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bonniebakes Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 12:10am
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Hello cookie makers!

The consensus for Septembers Cookie Club theme is SCHOOL, so anything related to school is fair game - remember, you can interpret the theme any way you like (OK, Zamode?). Have fun!!!

Just to refresh your memory, here are the "guidelines" for the cookie club posts (from Cake_Princess' original post):

* The group decided that all pictures must be new pictures (and new cookies). Meaning if you have a previous group of cookies already in your album (or in the forum) even if it depicts the theme you cannot use it. The idea of the monthly theme is to get our creative juices/new ideas flowing.

* Please do not post monthly theme cookies to your personal album or cookie Gallery until after the monthly theme has expired. The reason for this is that as a group we all decided each picture must be new and not previously uploaded to the Galleries. Seeing that we have no way of knowing when pictures were uploaded this will help to prevent any squabbles about people using previously uploaded pictures.

* You can use any medium to decorate your cookies - fondant, royal icing, butter cream etc. The only stipulation is it has to be a medium used in cookie or cake decorating. So no play doh!! Please let us know which medium you used to decorate your Cookies and any techniques that you used.

* Please post pictures in this thread (Do not create a separate thread for your pictures). Please only post a maximum of 3 pictures per person for the monthly theme. You may however use graphics programs to create ONE collage of different pictures/angles.

* In your post please let us know why you chose the design you did if the reason is not obvious. (For Example if the theme was Music and you made ghost cookies then let us know the connection. Ghost = Phantom and Phantom of the opera relates to music).

Happy Baking, everyone! I cant wait to see the results!!

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Kos Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 1:37am
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I know it's not quite September yet but I thought maybe I could get an extra-credit point for handing in my project in a timely manner. icon_confused.gif

My girls are finishing up their fourth week of school already! icon_cry.gif I hate that we start soooo early.

Anyway, the pencil cookies were the idea of my 6-year-old daughter. She drew it, I baked it. Looking at the photo, I realize I should have smoothed the bottom edges of the cookies. They are hand-cut and in a hurry. icon_redface.gif

No fails with Wilton's Pour Cookie Icing (aka Toba's)


Zamode Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 2:06am
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Kos I just love your work! thumbs_up.gif Is the Wilton recipe on their site, I may try that...

Originally Posted by bonniebakes

Hello cookie makers!

The consensus for Septembers Cookie Club theme is SCHOOL, so anything related to school is fair game - remember, you can interpret the theme any way you like (OK, Zamode?). Have fun!!!

Thanks Bonnie!! thumbs_up.gif


tayesmama Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 6:25am
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THOSE ARE TOO CUTE KOS!!! I just love them! How was working with the Wilton Pour icing? Pros/cons? icon_wink.gif

bonniebakes Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 10:50am
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yankeegal Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 12:19pm
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Great job Kos! Love the pencils!

Samsgranny Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 1:34pm
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Wow, Kos, love the pencils and the busses. I am amazed, the pencils have 5 different colors of icing!Great did you do the number two?

Kos Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 5:56pm
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Thanks guys!

The Wilton recipe is in their yearbooks. I'm sure it is also online. It is basically the same icing as Toba's. (I have been adding a Tablespoon of {room temperature}butter to the powder sugar before adding the liquids). I like this icing. I love working with the royal but I'm not a fan of the texture nor are my kids. My 5-year-old says she doesn't like the "rocks" on the cookies. icon_lol.gif

Samsgranny - for the #2, I just outlined a "2" and then filled in around it to make the square.

Thanks for the compliments!


mis Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 6:31pm
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Wow Kos great cookies. Your 6 year old DD did a good job too. I really like how shiny they are. I might have to try that recipe.

manatee19 Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 6:59pm
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I'm amazed! You made the cute bus come to life. LOVE the eyebrows!

Kos: Did the butter make the icing shine? I've been trying to get my icing shine more with corn syrup, but Maybe butter is the ticket.....Does the icing last long? On cookie or in container? Thanks

daltonam Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 8:51pm
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those cookies ROCK

mkerton Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 9:01pm
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I wanna be able to make pretty cookies icon_cry.gif

btw awesome them!

faithsfancifuls Posted 1 Sep 2006 , 9:07pm
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Kos, you definately set the bar high!!! thumbs_up.gif

Landa Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 12:05am
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Kos ,
your cookies are so cute.

spottydog Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 12:09am
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Kos those are fantastic!

prettycake Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 12:15am
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Back To School is great idea. thumbs_up.gif

Zamode Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 12:46am
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Originally Posted by prettycake

Back To School is great idea. thumbs_up.gif

So is helping others! thumbs_up.gif

craftst3 Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 3:06pm
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Those cookies are great. You have set the bar high for the rest of us to come up with great designs.

cakecre8tor Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 3:46pm
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Kos those cookies are just to cool! I heart your buses!!!

bonniebakes Posted 2 Sep 2006 , 7:28pm
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Originally Posted by Zamode


So is helping others! thumbs_up.gif

Zamode - what can we do to help you?

NeeNee30 Posted 6 Sep 2006 , 12:45am
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Kos, those cookies are TOO cute!!! I love them!!

bonniebakes Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 12:14am
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OK, here are my entries for this month...

NeeNee30 Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 12:21am
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OMGosh! Those 'chalkboard' cookies are TOO cute!!! Love the pencils and the reading log also. How creative!!

Samsgranny Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 1:15am
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Great job Bonnie, love the detail!

mis Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 1:18am
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Awesome cookies bonnie. Love the little chalkboards and gotta love those reading logs!

Kos Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 1:22am
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Oh Wow! icon_eek.gif These are all so cute. I especially love the *reading log with the spiral binding! So clever. I may have to borrow that one Bonnie. thumbs_up.gif


momsandraven Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 2:42am
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Cute, cute!! thumbs_up.gif Still trying to come up with something clever here...

bonniebakes Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 11:23am
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Gosh, THANKS everyone!!

yankeegal Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 11:56am
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those cookies are toooo cute! love all the little details!

Landa Posted 7 Sep 2006 , 6:01pm
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Bonnie, your cookies are too cute.

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