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stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 2:03am
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I was on e-bay the other day and came across the cake turntable that you can flip to do either a round or square cake. You can purchase this turntable in the store for about $40.00. The final bid for the same turntable sold for a $150.00. No joke, $150.00!!!

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veejaytx Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 3:54am
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Just proves that a lot of people have more money than sense!

I also saw the Darth Vader cake pan going for $76 and still had several hours to go before it ended...can you imagine paying that for a cake pan? I can't! (IF the person who won it is here on CC, sorry about that! Janice

stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 4:03am
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Hi veejaytx,

I am always amazed at the prices, especially for the pans. Can't see myself paying that kind of money. I have a set limit that I spend on things. My family call me cheap and are amazed how I found bargains and they can't shhh.gif

cupcakequeen Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 5:04am
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Bargains are where it's at! Garage Sales, Flee Markets, Going out of Business, etc. If only I was one of those lucky people who stummbles upon such things! LOL.

stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 5:11am
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I found a marbled cake turntable @ a flea market two weeks ago, no scratches, in perfect condition. She wanted $2.00 for it but after negotiating, I paid $1.00. I couldn't believe my luck icon_wink.gif

veejaytx Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 11:40am
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Oh, I wish I could go shopping like that (I have bad knees...need replacement surgery) but can't get out and about enough for that, the garage sales have to be the best for those kinds of bargains!

Several weeks ago I found a bag w/12 cookie cutters for $1.98, and a couple of small pans for $1.00 each at a thrift shop.

My best one lately is a Thomas The Tank pan that I got on eBay for $10.50 shipped...they are going for $20 and up! I'm watching for a pretty white or glass cake stand right now, not sure why I think I need it, but am hoping!

I wander around in eBay quite a bit am continually amazed at what some people will pay. I use a gadget called an Easy Icer (made in England) and people were buying them right and left for more than you'd pay buying direct online! Janice

stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 12:07pm
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What is an Easy Icer, is it like the large Icer tip from Wilton? I can feel your pain because I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and I have to stop and give my hands a rest. Takes along time to do a cake. I've learned to do my icing one day, coloring the next day and the cake the following day. thumbs_up.gif

veejaytx Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 12:36pm
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THe Easy Icer is a cartridge icing dispenser, but it has a lever that you can operate either with your fingers or your thumb, (I use my fingers because of arthritis in my thumb and wrist) makes it so much easier and less stress on my arm.

You can see them at (they are in England), sometimes they have them on eBay, but check the price at Almond Art first so you won't get taken on eBay...(my son got me a second set on eBay for Mother's Day (at my request) at a good price), they are a little expensive, but I think worth every penny. I wanted the second set so I'd have more cartridges (three come in the set) and a second icer, so I wouldn't have to change colors, etc., so often. If you have any other questions, let me know, I sure do like mine!

I hear you about the arthritis, I seem to have it everywhere, and it does hurt! My cake decorating is done slowly and in stages, takes me a long time too...but I sure do like it! Janice

stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 12:57pm
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Thanks for the information, boy do I feel really dumb. I have five of the decorator pro from Wilton. My sister gave me the money to purchase one for my bday. The store had them on clearance for $9.99 (can you believe it) and I went crazy and brought all that they had.

veejaytx Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 1:19pm
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Well, I don't blame you...I have a tendency to buy at least two of everything, especially if I think it is a good deal. It is a family joke that I can't buy just one of anything!

The Wilton Pro looks good, but it appeared that it has to be held with your thumb, and since mine is so messed up and painful, I didn't think I could use it. That is one reason I was so pleased with the Easy Icer, since I can just turn it and do the pressure with my other fingers! Janice

stephanie214 Posted 12 Jun 2005 , 1:39pm
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I keep breaking the thumb piece. Wilton was kind enough to send me alot of them when I contacted them to purchase new ones for free. It is easier than the bag. I love it when all I have to do is plunge the icing down when I'm through decorating. But I still love the bags also.

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