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bonniebakes Posted 24 Aug 2006 , 1:15pm
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awww, zamode.... I saw that you were the last person to post in this thread when I signed on this morning and I got SO excited thinking that you were FINALLY posting your cookies for us to see!!

Kelrak Posted 24 Aug 2006 , 9:05pm
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Originally Posted by Zamode

Nice job Kelrak, very nice purple color

Thanks! My first time using Americolor electric purple and electric blue. Now I have to stock up on Americolor, I love them. You don't have to use much and no more toothpicks to mess with!

NeeNee30 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 1:51pm
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ok, I have never really made any cookies other than your run of the mill chocolate chip ones, but I have looked around the cookie forum and I have sort of started watching the monthly cookie club the past couple of months. I am so impressed with everything you guys do. It's almost like a new kind of addiction for me (I normally focus solely on cakes). So anyway, I decided to start playing around with cookies yesterday. I made half a batch of No-fails, and a batch of Antonia's icing (which I was scared to death of). But they both turned out great. I definitely need to invest in a more diverse collection of cookie cutters! I had a great time. Although I really find it more time-consuming and I think next time I will bake cookies one day and decorate the next, instead of doing it all in one day. But like I said, I really enjoyed it, and I look forward to making my 1st cookie bouquet!!!

Here are some bugs I made. The are definitely amatuerish, but I had fun and my kids loved them!!!

Kelrak Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 1:54pm
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NeeNee, those are so cute. Good idea w/the round cookies. You must have a very steady hand to pipe those decorations.

NeeNee30 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 2:06pm
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Thank you, Kelrak. I'm not sure about the steady hand, but these were the last one's I decorated, I also made some frogs, flowers and apples (they are in my gallery). The round cookies were the last ones for me to decorate, so I guess I had just gotten in the groove of it by the time I got to these.

momsandraven Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 2:18pm
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OMG- I love the cookies this month!! NEWTODECORATING, using the stencils is such a cool idea, what a time saver! I see stenciled Christmas cookies in my future! thumbs_up.gif
NeeNee, wow, those are your *first* cookies??? Great job! (Just be careful stocking up on cookie cutters, it is as addicting as buying cake books! LOL)
lacie, your cookies look so bright and happy! icon_smile.gif I can't decide which is my favorite, but I have it narrowed down to the dragonfly or the speckled butterfly.

I am hoping that my third try will be the charm so that I can actually post a cookie this month! My dog ate the first cookie before I got a picture of it. The second attempt looked so bad I refused to take a picture of it and quickly ate all evidence of its ugly existence. Cross your fingers for me!!

Happy Baking,

manatee19 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:00pm
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NeeNee, your cookies came out really cute! Very clever using your circle cutter.

Good luck with your bouquet!

momsandraven Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:26pm
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YAY!!! I finally got one to turn out AND got a picture! icon_smile.gif I ended up using buttercream and airbrush on these because I already had the buttercream made up and was too lazy to make up some Alice's cookie icing. These cookies are my little lightning bugs in a jar. (NFSC cookies)

NEWTODECORATING Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:42pm
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Wow who knew bugs could be sooo cute!

msauer Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 6:59pm
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Those lighning bugs are just too stinkin' cute!!!!

NeeNee30 Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 7:17pm
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momsandraven, those lightening bugs are TOO cute!! That is a very creative idea!
Thank you, Manatee19. I think I may already have a cookie order for next weekend!! Not for a bouquet, but for football cookies!

Kelrak Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 9:07pm
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Originally Posted by momsandraven

YAY!!! I finally got one to turn out AND got a picture! icon_smile.gif I ended up using buttercream and airbrush on these because I already had the buttercream made up and was too lazy to make up some Alice's cookie icing. These cookies are my little lightning bugs in a jar. (NFSC cookies)

I love your little jar of lightning bugs. We don't have lightning bugs where we live so my kids have never had the chance to see them.

Yum, BC on sugar cookies is soooo good. This site always makes me hungry. We're going camping with the whole family tonight and having my butterfly cookies for dessert, along with s'mores, or course. Can't wait to eat 'em!

momsandraven Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 9:21pm
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icon_redface.gif <blush> Thanks everyone! I was afraid you all would think my bugs were lame, glad you like them!

coffeecake Posted 25 Aug 2006 , 9:44pm
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Newtodecorating wrote:


Just be careful stocking up on cookie cutters, it is as addicting as buying cake books!

And my DH thinks I am the only one!! icon_lol.gif I think I have more cookbooks than our local library icon_redface.gif

I agree the bugs are just all sooo bute -
Momsandraven - great idea with the bugs in a jar - LOVE them!

Welcome to the 'club' Kelrak - your cookies look great, love -Thanks for playing with bugs with us!!

NeeNee30 - Love the circle idea! you bugs are so cute on the circles.

Well I had my cute little bugs all baked - then when I was at work my DH thought my dad might want some cookies - so brought the undecorated bugs to him ! (obviously they are dead bugs now!) The funny thing is that my DH did not bring Dad the extra cookies I had frosted for a baby shower because tought Dad would'nt want pink cookies icon_rolleyes.gif

Kos Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 2:33am
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Very nice cookies NeeNee30. Love the pink butterfly especially. (you have some beautiful kids [and niece] too)

momsandraven - I almost did lightning bugs in a jar too! Yours turned out much better than the ones in my imagination! icon_lol.gif Love the airbrush look. Did you hand-cut them or do you actually have a cutter like that?

I'm hoping to post cookies tonight if my battery recharges on the camera soon. icon_rolleyes.gif


daltonam Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 2:36am
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guys---they are ALL awesome!!!!

Kos Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 3:08am
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Finally, my camera is recharged, after my little one took many pictures of "stuff". icon_confused.gif

So it was a long busy week and that gets me to thinking "not quite right" icon_lol.gif so I came up with BedBugs (to which my daughter says, "hey, cute frog! icon_mad.gif ) and LoveBugs. Here are my renditions...gulp.

Oh, No Fails with Wilton Poured Cookie Icing.


NEWTODECORATING Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 3:13am
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OMG Those are tooo cute!! I want one bed bug and a glass of milk for my good night snack please!!! icon_biggrin.gif

tayesmama Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 3:53am
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Those look great Kos! Man, my cookies are gonna look like crap next to all of these wonderful pieces of artwork icon_mad.gif. LOL. Man, great job everyone! icon_lol.gif

NeeNee30 Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 1:12pm
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Kos, how cute are those?!?!?!?!? I honestly am constantly blown away by everyone's cookies!!!!! I have been so inspired!

Cake_Princess Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 1:43pm
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Kos those cookies are really cute.

coffeecake Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 4:10pm
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Great job KOS!

mis Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 5:20pm
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Aww aren't those so cute! Don't let the bed bugs bite!!

bonniebakes Posted 26 Aug 2006 , 10:37pm
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momsandraven - very creative! I love the lightning bugs inthe jars!!

Kos - WOW!!!

Zamode Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 12:17am
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Great work everyone!

Kos, awesome cookies, tooo adorable!! thumbs_up.gif

tayesmama Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 8:31am
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Ok, everyone here's my addition. Not very pleased with them... but they taste great!!! LOL.

momsandraven Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 1:22pm
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tayesmama, don't be so hard on yourself! Your cookies look great! I like the snail. icon_smile.gif

Kos, wow, we must be on the same brainwave! You said you almost did lightning bugs in a jar, and I thought about doing a bed bug. LOL!!!! Then I thought about doing a flu bug, but who wants to eat that??! Your cookies are adorable, I love the little PJs and hats on the bedbugs. Very cute!

Kos Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 2:39pm
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So cute tayesmama! I love the snail! I haven't seen that cookie cutter before. They all look great!

momsandraven- pretty funny that we had similar ideas. I grew up in Illinois...maybe it's something in the water! icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif


daltonam Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 8:12pm
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coffeecake Posted 27 Aug 2006 , 10:14pm
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Tayesmom - very cute. I like the bees - just made a similar cake (not posted yet, still in the camera) I have not seen that cookie cutter -(or cutters since it seems to be two stacked cookies)
All of them are cute - good job!

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