Louisiana/texas Dos At Tcturtleshell's

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ntertayneme Posted 27 Jun 2005 , 11:34pm
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I just wanted to say what a great time we had at tcturtleshell's DOS ... it was just awesome .. we all worked with MMF, did some fondant roses, tulips, daisies and some other flowers too .. we covered a square dummy cake with MMF... we went to a cake store not far from TC's house and it was great!! I spent way too much money there too lol

Thanks so much TC for all you did to make the day, what I felt, a great success. My sister said to tell you thanks too... we need to all do it again!! icon_biggrin.gif

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CIndymm4 Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:14am
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icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif I am still so bummed that I wasn't able to make it..... I heard you all had a blast and another DOS is being considered for October????? I will walk to that one if necessary!! icon_lol.gif

I'm glad you all had such a great time and I really want your technique for the BC roses.....I heard it was so simple!

ntertayneme Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:18am
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So sorry you didn't get to make it too CIndymm4 .. I would have love to have met you .... hope to meet you if we do another DOS icon_smile.gif

The BC roses on a stick is so easy to do icon_smile.gif much lighter roses (in weight) than Wilton's .. I just prefer to use that method icon_smile.gif

CIndymm4 Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:23am
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Can you explain how you do it.....or better yet, you should take pictures of each step and post it as a tutorial! Any ideas to make roses easier, I want to know about!!

KATE39 Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:24am
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ntertayneme Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:39am
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I'll try and type up how I do them and make a post on how it's done icon_smile.gif

CIndymm4 Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:41am
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Thank you so much!!!

AgentCakeBaker Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:42am
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I'm sooo jealous! I wish I could have attended the dat of sharing.

Glad you all had fun!

tcturtleshell Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:44am
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Hey, hey, hey!!!! I finally have time to get on CC!! icon_smile.gif I have been shopping for stuff for a wedding cake I have due Sat.

We had a wonderful time!! thumbs_up.gif I'm so sorry everyone wasn't able to come! It was understandable though! WE WILL HAVE ANOTHER DOS IN THE FUTURE!! Don't know when though. If we get enough people signed up I might be able to hold it at the Fire Dept... never know! Or one of the other gals might have one. You never know!

Ntertayneme was a great teacher! thumbs_up.gif I'm so glad she was there to help me out! Her BC roses on a stick were great! icon_smile.gif I will never go back to the wilton rose again. I'll have to get her to do a post on it!! Hint, hint!!

This was the first time I ever taught anything... I'm so country that my grammer is horrible!!!! I goofed up a few times!! Thank goodness by best friend was there to finish my sentences for me!! icon_wink.gif

Ntertayneme you fed my dog too much!!! icon_twisted.gif I thought I told you to take him home w/ you, icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

The dog, DH & kids didn't leave town because DH was sick w/ allergies. Jeff didn't bring home any snakes or gaters!! Everyone was happy w/ that!!

We learned fondant roses, tulips (small & large), daisies, narcisis. BC roses on a stick. MMF, thanks Misdawn!!! I love that stuff!!!!! Several different techniques. Color flow. We had so much fun that we ran out of time for a few things!!! I didn't get to show the tuxedo strawberries, royal icing or FBCT or Gel transfers. We went on a field trip (that's what Misdawn called it, icon_biggrin.gif ) to my friends Cake Supply Store. Everyone loved it!!! Playing w/ the MMF was my favorite part!!!!! Of course the BC roses on a stick!! Meeting & putting faces to friends I've met on CC was awsome!!!

I think Ntertayneme might put the pics she took on her website. Did you do that yet? Don't show me if I look goofy!! icon_wink.gificon_cry.gificon_biggrin.gif Just picking!! I wished Jackie would let us put the pics on CC but I understand the rules. thumbs_up.gif

We had so much food!!!! Yummy!!!!!! I had friends over last night & they helped us eat all the food!! I don't know what we would have done w/ all that food!!

Ntertayneme for helping me w/ the food & teaching!!!! Thanks to Misdawn for helping me get a few things ready before eveyone arrived!!!! Thanks to Boo-Boo for helping me w/ everything!!!! Thanks to CIndy for helping me w/ the before stuff!! It was so nice to meet ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I forgot anything I'll be back to post it!!!

Ntertayneme & Misdawn you can add to this!!!

You are wonderful people!!!!!!!


ntertayneme Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:58am
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tc, you are so not hick! lol and I'll take "Jake" he's adorable icon_smile.gif and then so are you and your family too icon_biggrin.gif We learned so much from you and everyone there icon_smile.gif I hope we do another one and include another field trip!! icon_biggrin.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 3:08am
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YOU CAN HAVE JAKE!! And that darn kitten Jeff brought home!!!! And I can't forget Mandy's cat!!! Take em' all!!!! But leave my DH!! Can't get rid of him icon_lol.gif

I went to the store today!! Jean & Kaye were so delighted to have you all come in! They were happy w/ the extra business too!! thumbs_up.gif I'll take you anytime!! Jean helped me w/ making a few decisions fo the 2 cakes I have coming up. She also gave me some free stuff!!! icon_smile.gif That's always nice!! thumbs_up.gif

Oh.......... I'm adorable, I'm adorable!!! You're too sweet!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

I forgot.... you left a few things behind..... you left your apron, your rose tool, wooden spatula, 1 bag, tip & coupler & your bucket of crisco. I'm going to mail you everything but the crisco! icon_biggrin.gif Weighs too much thumbsdown.gif It might not be till next week though. I'll be busy w/ the wedding cake this week.

Thanks for leaving the tea cakes!! YUMMY!!!! We love them!!!!!! thumbs_up.gif

I finally looked at you're website. It looks great!! You forgot to teach me how to do one!!

Wait till you see the cake I've got lined up for Aug 27th!! I'm going to cover it w/ MMF!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited w/ this one!!

Ok... I've got a lot of gallery pics to catch up on so I better go! TTYL, ~T~

SweetCreations Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 1:17pm
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Your cakes look great, I was wondering How did you get the "Tina's Cakes" on them? I love your basket weave. The Chocolates making me Hungryyyyyy,,, hehehe
~Sweet =0)

fytar Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 1:44pm
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Okay, now, I'm waiting for someone to post pics of the rose on a stick! Funny, that reminds me of the Food Network "Unwrapped" series they are always having. Lastnight they touched on some carnival food items and they were mostly on a stick! I love that show!! So, anyway, how 'bout some instructions here for those of us who couldn't join you guys this past weekend?! Come on, now, don't hold back! I need to know the step-by-step instructions for the MMF and now the rose on a stick! I haven't met any of you, but I love you guys. You all make my day. Tarina

Misdawn Posted 28 Jun 2005 , 2:31pm
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Hey Tina..I'd take Jake anyday! He's too cute and really sweet! I hope we didn't make him too sick. Poor baby! I hope your MMF cake turns out well (I'm sure it will!) Can't wait to see pictures. We definitely have to do another DOS again! I had a blast.
I am so glad I learned the rose on a stick trick. I never knew how to make roses before last weekend. I was so excited I went home and made my boyfriend a red velvet cake (his favorite)just so I could practice my roses!
And the next time I'm in Shreveport I will definitely bring more cash with me so I can splurge at Cake Creation Supplies!

flayvurdfun Posted 29 Jun 2005 , 4:57am
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Oops sorry.

tcturtleshell Posted 29 Jun 2005 , 5:06am
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Thanks for the compliment SweetCreations. I just PM'd you on how to add your name to a pic~

tcturtleshell Posted 29 Jun 2005 , 5:15am
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The roses on a stick are sooo easy! I'm sure ntertayneme will make a post about them soon. I could tell you how to do them in a PM if you'd like.


Jake wasn't sick. He just missed everyone when you all left! No worries~

I really believe you have a nack for decorating Misdawn!!! You did great!! I'm so proud that we could teach you all the stuff we did. Sorry we didn't get to everything. Us ladies talk too much huh? icon_smile.gif

We did have a great time didn't we! Next time you're in town give me a call! We can get together & have lunch or a drink (non-alcoholic) somewhere.

By the way... Jean & Kay at my cake store.. are going to New Orleans for the ICES convention!!! They invited me to come along!!!!! But I can't!!!! icon_sad.gif I am taking that bus driving course those days!! I am sooooooo upset I can't go!!!!! icon_sad.gif

Next year I'm going for sure!!!!

Misdawn Posted 29 Jun 2005 , 12:48pm
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Thanks for the compliment tc! And thanks for taking the time to teach me everything - I hope I didn't keep anyone else from learning. Everyone else knew a lot more than me.
By the way, what is ICES?

Mjmil7 Posted 30 Jun 2005 , 5:54pm
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Hi tc,

I would love to know how to do the roses on a stick too. Could you PM me when you get a chance? I know you said you had a cake to do for this weekend. Goodluck and thanks. Sounds like you all had a great time at the DOS.

Thanks, Janice

m0use Posted 30 Jun 2005 , 6:04pm
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Originally Posted by Misdawn

By the way, what is ICES?

A very nice organization to join.

momsandraven Posted 6 Jul 2005 , 2:20pm
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All this talk is making me want to do a DOS here in IL! I can't wait to see the rose tutorial. icon_smile.gif Also, I'd love to see pics/instructions on the tulips that were mentioned. They're one of my favorite flowers! ntertayn, please post the link to your instructions here when you get a chance.

tcturtleshell Posted 6 Jul 2005 , 9:35pm
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Misdawn & me just posted how to do the roses on a stick. It's in General under Roses on a stick. Take a look. If you have any more questions just ask we'll try to help you~

I'm sorry I didn't get back to this post. I have been so busy doing cakes & doing consulations & the Fire Dept that I haven't had time to do anything... even sleep!

Mjmil7, the cakes I was working on turned out very nice! I will post them as soon as I get my scanner fixed.

ntertayneme Posted 6 Jul 2005 , 9:44pm
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Sorry I didn't get around to doing this... I've been incredibly busy and haven't had time... I apologize... I will also post this but I want to take pictures and do a tutorial type of guide as I'm a visual person as many others on here care also... I promise to try and get this up as soon as I can!!

tcturtleshell Posted 7 Jul 2005 , 2:22am
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You can do it Ntertayneme!!! I know you can! I can't wait to see it!! You did a great job teaching it at the DOS!!!

teedy_5 Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 2:29pm
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hi, turtleshell is everyone invited to your next day of sharing? Me and my friends would love to come

bjfranco Posted 14 Jul 2005 , 2:54pm
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I'm in Louisiana and would love to know about the next DOS so I can attend or would love to help out too! icon_smile.gif
bj icon_wink.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 15 Jul 2005 , 6:09am
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teddy_5 & bjfranco,

If I have another DOS.. Which I really hope to.. You are more then welcome to come!!!! The more the merrier!!! Hopefully everyone that couldn't come will get to come the next time around! They are so fun & you will make some great friends!!

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