Thanks To All Those Who Write In About Petit Fours!! See Pic

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CakePhun Posted 10 Oct 2006 , 7:51pm
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Well, I did a search on petit fours for an order over the weekend. I took what everyone said and made my own judgement. They came out better than expected and I am super happy (this being only the second time to make them) with the results. Here is what I did...

The almond pound cake for petit fours recipe from works PERFECT for squares or any other "cut out" shape. Just go to and do a search on petit fours. The recipe is the first one. For the round ones I made a white chocolate "doctored" cake and used the mini muffin cups as suggested here.
For the glaze/frosting I used a recipe from a thread here that used 1/2 cup whipping cream to one bag of chocolate candy coating (14oz's). When it all mixed well and was melted I added color and 1/2 tea of almond extract. These were great tasting... not knock you out sweet like some of the poured fondant recipe's. They dried not rock hard, but enough to keep the moisture in and decorate. Hope my test has helped someone out and let me know if you have any questions!!! (sorry the picture is not that great, it was taken from my camera phone cause I forgot to take one at home).

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czyadgrl Posted 10 Oct 2006 , 8:21pm
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Thanks! I've been wanting to try these but am too nervous!

I really appreciate you sharing the results and process - I just might give them a whirl before my Petit Fours class next month!

They're beautiful and ever so cute!

mkolmar Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 1:25am
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those are so pretty and look just like the ones you would pay big $ for at a fancy store.

bigsisof3kids Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 1:32am
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they look almost too pretty to eat. (but of course I would icon_lol.gif )
~Beth icon_rolleyes.gif

JanH Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 2:25am
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Those are just amazing! Perfectly decorated little morsels of cakey goodness.


m0use Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 5:05pm
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Those look wonderful!

CarolinaBelle Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 8:41pm
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They are so pretty! Is the 1/2 cup whipping cream to one bag of chocolate candy coating all that you use (except for flavoring) to make the icing?
I would love to try making these.

MariaLovesCakes Posted 11 Oct 2006 , 8:51pm
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Oh, wonderful! Do you have a recipe for that whipping cream icing you are talking about? Or a link to the recipe?


CakePhun Posted 12 Oct 2006 , 1:00am
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Wow thanks allot!! Yes, I just used the one glaze/poured icing. I just used my fingers and dipped then set on my wire rack.

Here is what I did for the icing...
I don't have a double boiler, so I put one of my bowls in a sauce pan and put water under to steam. Then I put 1/2 cup whipping cream and 14 oz of white chocolate bark (or you can use candy melts ...1 bag) in and mixed on and off until the chocolate was melted and combined with the cream. Then just mix in a 1/2 -1 teaspoon of whatever flavor. Then start dipping!! thumbs_up.gif

Hope that helps you guys! Let me know if I can answer anything else! The round ones really got praise because I filled them with almond buttercream like you would a twinkie! yum yum!


CarolinaBelle Posted 12 Oct 2006 , 2:02am
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Thank you for posting the information about the icing. icon_smile.gif

mgdqueen Posted 12 Oct 2006 , 2:07am
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These look beautiful and sound delicious! I can't wait to try them...when I have several hours to kill!! icon_eek.gificon_biggrin.gif

CakePhun Posted 12 Oct 2006 , 2:24am
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No problem CarolinaBelle! I want to see pictures if you guys try some!! must share! heheheheheh

Destini Posted 12 Oct 2006 , 10:37pm
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Really want to try petit fours,but kind of nervous. What kind of pan did you use for the almond pound cake?

CakePhun Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 2:46pm
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I used a jelly roll pan (I think it was a 11x1icon_cool.gif.Then I used a cookie cutter in the shape of a square to make sure they were all the same exact shape. In the jelly roll pan it only takes about 15-20 min (since it is so thin). Make sure you get the batter really even, so they all come out a comparable width. Some people cut them with a knife, but I wanted to try this way and I really liked the results. Thanks and let me know if you have any more questions icon_biggrin.gif

ConnieB Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 3:22pm
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Your Petit Fours are such cuties!!

You give me inspiration to try my own! icon_biggrin.gif

Thank you for the Instructions!


CakePhun Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 4:06pm
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Yey Connie B! Go for it girl! If I can do it anyone can.

ConnieB Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 7:38pm
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How did you keep your finger prints of the little cakes when you were dipping them in the chocolate covering?

Also, how long do you let them dry?

And one last question, how many dippings did you get out of your dipping mixture?

Thank you so much, I will definately post pictures when done!


ConnieB Posted 13 Oct 2006 , 8:05pm
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Any experienced Petit four makers out there know the answers to the above post?


CakePhun Posted 15 Oct 2006 , 1:50pm
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I sent you a reply to your PM, but here it is for everyone elso to see also....

Just got your message... hope you haven't been waiting too long.

I just dipped and made sure I got a pretty good covering all around then when I put the little cake down it would all run from the top to the bottom and just cover the rest of the cake. This mixture doesn't set up instantly like some of the other recipes. So it gives you some time. I think only one of mine didn't cover all the way, so I re-dipped it. Also you can use a powdered sugar/water mix to first cover them. Then when that dries go back and cover again with the white chocolate mixture for a smoother cover. (that is what happened with a few of the round ones)

They take probably 1-2 hours to set up good. You can stick them in the fridge to get them set quicker.
One batch covered about 28 for me. (two were dipped twice). I did forget to scrap what had dripped onto my cookie sheet. If you did that you could probably get 30-33 out of one.

Let me know if I didn't explain something good enough... It was a late night and it is early now! heheheheeh

Dana0323 Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 10:56pm
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justfrosting Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:00pm
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They look yummy!

playingwithsugar Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:05pm
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They look wonderful. Thanks for posting the pic.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

lapazlady Posted 10 Nov 2006 , 11:07pm
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The petit fours are wonderful. Great job.

reneemw3 Posted 11 Nov 2006 , 6:23am
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Sorry if this is a stup question!!! But, did you tort the cake before cutting into squares, and if so what filling did you use.

Thanks alot.

CakePhun Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 3:00am
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Hi guys! thanks so so much for the nice words! My computer is in the shop, so I am borrowing one for the evening. Anywho, Yes I torted with regular buttercream as well as spread a thin layer on top, then refroze for about 20-30 min (until I was ready to dip). Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!!


stlalohagal Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 3:57am
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OK, I'm a real newbie to all this cake stuff as I'm just in Wilton Course III, but I must say I'm totally addicted and to this site. I must ask some more questions about Petit Fours... forgive my ignorance please.

1) After baking do you just 'cookie' cut them out of the jelly roll pan? Or do you just cut them with a knife/ruler?
2) After you get them cut out do you torte with just BC or any flavorings, or is it just your option... and how many layers. The fancy Swiss Colony ones have 3 or more layers.
3) Dipping/coating... is it easier to lay them out on the cooling rack and pour over the frosting or do you recommend dipping, and if dipping are they frozen first. and are the each frosted too before so??

I told you,.. very ignorant on these, or shall I say uneducated. I love these little cakes and I've always wanted to make them. Now after taking these classes I feel way more confident because I didn't realize I could do all what I've done so far! (This is soooo much fun!) Just wanting to know as much as I can before I get started. I'm one of these people that has to have all my ducks in a row if you know what I mean before I start something. I'd love to make these as Christmas presents for my family.

Thanks for the input... I really appreciate it.

- Paula icon_redface.gif

JaneK Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 4:04am
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your petit fours are just beautiful...thanks for sharing all your info..I would like to try them sometime.
Great job!!

lastingmoments Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 4:11am
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nice job,
i personally hate doing them i would rather do a 10 tiered cake than make mini cakes or petit fours .....of course im over doing it im sure i just need to try it one more.....I hated the crumbs, and they didnt look as neat as yours .....Im sure i have to just try again .........

lu9129 Posted 12 Nov 2006 , 4:11am
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They are just beautiful!!!!

My question is, did you whip the cream before putting it in the chocolate melts?

Thank you for sharing!


CakePhun Posted 21 Nov 2006 , 4:07am
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Sorry guys! My email has not been telling me when there was a reply to this forum. I am not intentionally ignoring you!! HONest!!
K, first is first....stlalohagal....

1) Yes, I do cookie cut them with a square cutter ... because I want them exact. Some people just measure and cut, but this just worked better for me. (cut while frozen ... less crumbs)
2)You can fill with whatever you want (just like a regular cake). This week for Thanksgiving everyone is getting their own Petit Four with there initials on them at the table. I am doing white Chocolate cake with a raspberry filling. Then the white choc. covering. You can do as many layers as you want, I just choose to do one.
3) I dip.. you don't waist any and I found it hard to get the whole thing covered. I froze the cake, cut the cakes with the cutter, put them together, iced a thin layer of BC on the top, refroze for about 20 min... just until all of them were put together, so they could all be dipped around the same time.

K... next... lu9129 ....

I did not whip the cream ... just added to the choc. slowly.

Hope this helps you guys... again sorry for the delay in reply!!!


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