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Melvira Posted 4 Jun 2007 , 6:35pm
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Hey everybody, I had a fun idea that I kicked around with a few of my pals, and we decided we want to share with you, and hope you'll enjoy it, too! It's called "Theme of the month". What I'm doing is proposing that every month we all come to an agreement on a theme, and then submit photos of your creations that tie in to that theme. Here's the best part... you can use ANY medium to create your entry! You can do cake, candy, cookies, any EDIBLE medium!

Here's how it works... I will start this month's theme with one that we've already chosen... "Under the Sea". You make ANY type of edible creation that ties in to that theme, and either post the pic here, or simply post a link to a photo in your gallery. Either way is fine. We do want you to make new entries though... not just go through your album and pick out stuff you've already done.

About halfway through the month I will ask for suggestions, then make a poll with the top 5 or so ideas. We will all vote for what we want as the theme, and the winner will be announced at the end of the month, then we'll start it all over again! This will be SO fun!

If anyone has ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. let me know... this will be a living, breathing entity that we can mold and change as we go. Also, there are no limits to the number of entries... if you make 30 cakes and 10 cookies, we want to see them all! But we'd hope you'd just post links instead of photos, or it would get waaay out of hand! Hahaha!

Important notice: ANYONE can submit their creations, but there are no 'prizes'. This is just a way to share our creativity. I'd love to give out prizes, but who can afford that? hahaha! Ok... I'll give ya a back rub! Haha! But you have to drive to my house to claim it! icon_wink.gif

So let's hear it guys... what do you say? Who wants to post their pic first?

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bobwonderbuns Posted 4 Jun 2007 , 9:20pm
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What a wonderful idea! icon_lol.gif I have a question -- can we post the pix right here in the forum (I ask because occasionally the links get wiggy-woggy and come up with the wrong photos! icon_confused.gif) I know just the cake I'm going to post too!! icon_biggrin.gif

Renaejrk Posted 4 Jun 2007 , 9:30pm
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This sounds fun! Maybe the moderators could make it like a sticky so it stays at the top? Or maybe there's another way so everyone will see it and be able to participate!

Melvira Posted 4 Jun 2007 , 11:03pm
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Hey Bob... you can either post the pic, or a link, it's totally up to you! However you want to do it!!

A sticky? That would be cool! I wonder if they'd be up for it??

socake Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 8:40am
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Great Idea! I'm in!!!!

Here is my "under the sea" cake! Nemo!!

BarbaraK Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 12:03pm
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Sounds like a great idea Melvira. I hope to come up with something to participate.

Hey Bob - looks like you finally get your theme. (singing quitely to myself as I walk away Under the sea.... under the sea.... under the sea... icon_lol.gif )

blessBeckysbaking Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 12:36pm
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this sounds fun and give me a reason to make a cake

czyadgrl Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:10pm
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This is a great idea! I always watch the cookie of the month thread, but don't do many cookies!

I'm going to cheat this month because my next cake is going to be one to use up left-over colored icing, most of what I have right now is pink, so probably not anything under the sea from that! LOL

Anyway, I did this a few months back but didn't post it - the picture is so bad I can't even color-adjust it without spending too much time, but anyway, here it is ... I had to combine two birthdays in one cake: one person loves hockey, the other snorkeling and the ocean.

Hockey skates and stick are royal icing. Rink is rolled buttercream. Rest is regular buttercream.


step0nmi Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:18pm
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I think Melvira wants us to make NEW cakes and ideas!

I am all in!!! I need to get going then!!!

When will be the latest we can post these pics??

Katskakes Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:23pm
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This is a great idea. It's something that they've been doing in the "cookie" forum. We pick a theme, then we post pics of cookies that go with the theme. Although, there's no winners, we all win in seeing new creations and gathering ideas. It's fabulous! I can't remember well but i don't think they'll make it a sticky, can't remember the reason. on search for the original post, be back later.

Meg828 Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:27pm
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Here's mine--I did this for a customer the other day
Here's the link:

MandyE Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:28pm
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Here's mine. Just posted it yesterday, so I'm assuming it's will count. icon_biggrin.gif

Great idea!

Melvira Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 2:51pm
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These are ALL awesome and I am SO GLAD you guys are into it! I know they have the cookie club, and I submit to that too, but I was hoping to make this cover more types of mediums... some people just DO NOT do cookies, but would really like to participate in this type of forum. SO... having said that, I am pleased as punch to see all these pix!! Keep 'em coming! And, as far as how late you can post... if we do it monthly, I would have to assume the end of the month would be the cut off, but I am not going to whine if someone posts after that!!! I don't really care! It's fun, regardless of when you do it!! I'm not trying to impose many rules, it's just easier that way! icon_wink.gif (Besides... who died and made ME cake mistress? I'm the CHOCOLATE mistress!! hahahaha!!!)

ilena Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:28pm
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I love that idea! I have one in my gallery but it's not a very good one...

Shamitha Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:37pm
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This is so cool Melvira.Here's mine

freddyfl Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:48pm
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This is awesome! I like all of the stuff I have seen so far. Those dolphins on that cake are amazing!!!! I just added these cookies this month, so I will go ahead and use them, but I might add some more if I see something I really want to do. I don't make too many cakes, they are just so daunting and I am never as happy with the results as I am with my cookies. Anyways, I digress. Here are mine. I learned quite a bit making these. They were for my cousin who loves finding nemo, especially the turtles.

BoothsBest Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:49pm
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Love this idea. Sorry I don't have a pic to post yet, but will try to soon.

Along the idea of under the sea... I have a question.

I remember reading about this idea several years ago in a magazine I think. The idea was decorate a cake like scene around a nice lake, trees, grass, park bench etc. Then in the middle of the cake instead of decorating a lake, you cut a large hole and put in a small dish filled with real water and a real goldfish. I think this would look amazing, but have been afraid to try it. Has anyone every seen a cake like this?

freddyfl Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 3:59pm
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i haven't i think you should try it

susanscakebabies Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 4:11pm
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I love this idea. It is a way to always keep us up on creating. I will have to come up with one. I have onw in my photos, but I will try and come up with a new one. Thanks for starting this Melvira, what a super idea!!!

Dustbunny Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 4:17pm
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Great idea Melvira!!! I will have a cake to post by the weekend, just so happens my Mom's birthday cake is a sea theme, woohoo!!!

Renaejrk Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 6:59pm
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I love this! I won't have one for this month, but I love looking at everyone else's! It's such a wonderful idea that this is for ALL edible mediums, not just cake or cookies even! You can do all kinds of sugar art or anything you want - as long as it's edible!! It will be fun to see all the different mediums joining in together to make some cool stuff!

indigojods Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 7:17pm
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My favorite cake so far is the fish one in my avatar which works for this month's theme. It is fun to see what everyone posts and will be a good reference tool for us all later....

adven68 Posted 5 Jun 2007 , 7:20pm
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cute idea....I have one in my photos...

I also have a cute cookie that I will post later....

bobwonderbuns Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 12:43am
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Originally Posted by Melvira

(Besides... who died and made ME cake mistress? I'm the CHOCOLATE mistress!! hahahaha!!!)

Why we did of course! thumbs_up.gificon_wink.gif

bobwonderbuns Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 12:44am
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Originally Posted by adven68

cute idea....I have one in my photos...

I also have a cute cookie that I will post later....

That cake is AMAZING!!! Turn your comments on so I can tell you there too! thumbs_up.gif

nrctermite Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:27am
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This is a great idea Melvira!! Thanks!

bobwonderbuns Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:40am
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Folks, even though Melvira is the "face" of this new thread, there are many people behind the scenes who contributed to it's creation. And to all those people -- Thank you, bless you, and keep on creatin'!!! icon_biggrin.gif

Beezaly Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:41am
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Gives me a reason to do a "fun" cake (not some ordered-do as your told-cake). icon_smile.gif

briannastreats Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:41am
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I love this idea!! Now I just have to think of a reason to make a cake!!

Cake_Mooma Posted 6 Jun 2007 , 1:53am
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Originally Posted by briannastreats

I love this idea!! Now I just have to think of a reason to make a cake!!

Isn't any reason a good one. Uh! "Today is middle of the week day- Wednesday" Or how is " I cleaned the house taday" or " I made dinner and didn't burn it day" Just some ideas. lololol


p.s. love this thread thanks everyone for putting together the idea. Now I have to think of one. I have a sponge bob in my photos but I want something COOL.

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