lisascakes Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:50am

I called a local bakery supply store this afternoon to see if they sold hi-ratio shortening, They said the only thing they sell is PS99 and all the local bakeries love it.

They sell a 50lb cube for $40.00.

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lisascakes Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:16am

anyone out there

Amy729 Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:48am

I am curious about this to. I found a place online that sells this as icing shortening ps99. I would love to hear from someone who know about this.

lisascakes Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 12:35pm

Thanks Amy - I thought I was going crazy - since no one had replied
I thought I found something no one had ever heard of.

There is another cake supply place in the area - I talked to them yesterday & they said this is what they use. and that I can buy 4 lbs for $10.00. I know that there is a big price difference per pound going this way but I could at least see if I liked it. I'll let you know what I find out later tonight.

Amy729 Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:23pm

Please do let me know. I have been wanting to try hi-ratio and found this. I would love to know how you like it.

lisascakes Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:47am

I did it - I bought 4 lbs. of PS99 - I used 2 cups with 4 lbs of powered sugar & vanilla. It whips up great a lot like a whipped cream type frosting, is easy to spread and smooth. I'm just not sure about the taste. It taste great but yet it's a little different from my old frosting. I don't think it's as sweet as my old crisco based frosting.

I've had a few people try it and everyone seems to like it. It crusts, I have not had a chance to pipe with it. I'm taking part of my mis baked wedding cake to work in the morning with this frosting and I'm going to ask everyone to be honest. I'll update the out come tomorrow night.

I'm hoping someone else has used PS99 and can give their input.

I did find out this is only for frosting making - you can not cook with it. icon_surprised.gif

TxAgGirl Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:50am

I just recently tried it, and it was ok. I just really like plain ole butter icing, so I don't know if I'll ever find a shortening I really love. The problem is that in Texas butter is risky in the summer!

Amy729 Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 3:55am

Does anyone know how this compares with hi-ratio shortening?

cakeislove Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 5:01am

I've used it. It is a brand of Hi-ratio shortening. My local cake store sells it. Haven't tried any other brand so I don't have anything to compare it to but it is much better than crisco. I'm planning on ordering some Alpine or Sweetex online and see if I still like the ps99. If you like it, that is a really good price for 50lbs! The cake store here told me they would order a cube for me for $75!

lisascakes Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 11:55pm

I took one of my goof cakes - see other post & used the new recipe frosting and took it to work. Everyone loved it. I didn't hear one bad thing about the frosting. I still have a few reservations about it. I have a cake to do to night & I'm going try 1/2 crisco & 1/2 PS99 and see how that works.

I'll update on that try later.

Thanks for the update about it being a high ratio shortening.

yellobutterfly Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 1:37am

Yes!! PS99 is awesome - it's all I use in my icing. I found out about it when I worked at a local bakery for a month - one day I told them that I had made icing at home and it was greasy and gritty - they explained to me that they use "icing shortening" and it's specially formulated for icing. So, I called the nearest bakery supply and they sold to me because I have a business name (just a "doing business as"). It's like $36 for 50 lbs, it comes in a huge cube inside a blue plastic bag inside a cardboard box...It lasted me 2 years! (I'm not a licensed professional, I just do cakes out of my home). As a side-note I would recommend purchasing a large plastic container to store it in (from a food place or even a storage container from wal-mart might work) to keep it fresh and keep the bugs out.

I just recently ran out and I did try the hi-ratio shortening by Ck Products because the local cake shop had it and is closer to me than the bakery supply...the CK was ok, but very soft, I didn't know if I could trust it not to melt under high humidity. I prefer the PS99 and can't wait to make the trip to get more! It whips up very nicely, is smoothe and beautiful - after tasting criscoe icing the other day - no comparison, and the PS99 is such a good deal - saves me $$ in the long run!

chcandy Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:11am

what is PS99
I just started with cake baking
and like to try different things

jenncowin Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:23am

We use PS99 at the Cakery that I work at. It holds up better in higher humidity areas than regular shortening.

QueLinda Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:38am

Okay, just did a search online for PS99, could't find it. Does anyone have a link?

handymama Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:56am

The high ratio recipes I've seen are different than those forCrisco. What recipes are you all using with the ps99?

lisascakes Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 4:01am

I haven't been able to find anything on the web about it. Just what the two cake supply places have told me.

I just got my cake done for tonight.

I loved using half Crisco & half PS99. It was smooth, easy to use, tasted great. It is what I will be using to replace all Crisco frosting since Crisco changed the formula.

The only down fall I have found is that you really have to scrap the bowl really good will mixing to make sure everything is incorparated

yellobutterfly Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 12:54pm

Well my "recipe" is from the bakery I worked at - it's a pain because the measuring is confusing...2 large spoons (you take one of those big serving spoons like a school cafeteria might use and spin it around in the shortening and "eyeball" the right amount - twice) lol I"m gonna have to measure it one day and see if it's 3/4 c or 1c per spoon cause it's driving me crazy and my icing can vary just due to this measurement...anyway, then add 3c powdered sugar, 1/2 c water, a dash of salt, a squirt from a squirt bottle of butter, almond and vanilla flavors, cream together, then add 3 more cups powdered sugar....this is a good recipe but it drives me crazy cause it's not "exact" every time...

handymama Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 12:58pm

"Dash" "Spoon" "Squirt"?? Oh mee oh my! I'm way too OC to handle this sort of thing!! icon_surprised.gif

lisascakes Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 1:15pm

I used 1 cup of PS99 & 1 cup of Crisco to 4 lbs of powdered sugar, some vanilla & some water.

Sorry I didn't measure the liquid just eyed it. It crusted great, was easy to spread & smooth & it tasted really good.

When I bought the PS99 I asked and was told to use it in frosting just like Crisco. You can not do anything else with this stuff - like cook or fry

yellobutterfly Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 1:35pm
Originally Posted by handymama

"Dash" "Spoon" "Squirt"?? Oh mee oh my! I'm way too OC to handle this sort of thing!! icon_surprised.gif

lol - I know, I'm gonna have to play with the measuring cups one day and see what I can come up with.

Also, for those of you who were looking, I just googled "icing shortening" a few minutes ago and came up with lots of hits, some of which are places that you could order from. Just be sure you google it in quotes, so it doesn't come up with every icing and every shortening ever mentioned online - lol.

cakeislove Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:10pm

I've been playing around with the shortening/powdered sugar proportions lately and I've found any more than 1 cup ps99 to 2lbs powdered sugar is too sticky for me to work with and any less than 2/3 cup ps99 to 2 lbs powdered sugar gets too crusty.

chrikky Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:22pm

Anyone know where I can purchase some PS99 online???

lanibird Posted 7 Jun 2007 , 3:33pm;products_id=2400&osCsid=638b6bc76cef250e3ccdc48f1ed1019c

Just did a quick Yahoo! search and found this. I think you might need an account to order though.

JanH Posted 12 Jun 2007 , 11:25am

cakemanoh advises using 1 cup of hi-ratio to 2 lbs. of powdered sugar.

Here is his hi-ratio frosting recipe:

What is Brite White/Angel White Icing Base:

Hi-Ratio Frosting Recipes:

Creme Bouquet at National Flavors:


cakegrandma Posted 12 Jun 2007 , 12:00pm

I use High Ratio shortening also, how does this compare to it as far as how it works in the icing? And how does it make the icing taste? I read the Brite White recipe and am wondering what the Brite White (icing base) is. Does someone mind explaining and than you for the explanation.

spanky62798 Posted 23 Aug 2007 , 2:35am

I just made my first batch with it this afternoon - all I can say is I LOVE IT!!! So incredibly smooth, and very easy to pipe with. Another thing I noticed is that it accepts color very well. I remember sometimes with the other shortening with color it would almost look liked it was separating. I can get it here in Dallas for $53 for 50pounds. That was a big bite to chew , but it worked out to only be 10 cents more a pound than the shortening I was using! So definitely worth the money! And her in Texas we definitely need all the help we can get to battle this heat!! Hope this helps!

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