Our Wedding/bridal Shower/groom's Cakes...

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MariaLovesCakes Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 9:21pm
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Hello, here is mine. I got married very young, barely 18 back in 1987...

My wedding was very small, at my local church, had maybe less than 30 people... Had just moved to town and didn't know many people, and didn't have much money to pay for my wedding...

My cake was 3 tiers. Two tiers with connecting bridge leading to another tier that had a small fountain on top.

I don't even remember the flavor.... icon_rolleyes.gif

kakabekabunny Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 9:23pm
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This is a great idea. I love seeing everyone's wedding & bridal shower cakes. We were married 32 years ago & unfortunately lost all of our photos in a house fire a few years ago. The only picture I have of my wedding cake is one that I found in my Grandmother's pictures after she passed away & it's not the greatest (not even a frontal view), but I'm going to post it anyway. We had a small wedding (80 people), & the cake was a gift from a family friend. Of course back then wedding cakes were fruitcake & were cut up & wrapped prior to the wedding & then handed out to each guest by the bride & groom. The display cake was a dummy cake. You can't see mine too well, but it had mauve roses with silver leaves (yes I know, yeck!, but back then that was acceptable). The topper was a pair of doves. The overall cake was very small. Even so, I still wish I had better pictures of it today. Thanks for looking at this poor, blurred picture.

tcturtleshell Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 10:49pm
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I am so thrilled to see the cakes & hear the stories about each of your weddings! I thought it would be a good topic!

About the babies... We had our first child 9 mths & 6 days after we got married! Ha ha ha!!

My Mom picked out everything but my dress & bouquet. I didn't care one bit. Now if I would have gotten married when I was a little older I probably would have done all of the arrangements.

Ya'll find those pics so we can see them! I for one would love to see the pics!

littlebubbieschocolates Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 11:17pm
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i never had a wedding. or a cake. but next year were renewing our wedding vows and im making one then icon_smile.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 11:24pm
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Great!! Littlebubbiesofchocolates! We'll see your's next year then!!

cakes_by_jess Posted 12 Jul 2005 , 3:00am
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Here is our wedding cake, we got married on Oct. 22, 1995. The lady that made my cake is the same lady who gave me cake deocarting lessons.

tcturtleshell Posted 12 Jul 2005 , 2:39pm
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That is very pretty Jess!! Pretty indeed!!

bjfranco Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:03am
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Great Idea! This was fun looking back. My wedding cake was suppose to be a duplicate of a cake off the cover of a Southern Living magazine. There were suppose to be sweetheart roses going around the cake and instead the florist put orchids........... icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_cry.gif Then he did not put my topper on top of the cake. An antique hand blown glass basket with the same sweetheart roses...... icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif Needless to say I got my money back for the flowers for the cake. Notice my bouquet on the left with all the orchids. I said NO ORCHIDS anywhere. Needless to say I go my money back for my bouquet too. icon_biggrin.gif

Grooms cake - my husband has a bmw motorcycle and he LOVES it so I had this cake made for him.

Bridal Shower Cake - Recognize it? From the Wilton Yearbook. My best friend threw the most incredible shower for me and she was so upset because Maurices Bakery made the umbrella handle out of fondant ONLY icon_eek.gif so of course it broke off when they were setting it up.

Great topic. This was fun.

bj :win[/center]

bjfranco Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:04am
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This is my wedding cake. Couldn't attached multi files. icon_confused.gif

bj icon_wink.gif

bjfranco Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:05am
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Last one. Grooms Cake

bj icon_wink.gif

sheilaattaway Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:16am
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Wow cakes have changed in just a few years, but its amazing at the things athat are the same. And no im not calling anyone old! It seems like no one uses the traditional cake toppers anymore.

tcturtleshell Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:25am
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Beautiful cakes BJ! Isn't Slidell close to Bossier? I know I've heard of it.

bjfranco Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 4:45am
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Hi tc!

No, Slidell is 30 miles north of New Orleans (northshore of the lake). I think Slidell is about 5-6 hours away from you.

bj icon_wink.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 5:04am
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Well darn! I thought it was closer. I must have been thinking of another town simular to Slidell.

Are you in Emily's way? I pray you & all the others on CC that are from down south will be safe!!

bjfranco Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 6:10am
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Hopefully, it will keep going west and stay out of the gulf or low in the gulf.
fingers crossed.

bj icon_wink.gif

flayvurdfun Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 6:27am
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Pretty good idea Tct! My picture isnt that well either....if I had my other computer and stuff I could put a better picture...but until then here is what I could get to....it's from one of my webpages that I made......

flayvurdfun Posted 13 Jul 2005 , 6:30am
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Originally Posted by flayvurdfun

Pretty good idea Tct! My picture isnt that well either....if I had my other computer and stuff I could put a better picture...but until then here is what I could get to....it's from one of my webpages that I made......

Just a two tier cake. The top tier was for our first anniversary.... we only had about 50 people come to our wedding...it was in Charleston South Carolina, our families are in Delaware and parts of Michigan from Ann Arbor to Alger, to West Branch to Evart, to Traverse City.....and even in Colorado!

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