My Latest Cake From Start To Finish In Photos!

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jsmith Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 1:59pm
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Wow! That is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the different stages. I've been thinking about how I want to make my birthday cake to look this year and you've inspired me to try some interesting techniques. You could definitely write a book about inspiring people to come up with their own designs using yours as a kind of springboard.

darcat Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 1:59pm
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Emma you truly have a God given talent as well as being very generous in sharing your process with us. I had to laugh at your commentary on the fuzzy pic. Although this cake is definately not to my taste it doesnt stop me from admiring your work and I am sure beyond a doubt that the bride and groom will love it, I am also sure that you would have no trouble at all getting a publishing company to take you on as a client when you are ready to write your book. If I remember correctly you are a teacher by profession and looking at your tutorial on this cake I have to say you must be an excellent teacher as you seem to have extreme patience lol. Bravo !!!! Well Done !!!!!

missym Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:00pm
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Thanks for sharing! What an awesome cake. I agree. You should be writing books and making DVD's.

allycook Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:05pm
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thanks for sharing

LucyintheSky Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:06pm
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Good God you make such beautiful creations!! Incredibly creative... this cake actually, literally gave me goosebumps! Amazing work... No wonder you don't want to make an instructions list! How time consuming... but this was a perfect idea!

keonicakes Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:06pm
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You do the most amazing work! Every cake you post is truley a work of art! Thank you so much for sharing, and anytime you want to do any kind of tutorial, you know I'll be studying it. Again, beautiful job from you, again.

i_heart_pastry Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:15pm
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Emma, you rock! Loved the step-by-step. It's amazing to see how the creative process unfolds. And your commentary was awesome - I'll look forward to reading your book one day!


snowshoe1 Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:18pm
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A big thank you for sharing this with us! It is great to watch a pro and pick up on some of her tricks.

CakesByLJ Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:26pm
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Totally amazed.. at both the cake, and the step-by-step presentation. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with everyone. I, for one, gained a lot of knowledge ~ for free...... The true spirit of sharing..... Thank You~!

Kiki97np Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:26pm
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Wow, your cake is fabulous! Thanks for sharing your steps icon_smile.gif

i_heart_pastry Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:29pm
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duplicate post

dabear Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:32pm
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Oh my! What a process! You are fabulous! A true artist! If I tried something like you do-it would be ugly! icon_lol.gif Thanks for taking the time to take pictures and comments on your beautiful cake. You should definatley do a book. It would sell like hotcakes!

felecia Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:47pm
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all i can say is wow...very nicely done. thank you for taking the time to take pic's of each step.

Liz1028 Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:48pm
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With many thanks! You should write a book! I know everyone here would buy it! thumbs_up.gif

ombaker Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:52pm
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Just spectacular. it amazes me how you can "see' that in your imagination. I probabaly would have stopped at step 4 and considered it done.
Thanks for the time you took to put that together.

justsweet Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 2:57pm
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Emma, thank you very much for sharing your pictures.

Doug Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 3:11pm
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once again bows in homage at a master decorator's feet!!!

I so enjoy your cakes and your unique artistic vision. Truly a wonderful site to behold whenever you make a cake!

thanks so much for the pics -- bookmarked them for future reference.

emmascakes Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 5:57pm
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ibmoser Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 6:52pm
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Fabulous cake - thank you so much for sharing the process. And please do start a blog or a book or a video thumbs_up.gif

Katskakes Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:18pm
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that is awesome!! thank you for sharing how you did this fabulous cake!!

justme50 Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:20pm
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I take any order I can get (IF I can do the cake, of course), but I do love those handful of customers I have who just say do whatever you think would work.

My work is so much better when I have the freedom to do what I do best and not have to follow a set list of requests. Just give me the colors you like, a general idea of style and let me work!

You do amazing work and your tutorial almost makes me think I could do that cake....almost. icon_wink.gif

LaSombra Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:42pm
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That's really cool that you showed us step by step how you do your cakes...and yes, the gold looks better than the pink icon_lol.gif You can still see the pink through it though and that's cool in itself, adds depth :|

bakincakin Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 7:58pm
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Wow.....Great job and thanks for the step by step.

Beezaly Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 8:10pm
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Thank you SOOOOO much for sharing that!!!! I bookmarke dthe page for future reference. I can't imagine those hours....

This is truely a piece of art, and just so incredibly beautiful!!!!!

I love all of your work Emma!!!!

Solecito Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 8:14pm
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Thank you so much Emma for sharing this process. Now I understand why you wont' write down instructions. My arms hurted just by watching your photos, now imagine taking time to write them down.
Thanks so much again and please start your cake blog, you have a lot of faithfull followers.

baergarivera Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 8:27pm
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Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and thank you for being so patient with all of us at cc.

Remember that sharing is caring and it shows that you really care about sharing your talent. thank you and keep up the EXCELLENT WORK.


Tellis12 Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 8:38pm
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Emma, I know this has been said over and over, but your work is just incredible!! Thanks so much for this tutorial. Your directions were so clear. By the way, I hope your spacebar starts working again soon.

cakeatopia Posted 10 Aug 2007 , 11:56pm
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I'm so not worthy. OMG--that cake is gorgeous. Forget the instructions--I would never be able to achieve that--I will just ooogle this one--gosh, I sound like a cake perv--lol

LaSombra Posted 11 Aug 2007 , 12:40am
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Originally Posted by cakeatopia

I will just ooogle this one--gosh, I sound like a cake perv--lol

lol icon_lol.gif

apclassicwed Posted 11 Aug 2007 , 1:15am
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Spectacular !! Thank you so very much for your step by step directions--I'm truly awed and inspired by your talent. Please start that blog so that we may be continually inspired, challenged and encouraged

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