springlakecake Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 8:54pm
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A thread that has been very popular lately is that people feel as though they are not receiving adequate comments or views on their cakes. I know how everyone really values opinions and praise from their fellow decorators. So I thought I would start this thread for anyone that feels they could use a boost today!

Please post a link to one or two of your cakes that you are really proud of that DID NOT receive it's fair amount of views or comments in your opinion. this will get some of your fanastic under noticed cakes out there for additional comments, views and saves.

But please, no pity parties here! Feel good about your hard work! No negative self comments allowed thumbs_up.gif

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TanuvasaMama Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 9:59pm
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This is my first time making a cupcake cake. I made this with all my kids running around like crazy and my infant climbing all over me...so needless to say, getting the frosting smooth was the least of my worries. I'm pretty proud of it despite some obvious flaws. First time with FBCT and first time using the cake extender. It's devils' food with mini-choco chips inside. I have to admit, they are the BEST cupcakes I've ever tasted. Thanks to all the help and advice CC!

noosie Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:07pm
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Great thread Idea.

Here is a link to a strawberry topiary I made. I know it's not cake but I am very proud of this creation for my first goddaughter's christening.


coreenag Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:07pm
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Great link! I know that everyone is busy and it is hard to get comments in but it is so nice especially from us newbies who need to know what we could do better or get advice from those who are in the know...
Here's mine:


Thanks for looking! icon_redface.gif

foxymomma521 Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:08pm
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My first stacked cake, took me 15 hours! I've always wondered what people thought... it has over 500 views, and only 1 comment...

JoAnnB Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:10pm
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I didn't think this one was so bad...lots of views no comments


2sdae Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:12pm
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I worked my hiney off to make just the right cake for my Dad as he is going through a divorce and needed a day to just celebrate.
Lots of looks but only 1 comment.
I am not extra special decorator but I am very proud of this one!
And here is one I had almost nothing to go on but tried to make it modern yet classy! Some looks but very few comments.

foxymomma521 Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:16pm
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JoAnnB, it won't let me leave a comment--

smbegg Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:16pm
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This was my first time making/using fondant (MMF) I am very proud of this cake. I think that it turned out really good given I had no clue what I was doing.


2sdae Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:18pm
Originally Posted by JoAnnB

I didn't think this one was so bad...lots of views no comments


Your comments are turned off. No one can leave any pics comments!!! Turn it on! That cake is very elegant and will lots of comments then!

amberhoney Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:25pm

I have a couple - its a mystery to me why some of the cakes I've made which I thought were just okay got way more comments than the ones I was really proud of and took the most time!



Foxymomma btw your baby shower cake is gorgeous, I love the little buttons! So cute!

sweetflowers Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:27pm

I really loved doing the orchids on this (I didn't do the cake). There were 36, up and down the front and back. Only 7 comments (2 were my responses) but over 250 views.


sorry I couldn't figure out how to link.

pumpkinroses Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:31pm

This was actually my first ordered cake. I'd been planning it since about September for a June party. I was very please with the outcome. I had a lot of views but only a few comments and some of those were me responding to questions.


This one was ordered by the same person but for a different party. I had a difficult time covering a FULL sheet cake with fondant but was proud of how it turned out.


Thanks for looking.

suesweet Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:35pm

Great thread. The two cakes I'm most proud of considering my limited decorating experience.


Constructive criticism welcome too!

Elserj Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:38pm

Great thread! This is the only cake I have made that I didn't complain about afterwards. Boy, did that make my bf happy not to hear all those things. This was my second paid cake.


JoAnnB Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:40pm

thanks for trying. I must have turned them off accidentally, late at night while I was goofing off.


tabbiekat Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:44pm


This is one of my favorite cakes. It is the only stacked cake I have done so far. I am still very new at this, but this is one I was really proud of.

Thanks for looking.

indigojods Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:44pm

I made this cake for my twin sister and put so much time and planning into it to make it very "her". This is also the only cake that reduced me to tears because I was getting so frustrated with it. I know it is an usual cake, so I am not totally suprised that more people didn't like it as much as I do. She is into dark/gothic stuff. The fondant monkey with devil horns and tail was my first fondant figure. I also wanted to put a monkey with a halo on it to represent me since she is the self proclaimed evil twin and I am the good twin, but I decided to make this cake all about her.


foxymomma521 Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:48pm
Originally Posted by amberhoney

Foxymomma btw your baby shower cake is gorgeous, I love the little buttons! So cute!

Thanks!! My husband helped icon_eek.gif ! I think we made 700 in all!

grama_j Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:56pm

I worked really hard on this one, and though not "perfect" I really liked it....over a hundred views and not one comment....

peacockplace Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 10:56pm

This is my least viewed by far! It was one of my most fun to make. icon_biggrin.gif


Edited because I forgot the link icon_redface.gif

coreenag Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:01pm

WOw foxymomma I was trying to decide if those buttons were real! Great job!

MosMom Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:04pm

My first one is a "fist of rock" cake. Saw Duff's and others here for inspiration. My dad had a reunion concert with his band from when he was young on Father's Day so I made this for everyone.


The 2nd is my son's birthday cake. Even though it isn't all edible, I love this cake. It was a lot of fun to do and I was really happy with how my black fondant turned out.


I've looked through all the cakes here and they are fantastic! There are just WAY too many great looking cakes on here with not enough people to comment on them all. icon_smile.gif

bkdcakes Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:07pm

This is from 7/7/7, so it got lost, but I thought it turned out okay.


jenbenjr Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:08pm

This is one of my favorite sheet cakes. It was something I just whipped up one day and was really pleased with how it came out. He loved it!!


sugarandsnails Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:12pm


I loved this one. It was for my daughter's 1st birthday. Only one comment.

jenbenjr Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:26pm

Here is another one of mine. This was for my sister and it was my first "big" cake. I was pretty proud of it! Lots of views...few comments.

mom2kay Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:30pm

but here are my cakes

nicolevoorhout Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 11:34pm

Great thread, it is easy for photos to get lost, I check the new ones regularly but don't recall any of the ones here. I recently became victim to the gremlin which switches your comments off, so now they are back on I'm posting these ones:



I was proud of both, but the second one was my first attempt at a shoe and a bag, and having a bag fetish myself I was pretty chuffed with it!

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