Great Tip From My Instructor!

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newlywedws Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:23am
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My cake decorating instructor showed a great method for filling the decorator bag with icing. It's called a "plastic wrap" method. It's pretty neat. Pictures are attached to clarify.

Step 1. Take a piece of plastic wrap about 8"-10" long. With a spatula, take a bit of frosting and place it in the center 1" away from the edge. (Pic 1)

Step 2. Take one side of the plastic wrap and fold it over to the next side matching up the edge - your frosting will now be enclosed on the side of the plastic wrap (Pic 2)
Step 3. Roll the plastic from where the frosting is to the edges (Pics 3 & 4)
Step 4: Twist the free end of the wrap (pic 5)
* (Optional step 5: I tie mine off in a knot -pic 6)
Step 5 (or 6 if you follow the optional "tie off"): You can now insert the plastic "tube" of icing into the decorating bag. (pic 7)
Just wanted to share. I think it's a pretty cool way to get the frosting in the bag and it isn't that messy either. Plus it makes switching frosting in and out so simple - if you're careful enough you won't have any transfer colour either.

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byinvitation Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:32am
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Cool!!! doesn't the plastic ends interfer w/ the decorating tip??

cindy6250 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:36am
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I do that in my regular piping bags too. I love it because the bags are so much easier to clean.

Thanks for sharing.


newlywedws Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:40am
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No the plastic wrap will not interfer w/ the tips. As long as you have the frosting close to the edge of the open end it will come out fine.

freddyfl Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:41am
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my instructor taught us that as well, she calls them icing plugs. They work awesome. I ran out of saran wrap today and using baggies for the same reason. I love that method!

shashonda Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:46am
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I will definitely try this tomorrow. Thanks!

JoanneK Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:47am
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I've seen this used to put two or three colors in the same bag for the striping effect. It works great for that also.

MustloveDogs Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:49am
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This is a wonderful tip! I have so much trouble with my icing bags.

freddyfl Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:50am
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It works great for storing and transporting icing as well. You just twist up both ends and when you are ready to use it cut one end off and drop it in the bag.

glad Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:27am
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Thanks for sharing this great tip. Will surely try it out.

chrissy410 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:37am
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Thanks so much for putting in pictures!! I will definately try that for my last class!

mom2csc Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:50am
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can't wait to try it!!! the pictures are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

Rooh Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 12:13pm
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This is the method that I use. I picked that tip up from someone earlier this year here. It is the BEST tip too. I'm new to decorating and was having trouble getting the icing into the bag and not on me...... icon_cry.gif After trying this it was magic, no more fighting to get the icing in the bag. It also made switching colors a snap too. Get done with one color and just pop another in there. Worked great! and clean up is a breeze too!

I just love the CC site!!!!!!! thumbs_up.gif

MessiET Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 12:20pm
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Wow... that is a great tip. I'll have to try that! Also, thanks for explaining it so well and posting pictures - easy to follow.

bonniesido Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 12:24pm
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newlywedws you did a great job showing how this works. I love this method too. Someone posted this on this site a few months back and I have enjoyed using it since then. I have never had a problem with the method and it is so much cleaner. I really like using more than one color too.

tiggy2 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 12:28pm
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Thanks for the tip and the step by step photos. I'll give it a try today.

Mac Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 12:29pm
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Great's been several years since I have had a cake course. THat tip will definitely become a staple in my house.

Dustbunny Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 1:47pm
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Will be trying that also, thanks for sharing!!!

oneposhbabychef Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 5:33pm
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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am definitely tryint that this weekend!!! My icing bags are always so messy!!

okred Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:02pm
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I think this should be deemed "BEST TIP OF THE MONTH"

I have been trying to make multicolored roses by striping the bag, but just not working for me, but now I will try two or three icing 'plugs' and see how the roses look.

thank you everyone for sharing!!

shrek Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:05pm
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thanks for sharing!!! thumbs_up.gif

martinez73 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:12pm
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I love this tip..Thank you so much for sharing. I like making striped roses and this will work grreat.. Can't wait to use it. I might have to make some roses just to try it.

camcat Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:18pm
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Thanks for that awesome tip! My mom decorated cakes when I was a child and I always wanted to play with the icing bags. She told me I could play but I had to clean them! Now that I'm getting into decorating I know why she gave me that job. I hate cleaning the bags! Between your great tip and the tip someone else had about lining the measuring cup with plastic wrap for measuring the Crisco, most of the dirty work is done! icon_smile.gif
Thanks again for the tip and the step-by-step photos!!

dmaam Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:22pm
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OMG!!! I can not thank you enough about posting that... you have saved me so much time and hassle. I am like "Tamifaye" - my bags look horrible by the end. They are greasy and slippery and so are my hands by the time I am finished!!!! I am absolutely terrible at filling a decorating bag. Icing is always coming out of the top. LOL!!!
I wish that I had the time to sit down and read all the forums in here because I am probable doing everything the hard way because I think that it is done one way and there are so many easier ways of doing things.

brookej01 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:00pm
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great tip thanks

bfelt Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:00pm
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Great tips are always appreciated....thank you so much.


malika Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:01pm
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Originally Posted by camcat

Between your great tip and the tip someone else had about lining the measuring cup with plastic wrap for measuring the Crisco, most of the dirty work is done! icon_smile.gif
Thanks again for the tip and the step-by-step photos!!

What a great idea! I have never thought of that. Can you post the link to the tip? I'm doing a search and I can't seem to find it.

Samsgranny Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:10pm
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Thanks for the tip and the step by step photos. thumbs_up.gif

Nyma Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:14pm
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Great! Great! Great! Another tip for my notebook!!!


oneposhbabychef Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:23pm
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Thanks for that other tip about lining the measuring cup with CRISCO! I am doing that today.


How do you do the striped effect using this technique?

When you refrigerator the leftover icing in the bag, do you not need to rewhip it?

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