Cream Cheese Icing

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shasha78 Posted 19 Sep 2006 , 1:49pm
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I need help, I have a cake to make for Sat. and they want cream cheese icing. Do need to refrigerate the cake after I apply the icing?? (since its cream cheese) icon_smile.gif

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Tiffysma Posted 19 Sep 2006 , 1:54pm
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Yes, cream cheese needs to be refrigerated.

shasha78 Posted 19 Sep 2006 , 2:00pm
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Thanks!! icon_biggrin.gif I wasnt sure since it didn't have milk in it. Once again "thank you"

mommymarilyn Posted 19 Sep 2006 , 2:29pm
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I have also made my regular buttercream (no butter, just criscoe) and used Lorann's cheesecake flavoring instead of vanilla! It tastes wonderful, and doesn't need refrigeration!


crafty01 Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 5:48pm
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Can you decorate with cream cheese frosting?Say the crusting kind?

mommymarilyn Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 6:24pm
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Yes, you can decorate with crusting cream cheese frosting, but it will be softer than regular buttercream, and I usually have to keep putting the icing and the cake in the fridge for a few minutes while I am decorating because the heat from my hands warms up the icing in the bag. And, I usually leave the decorated cake in the fridge until just before it's time to serve. Hope this helps.


pbertone1005 Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 6:34pm
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Dumb question i'm sure but here goes. What is Lorann's cheesecake flavoring, can i buy it and where?

mommymarilyn Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 6:41pm
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I purchase Lorann's flavoring at my local cake supply shop here in Houston. They have wonderful flavorings! Besides cheesecake, I loke to use toffee also! You might want to check your local shops, or you could buy them online. Hope this helps!

Beckalita Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 6:44pm
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LorAnn's is a candy flavoring oil, but is great in buttercream or fondant as well. and a number of other cake decorating websites sell them. I've also found them on eBay.

prettycake Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 6:46pm
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Cream cheese is a dairy product, like milk, which needs

mommymarilyn Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 7:02pm
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If real cream cheese is used in the buttercream, it would most definitely require refrigeration. But, like I said above, you can make buttercream with all Crisco, no butter, and use the cheesecake flavoring, for a buttercream that does NOT need to be refrigerated. It is a good alternative for when refrigeration is not an option or not available at the set-up site.


DianaMarieMTV Posted 20 Sep 2006 , 7:10pm
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I've mixed some cheesecake pudding mix (just the powder) into my buttercream and that taste's good too. Using an all crisco buttercream recipe, it won't require refrigeration. icon_smile.gif

crafty01 Posted 21 Sep 2006 , 1:45am
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If you add cheesecake dry to buttercream is it still softer? or does it leave like buttercream?

goof9j Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 4:54pm
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Along the same subject, once this is put on the table at the event, how long can it sit out?  This would be an inside event  

-K8memphis Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 5:43pm
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cream cheese and  icing made with cream cheese can sit out of temperature that is above forty degrees for a total of four hours -- this is accumulative meaning if it takes an hour to get it home from the store you have three hours (plus the time it takes to get it back to forty degrees In a fridge that might be being opened and closed a lot)

then if it takes 30 minutes to get it to room temp so you can mix it without clumping you have two and a half hours left -- then if it takes an hour to make the icing and frost the cake you have an hour & a half left then if it's a half hour delivery you have an hour left unless i subtracted wrong somewhere :)

however if you make a delicious buttercream with butter and cream and vanilla and add some vinegar ("what?!" you say, " vinegar!?") yes some vinegar because it mimics the nice tart quality of cream cheese and no refrigeration required -- apple cider vinegar is good and white balsamic is better --

best and safest baking to you

goof9j Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 5:56pm
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Thanks  good to know  

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