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diamondsmom Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:27pm
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can I make a yellow almond sourcream cake out of the WASC recipe but just use the yellow cake mix and add the egg yolks?

Will it mess up the recipe? maybe the sourcream and the eggyolks may make a bad combination?

don't know really blank.

Help CC icon_cry.gif I have my first cake order for a babyshower cake on the 26th and really don't want to mess things up... i would of gone with the WASC but they want a yellow cake instead.

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toristreats Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:36pm
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I've made a yellow cake using that recipe and it came out wonderful. I love that recipe. I've used it for white (of course), chocolate, lemon, yellow, and rainbow sprinkle. They all turned out great.

xandra83 Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:36pm
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That will be just fine. i just did a butter recipe withthe sour cream and almond. AWESOME!!! It will be wonderful!

xandra83 Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:38pm
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anytime people want a yellow cake, i just do the white cake mix and add the egg yolks. They think it's yellow, but I don't really like the taste of yellow as well as I do the white.

kellykake Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:45pm
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Could someone provide a link to the White Almond Sourcream Cake Recipe? I tried to search for it, but couldn't find anything. Sounds great and I'd like to try it. Thanks.

diamondsmom Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 3:51pm
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Same here Xandra83 I hate the taste of the yellow cake/yellow butter cake mix...

I think even though it's enhanced you can still taste the box cake mix. it has that strong cake mix taste....

I thinkt he white mix with the whole egg will taste better and they will think it's yellow icon_rolleyes.gif How does it taste?

Elfie Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:00pm
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Am I the only one who thinks that boxed white cake mix tastes like cotton candy? Something about the texture and the sweetness. I like the White Almond Sour Cream cake, but it still reminds me of cotton candy.

DianaMarieMTV Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:07pm
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The recipe for WASC cake isn't in the recipe section, try searching the forums. Several people have posted it in threads. icon_smile.gif


Rambo Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:08pm
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Originally Posted by kellykake

Could someone provide a link to the White Almond Sourcream Cake Recipe? I tried to search for it, but couldn't find anything. Sounds great and I'd like to try it. Thanks.

Me too. I'm having the same problem. icon_cry.gif PLEASE somebody share the recipe (or a link). I wanna try it too.

diamondsmom Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:19pm
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Here's the website enjoy!!!


By the way i do liek the white cake mix over the yellow has a kinds more natural low preservative taste to it. I don't find it taste liek cotton candy but all our tastebuds are not the same....


mamacc Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:20pm
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Ok, I'll post the recipe:

White Almond Sour Cream cake

2 boxes white cake mix
2 C all purpose flour
2 C sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt

2 2/3 C water
4 T oil
2 tsp vanilla
2 tsp almond extract
2 C (16 oz carton) sour cream
8 egg whites (or 4 whole eggs)

Bake at 325

I usually make this recipe with yellow cake mix, whole eggs and I add 3 tsp vanilla and one tsp almond to make it more of a vanilla cake. Lately I like to use one DH butter recipe mix and one PB or BC yellow mix. It comes out great pretty much however you do it! You can halve this recipe too.


Rambo Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:23pm
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Thank you Thank you Thank you! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

justsweet Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:39pm
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here is the recipe for single or double plus variety of flavors to make:

White Almond Sour Cream Cake

Double recipe:

2 boxes white cake mix (I use Betty Crocker)
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 2/3 cups water
4 Tablespoons oil
2 teaspoons real vanilla
2 teaspoons almond extract
2 cups (16 oz carton) sour cream
8 egg whites

Single Recipe:

1 white box cake mix
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup (16 oz.) sour cream
¾ tsp salt
1 1/3 cup water
1/3 cup oil
1 tsp almond flavoring
1 tsp vanilla
4 egg whites

Stir all dry ingredients together with a wire whisk. Add the remaining ingredients and beat on a low speed for 2 minutes. Bake at 325

This recipe makes; one 14" round + one 6" round OR one 16" round OR one 12" round + one 10" round OR one 12" x 18" sheet cake OR one 12" + one 8" + one 6" round OR 22 petite loaves

Half recipe makes: two 8" rounds OR two 6" rounds + 6 cupcakes

Double recipe double recipe makes: one 18" round + one 10" round

Notes: it's a denser cake so it won't rise up like the others...! Fill pans 2/3 with that stuff

Chocolate cake: use chocolate mixes, omit almond extract and substitute 6 whole eggs for the whites.

Liqueur flavors: substitute alcohol (such as champagne or Kahlua) for about 1 cup of the water in the recipe

Berry flavors: use frozen berries, thaw reserving the juice. Substitute the berry juice for part of the water in the recipe, and stir the berries in at the end.

diamondsmom Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 4:55pm
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will the double recipe be enought o make a large square sheet pans. to get it high enough to torte into 2 layers and fill? or should i triple the recipe icon_rolleyes.gif

springlakecake Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 5:04pm
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Thanks for posting the single recipe. i tried to half the regular recipe and I thought it seems a little dry. maybe your single recipe will work better. The only question I have is this: Why is there more oil in the single recipe (1/3 cup) than there is in the double recipe (4 T which equals 1/4 cup, right?) Just curious if this was correct or possibly a typo?

kellykake Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 5:37pm
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what type of icing (flavor) do you use with this cake?

diamondsmom Posted 17 Aug 2006 , 8:00pm
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Go to the link i posted higher up . recipezaar.com . It has the recipe and you can click on an icon below the recipe and it will calculate it for you.

If you want double or single or half etc... very accurate....

tell me if you got it

mom2two Posted 23 Jan 2013 , 8:20pm
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AI am going to use this recipe and add mini chocolate chips for my daughters birthday cake this weekend. Would a nice chocolate buttercream work for the icing ok??

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