Got A Question On Cream Cheese Frosting

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mrsfish94 Posted 1 Dec 2004 , 2:38am
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I used the frosting recipe in the betty crocker cookbook I have. And the frosting came out tasting great BUT it was thin. I had to put more sugar in it to stiffen it and then I had to put it in the frig every 15 min to frost the cake. the frosting kept cooling off and melting. Does anyone have any advice or a better recipe?


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mrsfish94 Posted 2 Dec 2004 , 6:21pm
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Oh please...Does anyone have any advice????


Ladycake Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 12:03am
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When I do a cream cheese frosting I add some Crisco shortening to it... Now that I only use Sweetex in my frostings I add that to it.. its also a shortening but a High ratio shortening...

mrsfish94 Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 1:55am
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Could you please explain what a high ratio shortening is? Also, Where do you get Sweetex? And Thanks for the advice on the Crisco!!!! I will try it!


Ladycake Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 2:03am
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This is where you can get it .. unless your cake store in town stocks it..

its a better shortening it dont have that greasy taste to it .. If you get you some you will never go back to the crisco.....

If you dont think that you would use 50lbs right away you may want to get some and post to others and you could split it ... That is what I did to try it and I love it now.. I still have a friend that her and I split one when we need it ..

mrsfish94 Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 2:06am
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Great! Thanks for the info!!!! thumbs_up.gif


Ladycake Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 2:10am
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Hope it helped you ..

CarolAnn Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 3:11pm
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Good Lord, 50 pounds!!!! I was wondering what I'd do with a 6# can of Crisco when I had my hubby pick some up one night on his way home from work. Actually it's half gone now, I just don't like risking it going stale. I have always duse Crisco and have never had anything but compliments on my icing. But I'll look for baking supply places around here. I'd like to try some of the Sweetex but first better find someone to share it with if it comes in huge tubs. LOL
All advice is happily accepted here.

Ladycake Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 3:16pm
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Shortening should not go stale if you keep it in a covered and cool place..

Like I said you may want to check and see if your local cake store is able to or dose stock this and get your self a pound to try .. But I am telling you once you try it you will not go back.. Your frosting is not going to be as sweet but its still good and its going to be fluffyer...

CarolAnn Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 7:47pm
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Thank you LadyCake,
I'm going to call the two stores local that do cakes and find out what they use. I know I can but cake boxes at one, maybe they'd sell me some shortening too if they use what we're talking about. It's worth a try. Thanks for the help. I am a Ca girl myself. I see that you live in Bakersfield. I have family all around there.
Have a great weekend!

Ladycake Posted 3 Dec 2004 , 8:44pm
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Well next time your in the area look me up...

If worst comes to worst let me know and I will sell you a pound of what I got .. So you can see if you like it...

Kam Posted 7 Dec 2004 , 2:09am
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You can go to and get hi-ratio shortening (alpine brand) in quantities of 3 lb. Either do a search on it or go to food products in the menu, then ingredients and there will be a link for shortening. Good luck!

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