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cindy6250 Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 3:58am
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Love those teddy bear cookies!!!! Momsandraven, you did a fantastic job!! I think those are going to be hard to top!!


tayesmama Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 5:15am
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Those are soooo adorable!!!! Great job! I love the mummy one. Heehee, too cute! icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

TiffTurtle Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 5:43am
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the teddy bears are sooo cute...icon_sad.gif i dont have many cookie cutters...i HAVE to get more but i cant decided what to get icon_sad.gif argh decissions...

Yjudania Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 6:28am
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Everyone is doing such an awesome job with the cookies! I always look so forward to seeing everyone creative juices flowing.
I picked Breast Cancer Awareness and made pink ribbon cookies. I used a cookie recipe posted recently by someone here on CC. It was called the Master Recipe or something like that. It is basically NFSC but with a egg yolk added and less flour. It turned out well and tasty. I covered them in mmf and outlined with Toba's glaze. I am also posting the one just covered in Toba's glaze when I ran out of fondant. I cut these babies out with an exacto knife and the mmf. I was ready to be done after a couple of dozen! icon_biggrin.gif

tayesmama Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 8:53am
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Those look great!!! I really like how the one w/all Toba's looks like. MMMM, yummy! thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

mis Posted 16 Oct 2006 , 4:20pm
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Great ribbon cookies Yjudania . I like the mmf ones. I haven't tried that stuff yet. I love how everyones cookies turn out with it on.

momsandraven Posted 17 Oct 2006 , 3:45am
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Great cookies Yjudania! I like both pics, but I love cookies w/outlines, so the 2nd one is my favorite. icon_smile.gif Your recipe sounds yummy too!

babynewyear Posted 17 Oct 2006 , 3:56pm
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Your cookies turned out great.

Yjudania, I love how you used the different types of icing.
momsandraven, lots of great ideas for one shape.

jstritt Posted 18 Oct 2006 , 2:28am
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I know I am supposed to post pictures of my cookies, but I couldn't figure out how to resize them, and the pics were too big to post here, so here are the links to my pictures:

One for Halloween and one for Cookies for a Cause - Lupus Awareness Month (October). Thanks for looking!


tayesmama Posted 18 Oct 2006 , 7:03pm
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Those look great jstritt! I really like your halloween ones! thumbs_up.gif

lacie Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 12:17am
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here are mine, some of the ideas i got from around but cant remember where or who. I made these for my sons school fall carnival tonight, they will be auctions off along with some cakes i made.

mbalis Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 2:05am
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Fantastic cookies !!

mis Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 2:52am
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Love your pumpkins and those bags are cute. Great cookies.

babynewyear Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 3:05am
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Great cookies! I love the holloween ones.
Was the pour icing hard to use and did you have to outline it first? Thanks for sharing your cookies. icon_smile.gif
lacie, Love those crazy faces! thumbs_up.gif

tayesmama Posted 21 Oct 2006 , 3:11am
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Those are too cute!!! I LOVE the silly faces!!! icon_razz.gif

giovanna Posted 23 Oct 2006 , 12:06am
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Great cookies everyone!!!

I had to make these for a fall festival this weekend, part of the proceeds were donated for breast cancer awareness so they asked if I could make some cookies. I use MMF and then Anotonia's royal icing to accent.


mis Posted 23 Oct 2006 , 1:17am
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Such a pretty pink color for your great cookies. thumbs_up.gif

babynewyear Posted 27 Oct 2006 , 3:04am
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Great Cookies! Looks like you have the whole package. Ive been seeing alot of fund raisers for breast cancer awareness this year. They even have a pink KA mixer! thumbs_up.gif

Zmama Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 8:04am
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I haven't read the whole post, but what about gingerbread houses? They're made of cookies, right?

Got the idea from a post in the How Do I? forum.

tayesmama Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 8:09am
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Zmama - If you're asking if you can do gingerbread houses, of course! They are, after all, cookies! Plus, that would be such a neat idea for Halloween!!!! thumbs_up.gif

If you are suggesting it as a theme, then more people would be likely to see it under the Nov. club ideas thread icon_biggrin.gif . Here's a link:


mxpark Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 8:19am
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two things.....

1) october also has red ribbon week (drug free)


2) i put 3 TABLEspoons in my NFSC dough instead of 3 TEAspoons.....what's that going to do to my cookies?!?! (the dough is sitting in the fridge right now but i don't want to use it if my cookies are going to look or taste funky.)

tayesmama Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 8:20am
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Mx - Mind if I ask 3 tablespoons of what? icon_smile.gif

mis Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 11:53am
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3 TBSP baking powder I believe. Sorry can't help ya there. I never can remember which one does what. icon_confused.gif

mxpark Posted 28 Oct 2006 , 5:03pm
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oh sorry - as you can tell my mind was missing last night. yes - i put three tablespoons of baking powder. icon_sad.gif

kneadacookie Posted 29 Oct 2006 , 6:50pm
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i love halloween

Kos Posted 29 Oct 2006 , 6:56pm
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kneadacookie - You do awesome work. Love your website too. You are really creative!


kneadacookie Posted 29 Oct 2006 , 7:03pm
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thank you so much i love playing with cookies

momsandraven Posted 29 Oct 2006 , 8:29pm
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Adorable!!!! Love the pumpkins, and they all have such awesome expressions! icon_biggrin.gif

babynewyear Posted 29 Oct 2006 , 9:56pm
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kneadacookie, Great cookies! Are they special cookie cutters? They have such cute faces. thumbs_up.gif

tayesmama Posted 30 Oct 2006 , 12:01am
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WOW ~ Kneadacookie those cookies are great!!! I especially love their faces!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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