queenamy Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 7:00am
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Pillsbury? Betty Crocker? Duncan Hines? OR??

Which brand has best cake mix?

Thank you!! icon_biggrin.gif

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cowdex Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 7:08am
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I have always been a DH girls but I am going to try a BC and a PB. I think more folks here say BC. We need a poll set up!

SugarFrosted Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 7:12am
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BC here: I find it gives me the most consistant results and it is usually cheapest at the WalMart SuperCenter

ashlymomx2 Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 7:17am
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BC or DH for me...I hardly ever use Pillsbury

bransmom Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 11:21am
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Pillsbury for me, all my cutomers brag about how moist the cake is and it is $.88 per box at my Wal-mart

notjustcake Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 11:31am
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I try whatever is cheapest or if I have a coupon for Betty Crocker, but I only buy DH Devil's food cake. I am so NOT a chocolate person and I find this cake perfect!!!!!! I can eat it all by myself!!!

amycake Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 11:33am
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When I use box it is always Betty Crocker for me. Everyone always will comment on how good it is.

Momof4luvscakes Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 11:53am
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I only use Betty Crocker also. Golden Vanilla for wedding cakes.

patton78 Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 11:55am
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Betty Crocker for sure! This produces the moistest cake and the most cups of batter per box. DH always crumbles on me and is not as moist in my opinion (no pudding in the mix!). I sometimes us PB but my first choice is always BC!

karenm0712 Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:05pm

I usually use DH or BC, whatever is on sale! icon_smile.gif

awolf24 Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:13pm

I'm surprised. I've always used DH but after reading your posts, I'll have to try BC and Pillsbury too.

IamSusie Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:14pm

My opinion - DH for me. Rave reviews on how moist from cust's and their Choc Fudge cake is awesome.

magentaa23 Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:22pm

i use Aldi brand.. i even have people that request me to use it they like it so much... and its cheap.. 69 cents a box icon_biggrin.gif

notsoperfectcakes Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:23pm

Nice question to ask. thumbs_up.gif Pillsbury for me usually. I always use a name brand though. Tried the store/noname brand and they just don't turn out as well for me.
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DelightsByE Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 12:29pm
Originally Posted by cowdex

I have always been a DH girls but I am going to try a BC and a PB. I think more folks here say BC. We need a poll set up!

Poll set up in General Forum:


CakeRN Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 1:57pm

I use Duncan Hines and put pudding in the mix. In the poll it looks like DH and BC are running neck to neck...

getfrosted Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 2:04pm

When I use cake mixes I use Betty Crocker. I find that they give me consistent results.

tammiemarie Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 2:11pm

I switch around, but I have found I get lots of compliments from BC Triple Chocolate Fudge, without doctoring it. I usually add so much stuff it doesn't seem like it would matter what I used.

To stray from topic a bit, I just tried a Cake Mix Dr. basic butter recipe, and used BC Golden Vanilla. I had trouble though. I made cupcakes, and when you peeled the paper off the cake just fell apart. Totally cooked, but incredibly crumbly. I tried to frost a couple and they tore. So momof4luvscakes, how do they turn out for you? Is it because I doctored them up? Do you use it straight from the box? Or do you add more flour and stuff to it?

MissT Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 2:50pm

I always used DH with the extra egg, pudding and such in it until recently. I used a PB mix and wasn't real happy with it. BC was good. But then I used an Aldi's white cake mix with the extender and it was nice and moist and it raised fantastically. I will try again (different flavor and let you know).

queenamy Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 3:59pm

Thanks so much gals. It seems as though i'm just going to have to try them all for my self to figure out what fits me best

koolaidstains Posted 11 Aug 2006 , 6:12pm

Gosh I'm in the minority. I just went and voted and say that PB isn't liked much. I greatly prefer PB over BC and DH. PB always turns out great for me. I've had so many problems with BC and DH not cooking right and being so crumbly that I rarely buy them. Of course there are certain flavors that I can only get in BC or DH so I buy those, but PB is my staple.

I think a lot just depends on the climate where you live and how your oven cooks and what not. Heck it could even be that certain brands of mix are fresher in the store you shop so they turn out better.

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