Cake_Princess Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 6:27am

Hello fellow cookie addicts!!!!

June 2007 theme: June Weddings

Remember, anyone can participate! Here are the established cookie club guidelines, with some additional clarifications based on questions that have been posed lately:

* You can use any medium to decorate your cookies - fondant, royal icing, butter cream etc. The only stipulation is it has to be a medium used in cookie or cake decorating. Please let us know which medium you used to decorate your cookies and any techniques that you used, the type of cookie, etc..

* The group decided that all pictures must be new pictures (and new cookies). If you have a previous group of cookies already in your album (or in the forum) even if it depicts the theme please no not use it for this cookie club theme. The idea of the monthly theme is to get our creative juices/new ideas flowing and produce something new.

* Please do not post monthly theme cookies to your personal album or the cookie Gallery until after the monthly theme has expired (the end of the month). Even though there has been some discussion about this, and we tried eliminating this guideline for a couple of months, if we post to the gallery right away, it seems to lessen the flow of traffic to this thread. Therefore, we will return to each picture being new and not previously/currently uploaded to the Galleries.

* Please post pictures in this thread. Do not create a separate thread for your pictures). Please post a maximum of 3 pictures per person in this thread for the monthly theme. You may however use graphics programs to create a collage of different pictures/angles that count as one photo post. When the month is over, please feel free to post as many pictures as you want to the galleries.

* The purpose of choosing a monthly theme is to have a central theme for everyone participating to follow in order to allow us an opportunity to be creative, try new things, and learn from each other. Please try to follow the monthly theme. Everyone who wishes to has an opportunity to suggest a theme in the monthly suggestion thread, and all themes suggested are considered and commented on by interested members of the community. The theme is chosen at the beginning of each month by Bonniebakes or me (the theme is chosen based on what seems to have the most support for that particular month from the group in the suggestions thread and any PMs Bonniebakes or I receive, not necessarily by an actual vote count) and the new theme is posted near the beginning of the month. If your suggestion wasnt chosen in one particular month, please feel free to suggest it again in the future!

* Although we should connect to the theme, sometimes the connection isnt obvious to other people. In your post please let us know why you chose the design you did if the reason is not obvious. (For Example if the theme was Music and you made ghost cookies then let us know the connection. Ghost = Phantom and Phantom of the opera relates to music).

Any questions? PM me!

Happy Baking, everyone! I cant wait to see the cookies!!!!

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kneadacookie Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 12:58pm

of course, now i can't find the picture of the wedding dress and tuxedo i did.....boohooboohoo

kneadacookie Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:04pm

these aren't the pics i was looking for, but...
i did these for a wedding show thru my work. i don't like the real loose packaging. i convinced them to change that.

bambuf Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:08pm

I love all of your cookies, kneadagirl! I especially love the flower girls, they are so cute! Great job and thanks for getting this month started off right!

kneadacookie Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:11pm

i'm just so excited i'm actually the first to post
actually i'm just excited i actually got around to posting at

cookiecreations Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:32pm

Those are awesome kneadacookie!! The flower girls are absolutely adorable!!!!

bonniebakes Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 2:30pm

Kneadacookie - WOW! They are all wonderful, but I especially love those flower girls!

alysmom09 Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 2:39pm

Kneadacookie--LOVE LOVE LOVE the flower girls!!! They are so cute!!! Great job!!!

thems_my_kids Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 2:56pm

Those flower girls are adorable!

I wish I had more time to join the cookie club! Maybe I'll try next month!

Nitu Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:08pm

Can I join you all please? I made cookies few times but after watching all of your incredible cookies I feel like I will learn something from you all.

So I am in.


TinaJoy07 Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:17pm

I love the flowers girls to i have seen them before somewhere but cant figure out what cookie cutter to use. Can you share?? Where would i find something like that. So cute

Nitu Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:27pm

I found the Engle cookie cutter in AC Moore shop. I think, that can be use for flower girls. But I also wanted to know about your cutter, kneadacookie!


freddyfl Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:43pm

Those cookie are wonderful! I love them all, but have to go with the concensus on the flower girls. They are my favorites. Great job!!!

cakesonoccasion Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 4:49pm

Looks like she made her own, or did a template- soooo cute!

kneadacookie Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 4:55pm

you have seen them before. i kinda borrowed the idea from rollingpin productions. made my own template

kneadacookie Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 4:57pm

nitu...can't wait to see your cookies!!

Nitu Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 9:01pm

And I can't wait to make them. I don't know how they will turn out but I have to try.

Wish me luck and I will post my cookies pictures ASAP!

Thanks kneadacookie!


sweeteecakes Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 9:20pm

Kneadacookie, your cookies look great!

Cake_Princess Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 2:11am

Whooooo Hooooooo we are off to a great start so far people keep those cookies rolling in.

I LOVE the flower girls!!!!!!!! Great work Kneadagirl!

I can't wait to see your cookies Nitu I know you do great work.

Cake_Princess Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 2:14am

Need to make a cookie template for this month's theme and you don't know how it's done? Here is a mini how to I did last year.

mitsel8 Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 2:54am

Those flower girl cookies are soooooooo cute!!
Excellent job!
And the wedding cookies aren't too shabby either!

shanzah67 Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 1:48pm


Great job on your cookies---as usual! The flower girls are adorable! thumbs_up.gif

Nitu Posted 8 Jun 2007 , 8:43pm
Originally Posted by Cake_Princess

Whooooo Hooooooo we are off to a great start so far people keep those cookies rolling in.

I LOVE the flower girls!!!!!!!! Great work Kneadagirl!

I can't wait to see your cookies Nitu I know you do great work.

Thank you so much!

Cake_Princess Posted 9 Jun 2007 , 3:47am

Come on cookie addicts post your cookies LOL...

7yyrt Posted 10 Jun 2007 , 1:57am

I have to make more - a squad of teenaged boys denuded my kitchen before I had a chance to take a picture!

Cake_Princess Posted 10 Jun 2007 , 2:39am
Originally Posted by 7yyrt

I have to make more - a squad of teenaged boys denuded my kitchen before I had a chance to take a picture!

LOL, Is that like 21st century version of the dog ate my homework? LOL

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