love this thread!

pattykayscakes Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 9:12pm
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Just thought I'd share what I came up with for the mini bouquets. I was searching the store over and over to find something to make my mini bouquets with and a lightbulb went off when I was the plastic Easter eggs. I bought two big packs and have made 8 holders. I simply seperated the eggs and used the bottoms together to make a holder and the tops to make more. I have a low-temp glue gun which I used to put them together and it's working marvelously. I haven't assembled any of the cupcakes but will post a picture when I get some done this evening. Wish me luck! If it works, I'll be buying all those plastic eggs that are on clearance after the holiday!

cncgirl00 Posted 25 May 2009 , 10:49am
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How did the Easter egg holder turn out? I would love to know because I make the minis, too.

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