So I'm Sitting In Front Of A $400 Airbrush....

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niki_10 Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 2:21pm
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To my luck my boyfriend happens to have a brand new, really nice airbrush that he uses to paint with (and also give me French manicures icon_razz.gif )

I am just starting out, and will begin my first Wilton class next week, although I do know quite a bit already.

My question is, should I wait to learn about the airbrushing until later, or would it be fun to experiment with it now?

And if so, could you point me in the direction of where I can go to learn about it and get supplies? I don't have a clue.

Thanks bunches

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thecakemaker Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 2:28pm
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I'd go for it now! All you need is an iced cake or cupcake to use it. has a book on air brushing techniques. I'd love to learn but there are a lot of other things I'd love to learn and I need to make up my mind what I want to do first!

Good Luck!

Kiddiekakes Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 2:33pm
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What brand of airbrush do you have? I have a Kopyake Airmaster and it can be found at along with all the supplies.You can also get airbrush supplies from a few other sites such as: and

They also sell the books etc..but I have found that just taking it out an practicing is the best advice that way you learn the feel and spray of the brush!!

Aso wanted to say that I wouldn't recommend using an airrush used for that type of non-food painting or you can get very sick from contamination even if ou clean it really well!.I would suggest buying a new unit specificaly for cake decorating!! JMO icon_smile.gif

Calejo Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 3:17pm
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well, for the sake of practicing, go for it, but if he's using actual paint in his airbrush machine, then you cannot/should not use it for food. You would need a seperate airbrush machine for your cakes. Or you could get someone seriously ill. Just something to keep in mind.

justsweet Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 3:22pm
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If you are looking to learn airbrushing do not use the one that your boyfriend using for painting just like Calejo said.

Here is a link to a company that is a part of Kopykake, they the airmaster set for $209, this is the cheapest I have seen. They are located in California and ship anywhere.

niki_10 Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 3:29pm
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Thanks so much!

The compressor would be safe to use right? I'd just need to purchase a different gun?

What he has is the copressor with blows the air, and then then the gun, which I could see why you wouldn't want to use it for food after the painting. He purchased the two separately, so I could just get another gun and be all set?

flayvurdfun Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 3:44pm
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compressor will be doesnt get the paint inside it..but the gun it does and you should most definately buy another gun...and make sure you label it YOURS icon_lol.gif

Calejo Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 3:47pm
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I don't see why not, except you'd have to be VERY careful about the hose as well, considering that the paint could very easily blow or drift onto the hose and the hose could bump your cake. Which has happened to me a few times. You may want to purchase a seperate hose and gun.

niki_10 Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 5:01pm
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Thanks so much. I guess I'll be waiting a bit to make the investment then on the gun and hose, but I will do it for sure, as this is probably going to be very fun!
Thanks so much, you've been really helpful.

SweetCreations Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 5:10pm
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O gurl, go for the practice, but I would just use Coloring book pages! they work great, it helps to teach you to stay in the lines and control,(controling how much color comes out and the splatter effect ) and you dont have to worry about cooking and icing a cake right now. then you can use just icing on a covered board later on if you want. Just a few ideas hope they help. You should also check into getting the gun where your taking your classes, I know when I took mine I got 20% off b/c I was in the wilton classes. Just a Thought! Hope this Helps~=0)~
~Sweet~ =0)

niki_10 Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 5:25pm
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That's an excellent idea! I would have never thought of that. Thanks!

diane Posted 8 Jul 2005 , 8:32pm
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i've always wanted to buy an airbrush, but those things are soo expensive.

SweetCreations Posted 9 Jul 2005 , 5:00am
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Your So welcome Niki, I finally got to Help someone! Woooooo hooooooooooo =0) Have a Great Weekend!
~Sweet~ =0)

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