sweet_as_tisse Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 9:07am
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Hey guys

need you help on a color scheme and design for an upcoming 21st cake.. the colors the girl chose are raspberry pink, a pale pink, chocolate and silver...

this is a rough drawing of the cake that we discussed yesterday, bottom she wanted stripes, middle plain with piped hearts painted silver and top pale pink with silver, raspberry and chocolate polka dots...

number 21 with be silver as well as her name which will sit on the striped tier.....

so what do you think? will it look ok, sizes will be roughly a 6" 9" and 10" or 12" for the bottom...

thanks in advance


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BabyC1985 Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 9:13am
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Your design is lovely, It looks great and the colours work really well. I cant wait to see it finished.

good luck

jules06 Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 9:17am
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I think polka dots & stripes together on a cake always looks great - you've put it together nicely icon_biggrin.gif

maria892 Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 9:22am
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Yep, design and colours look good to me, and I'll look forward to seeing the real thing. On ya Kylie.

TanuvasaMama Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 9:27am
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It's gonna be great!!!! I think those are wonderful combinations.

Hollyanna70 Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 10:23am
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That will be just beautiful! I can't wait to see it! icon_smile.gif

thecupcakemom Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 10:41am
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Make the 21 sparkly...

harmonhouseofraymond Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 10:49am
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Looks great! Great job drawing and coloring it out.

sweet_as_tisse Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 11:03am
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thank you everyone!!!

the cake is due early august so i will post pics as soon as its finished..



RICKASH Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:01pm

Hey Kylie

Your deisgn looks great. Cool colour combo too.
I was playing in paint and came up with this for you, hope you dont mind. It was so you could see the silver better.

Rikke_Denmark Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 2:39pm

I think it will look great. Its great colors together.

sweet_as_tisse Posted 13 Jul 2007 , 9:34pm

oh wow kel, that looks much better than my crappy drawing....lol.

i will save the pic to show her...

i still have no idea how to use paint!!



sweet_as_tisse Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 1:20pm

Hey guys

just wanted to share the finished cake!!!



Doug Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 1:26pm



Hollyanna70 Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 8:34pm

That is gorgeous!!! It turned out even better than I imagined!!

Cheers you!!

Brilliant, positively brilliant!

darkchocolate Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 9:12pm

Looks great! I really like the colors.


noosie Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 9:26pm

Love the color/pattern combos! Great job!! Did you sculpt the figure as well? Awesome!

Amy83 Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 9:59pm

looks great!

Liz1028 Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 10:13pm

FABULOUS! Love it!

Relznik Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 10:19pm

Such a fantastic cake!

She must have been simply over the moon!

Really, really lovely!

jules06 Posted 8 Aug 2007 , 11:31pm

Kylie that is just gorgeous !! Fantastic job icon_biggrin.gif

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