karateka Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 11:46pm
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I have a possible order for 2 birthdays. One is for a barbie cake with about 20 cupcakes, each with it's own tiara. I can't find sugar tiaras already made, so if anybody knows where I can find some, I would be grateful. I could make them myself, but she is interested in keeping the price down.

For the Deere thingie: I told her I can't do copyrighted stuff, so if she wanted to purchase a toy tractor for the cake and have me design around it, I could do that. Can I buy the cake kit? And just charge her the price of the cake plus the kit? Or is that selling copyrighted stuff? Would I have to make her buy it and put it on the cake? Plus, can I design the cake any way I want if I buy the kit, or would I have to follow their directions?


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Doug Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 11:51pm
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deere: if you buy cake kit like from here or DecoPac, it's perfectly legal for you to resell it as Deere has received a royalty payment for the sale of the kit. as far as following directions, depends if there are any. often just getting a topper and then left to own devices.


couldn't find any tiaras made of candy (i think it's a no candy in the hair/no hair on the candy issue)

so if they insist on edible (ICK! esp after being in the hair), then will have to make them using royal icing.

thread w/ patterns in it: http://www.cakecentral.com/cake-decorating-ftopict-26355-tiara.html+pattern

oceanspitfire Posted 29 Jul 2006 , 2:48am
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Could you just simplify your life a bit and make it one giant Barbie Tractor party?
I always thought Barbie should be representing more of the equality/feminist side of life- no reason she can't be pulling a tractor and wearing overalls, no?

Or hey (mind me I'm in a weird mood after spending the afternoon at the playground with a bunch of kids LOL) you could buy a bin of cheapo Barbies from the dollar store and rip their bodies off and just stick the heads on the cupcakes as toppers?

Ok, I have an idea re not infringing on copyrights- you know when you go to Asia and you are buying clothes, you can get knockoffs of Gucci and other namebrands- probably a name like Goochi- so how about have a tractor cake that says Jean (french) Dear? or even Dear John? No but on a serious note, that actually works in the graphics industry, not sure how that goes with cake business though so maybe you should toss that idea thumbs_up.gif

Damnit, the hobby store in town is closing down tomorrow (moving to different location) so all the stock is 70% off- I got SHITloads of stuff today icon_surprised.gif all for 40 dollars- stencils and more stencils and cleaned them out of their cake pans and tons of cake toppers, and was going to take all their cake tier pillar things (yeah tha'ts the technical word I know lol) but hey it could be a few more centuries before I attempt a wedding cake so why bother buy them now lol

ok but I digress, oh I know, cause they had princess tiara cake toppers- gee had I known I would have bought you 2 dozen and mailed em to ya! LOL

You know the dollar stores have tons of cheapo little plastic things that go in goody bags for parties, I can't imagine not finding something princess related at a dollar store.

Ok and I already addressed a John Deere question in another thread (check out their company website- they have LOTS of ideas including on the online store, everything from kids stuff to grownup toys lol)


karateka Posted 29 Jul 2006 , 12:01pm
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Thanks for the pattern links. I don't think she can afford to have me do that, though! I don't really think the tiaras are going in anyone's hair...just decorations on the cupcakes. I never thought of going to the dollar store.....I'll have to check that one, oceanspitfire, thanks!

I quoted her a price based on 20 cupcakes and the doll cake, no royal icing tiaras....just flat piped ones. I'll check the dollar store and John Deere's website. Thanks for all your help, guys!

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