bonnscakesAZ Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 4:56am
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I just joined today and am busy looking through all the posts and wonderful cakes. icon_smile.gif hello everyone!

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newtocakes Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 5:09am
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Hi, welcome. You will love this site! The people are great and the information and help they provide is incredible! Hope you enjoy.

veejaytx Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 5:38am
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Hi, welcome, and have fun! You will find a little of everything here, lots of helpful people and information, even company late at night! Janice

Annalisa Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 6:10am
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Hi, welcome. This is a wonderful site with many helpful people you will enjoy all the conversations and tips and photos. Once again welcome

pejmo3 Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 11:43am
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I have only been on this site for about a week and now I am majorly addicted to it. There are so many helpful tips and some of the pretties cakes I have ever seen. The people here are so wonderful. I want to thank dawn for her recipes and the wedding cake contracts they were just what I was looking for. Ya'll are great. usaribbon.gif

mochaboi Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 11:51am
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Welcome newcomers... Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. As many have already stated, you will learn a lot here (I know I sure did) and have fun doing it as well. Look forward to seeing you guys around!

~Let Them Eat Cake!

jgclucas Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 12:18pm
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I am quickly becoming addicted too. Now I just need to start baking. icon_biggrin.gif

cakeconfections Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 12:32pm
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Hi Bonnie. Welcome to another site to become addicted too.

bonnscakesAZ Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 3:15pm
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Thanks everyone.
hi Becky thumbs_up.gif

tanyascakes Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 3:21pm

Welcome, Bonnie, Pejmo3 an Jgclucas!! You will have fun here and learn alot!! Everyone here is friendly and helpful. All you have to do is ask!
Happy Baking!!


Calejo Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 3:50pm

Hi there to everyone who is new! I've only been here since the beginning of May and I have learned a LOT from here. I am definitely addicted, but it's safer and cheaper than other things I could name, so no complaints from the hubby (so far)! We'll see what happens when he wants the computer back. icon_razz.gif

Lisa Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 3:52pm

Hi! Image

unforgetable2u Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 4:04pm

hi and welcome.. i dont normally post alot beings i am very "new" at making cakes but i can tell you i have learned a great deal just reading the posts... i have even made 2 cakes now icon_biggrin.gif i dont have pics unfortunatly but hope to be getting a digital cam very soon; i would love to get opinions icon_wink.gif so i am very positive you will love this sight ... i personally think its the best one i have found... ENJOY icon_biggrin.gif

cakemommy Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 4:46pm


This place is addicting. My hubby says I'm obsessed everyday!!! Oh well! I get fabulous inspiration and information from this site and everyone on it so this is one addiction I don't mind having!!!


briansbaker Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 8:26pm

Welcome to Our Addiction!!!! icon_smile.gif

2cakes Posted 2 Jun 2005 , 8:33pm

Welcome to the additon of CC. You will love this site and all photos of cakes and other creative and beautiful things.

bonnscakesAZ Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 12:06am

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. icon_smile.gif

traci Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 12:43am

Hi Bonnie. Your cakes are really beautiful...and you did a great job with your website! thumbs_up.gif

tcturtleshell Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 3:42am


Have fun!! icon_smile.gif

ntertayneme Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 3:50am

Welcome bonnscakesAZ icon_smile.gif Glad to have you aboard... this is a wonderful and informative place to come with questions or ideas that deal with cake decorating, etc. icon_smile.gif glad to have you with us!

m0use Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 10:31pm

Welcome, you will find a lot information on this site!

DenaBug Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 10:38pm

You've landed in a great place to find support and good information. I"ve only been logging in for about a month now and I've got the "bug", too.

I love knowing that if I need help anytime day or night, CC is right here with lots of good members and articles.


bonnscakesAZ Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 11:59pm

Thanks traci and everyone! So far I love it. icon_smile.gif

sweeterbug1977 Posted 4 Jun 2005 , 4:48am

Hi Bonnie,

Welcome to the site. I agree with everyone; this site is very addicting. I logged on to this site to check it out because I had seen it referenced on another site..and have been here ever since. It is a valuable source of ideas and information. I am sure you are going to love it as much as we do.

diane Posted 4 Jun 2005 , 10:08am

welocome to this site!!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

Connie515 Posted 10 Jul 2005 , 10:14pm


I'm moving to Az in Jan.
Do you take classes out there? Are there any cake stores that you know of out there?


irisinbloom Posted 10 Jul 2005 , 11:26pm

To all the new folks a great BIG HELLO and welcome, your gonna love iticon_smile.gif

stephanie214 Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 3:01am


bonnscakesAZ Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 6:41pm

Thanks all!

Hi Connie! Yes we have one Caek decorating store. icon_smile.gif it is called ABC cake decorating. We do order a lot online because thats the only store but they have a lot. Of course there is Michael's and Joann's and we have a Pretty Party Place that has quite a bit also.
I took classes at Michael's when I first started. We also have ICES very active here so we get DOS classes through that and other people. Nicholas Lodge is coming out in September I think. We are starting a cake show here. this is the first year and that is in October. There is a lot going on, you will love it. We also have a couple cake clubs. I would recommend the West Side Cake Club.
Oh Jennifer Dontz is coming out in the spring I think. No date set yet but after the new year. She was here this year in March and she is a n awesome teacher. her site is
if you want to see her work.

If you have more questions about anything just pm me or send me an email. icon_smile.gif .

diane Posted 11 Jul 2005 , 7:14pm

welcome to cake central!!! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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