Roasted Or Basted Turkey

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Beth02 Posted 28 Oct 2008 , 4:05pm
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Do you know how many people this cake will serve?

tonicake Posted 2 Nov 2008 , 4:11pm
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Thank you for posting! I have always wanted to try this and now I can! Yeah!

karapags Posted 3 Nov 2008 , 3:19am
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I have to try this cake cake this year. Thanks!

chitwngirl Posted 4 Nov 2008 , 1:35am
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Will a football pan work instead of an egg pan? I just bought the football pan the other day. Thanks!

MadeYaLook Posted 8 Nov 2008 , 5:55pm
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What flavors are you guys using to make this cake? I think I want something autumny. Any ideas??

samona Posted 14 Nov 2008 , 4:52pm
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Can the football pan be used? Can someone post pics that has used the football pan?

lilytexas Posted 16 Nov 2008 , 9:42pm
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Thank you, MrsMissey

I was practicing today, I used the football pan and the mini wonder mold, also instead of buttercream I used whip cream because my family don't like buttercream. Hopefully the next one will look much better.

TyeRiley Posted 26 Nov 2008 , 2:57am
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Thankyou MrsMissy for this. I just made my first turkey cake tonight. I used chocolate for the 9x13 and white cake for the egg pan. That way everyone gets white and dark "meat" LOL. I also used rice crispy treats to form the bones in the drum sticks. That way its all edible and I don't have to worry about getting any pieces back at the end of it all. I'll try to post a pic later, but I wanted to say thanks.

kinsley Posted 10 Apr 2009 , 3:56am
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not sure my skills are in your league, but thanks for sharing your directions. your cake looks yummy!!

cmeventcoordinator Posted 23 Aug 2009 , 6:18am
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I'll give this a try this thanksgiving.

kakedecorator Posted 22 Oct 2009 , 2:55pm
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Been wanting to make this since I saw it 3 years ago. Made one yesterday with the football pan. Couldn't seem to get the shape right. My husband said I should have put the wider end at the "stuffing" end. I think next time I will make it with the egg pan.
MrsMissy have you gotten a "formula" for the "wet look" yet. I can't seem to get it right, it's either too thin or too thick. Thanks for the tutorial, you made it clear and simple.

partysafe Posted 30 Oct 2009 , 2:00pm
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I'm such a "visual" type, I need to SEE instructions. icon_eek.gif It would be so much fun to see a video of you making it..... "in your spare time of course!!"
I know ...... ha ha ha. NO spare time for you. Thank you for the providing the recipe/instructions. ps --- ??? re the drumsticks "hollow dowels", what do they look like, they seem so much bigger than the dowels I have seen in the stores. I would appreciate it if you could provide a link to their photo.

kakedecorator Posted 30 Oct 2009 , 4:27pm
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Partysafe, here is a link to the plastic dowel rods I used on my turkey.

bobwonderbuns Posted 26 Nov 2009 , 3:26pm
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I just found this thread (thank Doug!) and I'm so grateful someone did a tutorial on this turkey cake -- I've always wondered how they were done. Thanks for posting! icon_biggrin.gif

Uniqueask Posted 28 Nov 2009 , 11:07pm
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Originally Posted by bobwonderbuns

I just found this thread (thank Doug!) and I'm so grateful someone did a tutorial on this turkey cake -- I've always wondered how they were done. Thanks for posting! icon_biggrin.gif

That's is how I found it too, I guess It will work for next year, never too late.

cakemaker288 Posted 27 Jan 2010 , 8:36am
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That is amazing!

Hollandy Posted 19 Aug 2010 , 2:12pm
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is there a way to save this post to my favorites so I can find it again? I woudl LOVE to make a turkey cake for Thanksgiving this year!

CakesByMiMi Posted 12 Oct 2010 , 5:12pm
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Thanks for the instructions!!!!!

lgrdovic Posted 14 Nov 2010 , 2:24pm
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Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! Going to try and make it for teacher appreciation! icon_smile.gif

sillywabbitz Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 4:39am
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I just wanted to add my thanks to this post. I was able to make my turkey cake this past Thanksgiving thanks to all the great instructions here on CC. I ended up using a 9 inch heart pan for the top because I didn't have the football or egg pan and I think it worked pretty well.

For anyone interested, I took step by step pictures as I did my cake. They're posted here

Thanks again.

a_kelly Posted 11 Feb 2012 , 6:31pm
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How awesome! Great job!

mena2002 Posted 24 Feb 2012 , 5:24am
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Thanks this is awesome!

mysticalmomentsindia Posted 16 Oct 2012 , 1:50pm
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Thank you so much for the instructions! I may try one of these this year. Good reason to get my airbrush!

patticake1951 Posted 16 Oct 2012 , 4:01pm
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Here is the turkey cake we made last year. The legs and wings are made from brownies smushed up like cake balls and then formed into the shapes. The stuffing is white cake torn up with caramel sauce for the gravy.

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