July Cookie Club Theme - "hollywood"

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bonniebakes Posted 1 Jul 2007 , 7:35pm
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Hello fellow cookie makers!

The July 2007 theme is Hollywood.

Remember, anyone can participate! We love to have new people join in the cookie-making!!

Here are the cookie club guidelines":

* You can use any medium to decorate your cookies - fondant, royal icing, butter cream etc. The only stipulation is it has to be a medium used in cookie or cake decorating. Please let us know which medium you used to decorate your cookies and any techniques that you used, the type of cookie, etc..

* The group decided that all pictures must be new pictures (and new cookies). If you have a previous group of cookies already in your album (or in the forum) even if it depicts the theme please no not use it for this cookie club theme. The idea of the monthly theme is to get our creative juices/new ideas flowing and produce something new.

* Please do not post monthly theme cookies to your personal album or the cookie Gallery until after the monthly theme has expired (the end of the month). Even though there has been some discussion about this, and we tried eliminating this guideline for a couple of months, if we post to the gallery right away, it seems to lessen the flow of traffic to this thread. Therefore, we will return to each picture being new and not previously/currently uploaded to the Galleries.

* Please post pictures in this thread. Do not create a separate thread for your pictures). Please post a maximum of 3 pictures per person in this thread for the monthly theme. You may however use graphics programs to create a collage of different pictures/angles that count as one photo post. When the month is over, please feel free to post as many pictures as you want to the galleries.

* The purpose of choosing a monthly theme is to have a central theme for everyone participating to follow in order to allow us an opportunity to be creative, try new things, and learn from each other. Please try to follow the monthly theme.

* Everyone who wishes to has an opportunity to suggest a theme in the monthly suggestion thread, and all themes suggested are considered and commented on by interested members of the community. The theme is chosen at the beginning of each month by Cake_Princess or Bonniebakes (the theme is chosen based on what seems to have the most support for that particular month from the group in the suggestions thread and any PMs Cake_Princess or Bonniebakes receives, not necessarily by an actual vote count) and the new theme is posted near the beginning of the month. If your suggestion wasnt chosen in one particular month, please suggest it again in the future!

* Sometimes the connection to the theme isnt obvious to other people. In your post please let us know why you chose the design you did if the reason is not obvious. (For Example if the theme was Music and you made ghost cookies then let us know the connection. Ghost = Phantom and Phantom of the opera relates to music).

Happy Baking, everyone! I cant wait to see the cookies!!!!


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megamere Posted 1 Jul 2007 , 7:54pm
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What a great theme... Im totally pumped!

mommarivera Posted 2 Jul 2007 , 1:34pm
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Looking forward to participating in my first one!!

Joanne914 Posted 2 Jul 2007 , 2:32pm
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Since the theme is "Hollywood," would it be appropriate to enter cookies
based on a movie that is being released this month from "Hollywood?"
I've never entered before...but would love too! So, I'm just trying to make
sure I understand the theme! Thanks!

freddyfl Posted 2 Jul 2007 , 3:44pm
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As long as you can make a correlation between your cookie and the theme then you are more than able to use a movie as your cookie.

Ironbaker Posted 2 Jul 2007 , 3:50pm
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Would this be Harry Potter? icon_lol.gif

Looking forward to seeing the cookies with this theme!

Joanne914 Posted 2 Jul 2007 , 4:08pm
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Why yes it would!!! LOL I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and have been
dreaming up HP cookies in my mind! (only 20 days left until Deathly Hallows
is out!)

Cake_Princess Posted 3 Jul 2007 , 5:32am
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Looking forward to seeing all you ideas....

Nitu Posted 4 Jul 2007 , 1:26am
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WOW! Big theme for small cookie. I don't know I can even write "Hollywood" on my cookie??? icon_cry.gificon_wink.gificon_lol.gif

It is interesting! Let's try!

Nitu usaribbon.gif

Cake_Princess Posted 6 Jul 2007 , 1:42am
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Wooooooo Hooooooo time to get baking.

bonniebakes Posted 7 Jul 2007 , 7:41pm
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Everyone must be having a really busy week!

Come on cookie bakers - let's see your creations!!

birdgirl Posted 8 Jul 2007 , 12:39am
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I hope I will have time since I didn't have time to do last months theme--everyone I know is getting married in September. Maybe this month will be easier?

kneadacookie Posted 8 Jul 2007 , 1:24am
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my brother was in town on leave for 2 weeks. he just left this morning. i hope now i have time to do some baking.
so....hollywood ...huh? are we all just waiting for nancy to set the bar?? LOL

Belovedeve Posted 8 Jul 2007 , 4:04am
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evryone is talking abut harry potter i wanna see some transformer cookies lol (i am such a boy sometimes) I wonder if they have came out with any cookie cutters for that yet?

Cake_Princess Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 3:24am
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Rikke, you're baking cookies this month right? icon_biggrin.gif

surfergina Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 12:29pm
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Even though I'm a regular reader here, I'm new to this cookie club and it sounds like fun! Is everyone going to post their pics here? I haven't seen one yet, but I'm thinking of making some this weekend and will post it here soon. I can't wait! icon_smile.gif

Rikke_Denmark Posted 10 Jul 2007 , 2:47pm
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Originally Posted by Cake_Princess

Rikke, you're baking cookies this month right? icon_biggrin.gif

well maybe icon_wink.gif

I have not yet had time for baking at home. But my summer hollidays starts next week, so mayby icon_wink.gif

Cake_Princess Posted 11 Jul 2007 , 4:23am
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Originally Posted by surfergina

Even though I'm a regular reader here, I'm new to this cookie club and it sounds like fun! Is everyone going to post their pics here? I haven't seen one yet, but I'm thinking of making some this weekend and will post it here soon. I can't wait! icon_smile.gif

Yes, please post to this thread.

I think everyone is just getting over the holidays so to speak... LOL... Canada Day (July 1st) and July 4th.

surfergina Posted 11 Jul 2007 , 9:21pm
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Thanks, CakePRincess! I will work on it this Thursday (my day off) and will post it here when I'm finished with it. Hollywood theme - not too hard to think of something. There's so many to chose from.

7yyrt Posted 12 Jul 2007 , 6:52am
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A lot of people are having unusual weather to contend with right now - too much rain, or sun, wildfires, etc...

bonniebakes Posted 14 Jul 2007 , 6:13pm
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I'm so anxious to see what everyone does this month!

I've been busy, busy busy this week, and next week isn't looking good either. but I have a friend whose daughter is having a sweet 16 party (her bday is in the beginning of August) and the theme is Hollywood, so I need to try out some ideas.

I just have to find time to bake some cookies!!

surfergina Posted 14 Jul 2007 , 9:54pm
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I'm making mine's now! Yipee! I should be finish icing it tomorrow then.

kneadacookie Posted 14 Jul 2007 , 10:07pm
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i can't believe the month is half over and not one cookie yet. i'm still in graduation mode

kneadacookie Posted 14 Jul 2007 , 10:12pm
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ok, this is kinda hollywood, future's so bright...i gotta wear shades

Destini Posted 14 Jul 2007 , 11:33pm
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Kneadacookie- Very cool sunglasses. That is so "Hollywood" .

MystiqueFire Posted 15 Jul 2007 , 2:01am
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Kneadacookie.... those are soooo awesome!! I LOVE how you made the ear thingie seen in the lens.. VERY cool.


I'm still working out my ideas...


surfergina Posted 15 Jul 2007 , 2:50am
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That's so cool! I love the way sunglasses have reflect shine on it. Great job, kneadacookie!!

Cake_Princess Posted 15 Jul 2007 , 4:12pm
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Originally Posted by kneadacookie

ok, this is kinda hollywood, future's so bright...i gotta wear shades

Oh I love those cookies. Definitely a hollywood must have.

Tres Chic!!!!

surfergina Posted 16 Jul 2007 , 10:14pm
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Famous Hollywood costume adapted from the movie "My Fair Lady", starred Audrey Hepburn in year 1964.

NFSC cookie and Antonia's icing. Fondant flowers and food color pen for line details on ruffles.

marthajo1 Posted 16 Jul 2007 , 10:32pm
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Astonished OH!
This is the sound that just came out of my mouth!!


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