notjustcake Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 4:59pm
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Ok I think sheets cakes are boring and cheesy and very rarely do I bump into an awesome and very creative sheet cake. Post a favorite sheet cake by anyone or yourself.

here's one by cricket8923

This one by mmichelew

by pinkpanther

By lisams

By chef_lori

by diane

by Lisa

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Lenette Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:19pm
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I agree, sheet cakes have become generic and related with grocery stores. I have tried to steer clients away from them but because of what I have seen here I am thinking about offering a special line of sheet cakes!

There are so many talented people here and they do an AWESOME job on ALLtypes of cakes. Kudos to you! thumbs_up.gif

MCook Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:20pm
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Here is one that I loved so much I copied for my own granddaughters baby shower last February. Shame on me, I don't think I listed 'llee' as the person that inspired me, so I will try to redeam myself here.

jreimer Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:20pm
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I just posted a similar thread stating my awe to those that can make a sheet cake look good, so I only find it fitting that I post the ones I love as well.

a First Communion cake by didi5

Sunflowers by AmyCakes2

baby shower cake by jenncowin

Paris birthday cake by LisaMS (she has a lot of awesome sheet cakes in her gallery!! I could keep listing them if you'd like icon_razz.gif)

Doug Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:27pm
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by MessiET:

by itsacake

dolfin Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:29pm
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Why do you think sheet cakes are boring? I like to look at them like bigger work area for my ideas. I have seen alot of really nice ones. Have to research my favorites and post.

dagrama Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:38pm
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It is impossible to list all the wonderful sheet cakes on this site, so many talented people! So here is just one of many.
by Kjgjam22

Momof4luvscakes Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:41pm
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I think my own sheet cake favorite is the Ipod cake I did.

mocakes Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:41pm
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I would have to disagree about boring sheet cakes...have you checked out the ones by cakery?? So adorable!

By Cakery:

She has such neat designs...I'm a huge fan! thumbs_up.gif

jreimer Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 5:44pm

I'm so excited this thread got started! I never see these sheet cakes on the site - these are awesome! Keep it up - keep posting!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what else is out there!

debster Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 6:02pm

I say Thanks for this thread, people here WILL NOT get away from sheet cakes and I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of flowers here flowers there, I try to get them into a little fondant lately for a change up but maybe these will steer them away. Take a look at mine and steer me with some what might help. Thanks I can't wait to keep watching this one. I have yet to sell a round cake........................I take that back I did but only one. icon_surprised.gif

marcy11 Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 6:06pm

I have not posted about any comments bothering me before, but I sort of take offense to the "cheesy" and "boring" remark about sheetcakes. I happen to think there are so many sheetcakes that are just as nice as any other cake on this site. I have also seen many sheetcakes that are as awesome and creative as stacked and tiered cakes. I am one who makes a lot of sheetcakes and I have done extremely well with them. If I was somewhat computer literate, I would post my pictures, however, I seem to be better with a piping bag, than a computer, and I have yet to learn how to post pictures. Anyway, back to my point... I think it is fine to like a certain type of cake over another type, but I do not think it is okay to call something cheesy and boring, because it just might offend someone who really likes them. Just my opinion though.

Lenette Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:08pm

I think the point of the thread is that there are amazing, beautiful sheet cakes. And that they don't have to be boring or cheesy or generic. There are many creative ideas out there that have been interpreted on sheet cakes and the original poster wanted to highlight them.

I, myself, posted about how seeing the cakes on this site have changed my perspective on what a sheet cake looks like and the wonderful things that can be done with them.

I applaud ALL cake artists whatever they do and I think it is especially impressive when someone takes something that is perceived as "boring", in this case a sheet cake, and makes something that is truly creative, beautiful, and artistic!

Again, I say kudos!

PS-I can't figure out how to link or post pics either. icon_wink.gif [/i]

notjustcake Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:10pm

Well I started this thread for fun and by cheesy and boring. I was thinking grocery store type cakes that we are used to seeing all the time and wanted too see what other members have found in the galleries that I have not seen yet and I thought everyone would like my choices, a little different out of the "grocery store" type of cake. I think it's working! "cheesy" and "boring" are just adjectives. I like sheet cakes!

Everyday you see this more and more every little thing gets taken out of proportion and someone gets offended, it's getting old.

destini377 Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:34pm

Ok, I'll be brave and throw one of my own in the ring. I just did these by request for my brother's med. school graduation. They were a huge hit and I am quite pleased with how they turned out! It's all about thinking outside the box!


notjustcake Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:37pm

WOW now these are pretty cool I am saving these in my favorites!

jreimer Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:38pm

Alrighty - back to posting great sheet cakes!!!!!

I already posted a bunch I like - but here are a couple more!!

by Cakery - someone else posted one by her and I found a GOLDMINE of AWESOME sheetcakes - I could post at least a dozen that I put in my faves!

and here's another one I love of didi5's

Schmoop Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:40pm


cakejunkie Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:49pm

I have a couple in my photos if anyone wants to look! icon_smile.gif

momthreekiddos Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 7:59pm

Here's one of my favorite's by ThanhThanh:

gina1221 Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 8:13pm

Destini377 - your doctor cakes are amazing!

Here are a couple that I have saved as favorites:

Lavender Bells
Uploaded By: jenncowin

Polar Express Cake
Uploaded By: mocakes

notjustcake Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:01pm
Originally Posted by jreimer

Alrighty - back to posting great sheet cakes!!!!!

I already posted a bunch I like - but here are a couple more!!

by Cakery - someone else posted one by her and I found a GOLDMINE of AWESOME sheetcakes - I could post at least a dozen that I put in my faves!

and here's another one I love of didi5's

Both the cakes you picked are very nice but did5's cake I just never seen anything like before cool!

notjustcake Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:10pm

ok found another one oops forgot to see who it is by

Shelle_75 Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:29pm

I love all the sheetcakes done by Cakery. Here's one of my favs:


indydebi Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:32pm
Originally Posted by dolfin

....I like to look at them like bigger work area for my ideas.....

Yep! A big, giant canvas just waiting for the artist to turn it into something special!

I understand the original poster's point ..... it's very easy for sheet cakes to be generic and repetitive, and many times the decorator is locked into what the customer wants (I mean ...they ARE paying for it, so silly them, the customer expects to get what the customer wants! icon_wink.gif )

This is a good thread though .... a great way to showcase some of our favorite examples of great sheets!

So here's a couple that I've saved for inspiration!

By LittleLinda .... I'm making this one for my daughter's birthday! She's a walking Beatles encyclopedia!

By icingonthecakenc .... Above and beyond work to make this look anything BUT a "regular" sheet cake. As evidenced by it's win in a contest!

jlh Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:39pm

Here's one. You don't see too many perfect for a man.

Schmoop Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 9:53pm

I'll be brave now and throw mine in...

destini377 Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 10:07pm

Schmoop! Those are great! I really like the tools and rocks on your construction cake!

jreimer Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 10:16pm

Schmoop - those are awesome! thanks for sharing.

I love 'em icon_razz.gif

ShayShay Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 10:19pm

I love doing sheet cakes! There are some really nice ones on here. This is my favourite sheet cake that I have made.

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