Too Much Air In My Buttercream?

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LeckieAnne Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:33pm
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Here's a pic of a cake I just finished. Wasn't too happy with how the comb worked out on the sides. I think maybe I whip my icing on too high of a speed - am I getting too much air in my icing?? Can't seem to get it smooth enough. I know I can do the viva thing - but just seems like it should go on better than this.

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LeckieAnne Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:36pm
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Oops - didn't get the picture in.

AngD Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:37pm
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Sorry I can't see your cake anywhere. icon_smile.gif

Theav Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:38pm
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I love the little detail. I think it is a very cute cake.

rhondie Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:39pm
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Your cakes look great! Those darn pesky holes, yeah too much air in the Bc. Happened to me once...and never again.

AngD Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 4:52pm
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I think the cakes are beautiful, yeah high speed whipping I guess isn't good so I have read. I think they are beautiful though, nice job!

JoanneK Posted 30 Sep 2006 , 5:03pm
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Try mixing your icing on slow speed. Then let it set for a little bit and take your spatula to smooth out the icing and get the air out. Kind of stir then push the icing on the side of the bowl. You will be able to see the icing getting smoother without air bubbles.

After it looks smooth to you then fill your bag and/or ice your cake.

BTW your cakes are wonderful looking.


LeckieAnne Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:17pm
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Thank you. I should have taken a close of up the spots so you could see better -- when I try to smooth it on, it's like there are air bubbles that open up.

I don't much like making buttercream (all the grease) - guess I get in a hurry. I'll be more patient and whip it slower. I'll try your tips too, JoanneK. Thanks!!

dolphindreamers Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:28pm
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I have found that if you make enough icing to completely cover the paddle attachment, you can mix it on a high setting without getting air bubbles.

LeckieAnne Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:31pm
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I'll try double batches this time and see if that helps, thanks dolphin!!

KlyKat Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:38pm
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I think your cake looks lovely! I luvz the color combos and the little flowers. K'ly ^,,^

dolphindreamers Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:49pm
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I must say that the cake is really cute! What color green did you use?

LeckieAnne Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 1:52pm
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Well, I mixed three colors to get what I wanted. Approx. 2 parts Americolor mint green, 2 parts yellow, 1 part forest green I think.

mamacc Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 3:19pm
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I do my buttercream like Joannek. Double batch so it covers the paddle. Beat on SLOW speed for a while. I can tell by the sound it makes when it's done. Then before I ice cake I stir and stir and stir with a spatula to get the bubbles out. Bubbles will form fairly quickly if it's sits in a bag or bowl for too long.

I use the hot spatula technique for smoothing BC and this will also smooth out any bubbles. For some reason I've never gotten into the viva method...


LeckieAnne Posted 2 Oct 2006 , 3:23pm
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Thanks again everyone! You're all so helpful. It's not really a big deal on a regular cake like this one - but on wedding cake or anniversary or something extra special -- it's very disappointing!

TiffTurtle Posted 3 Oct 2006 , 4:10am
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talking about smoothing BC ...i did 2 sheet cakes the weekend and after reading a post on here decided to try using a foam paint roller and it really works...much eaiser for me than the VIVA...really makes it look like fondant. icon_smile.gif

cake2decorate Posted 3 Oct 2006 , 4:21am
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Your cake is a cute design thumbs_up.gif , I like your choice of colors

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