Lambeth Style Wilton Cake Pan Set

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JanH Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 4:47pm
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I'm looking for the retired Wilton beveled cake pan set (Lambeth style)?

There is one on e-bay, that's being bid to outrageous prices.

Can I find these pans anywhere else!!!!

Thanks for your help.

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Doug Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 5:30pm
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as an owner of a set....

yep...that's looks about right on the bids

I got mine off of e-bay too about a year ago. paid almost $40 (w/ S&H)..
and I have never seen them anywhere else and they are very rare on e-bay too.

only possible options might be estate sales, thrift stores, bakery closing, etc.

Samsgranny Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 5:48pm
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Would you please show us a picture of what this looks like? Thanks a bunch!

Doug Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 6:02pm
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ta dip! (that's a small tah dah, folks)

Samsgranny Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 6:05pm
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Wow, interesting! Did not find a picture when I googled but did find some conversations and one of the prices thrown out was $127. for the set, so $40. is a steal! Thanks for posting Doug.

knoxcop1 Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 6:06pm
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What do you do with the bases?

What is the purpose of these pans? Is it just the different shape of them? Hmmm...Interesting!


Doug Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 6:30pm
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bases can be used as bottom under stack or put atop a regular round of shame shape

slanted edge is designed to allow for Lambeth technique icing which builds up many(!) layers of piping to get a 3-d look.

one of the rare sample photos I've found: (scroll to bottom)

(been trying to buy Lambeth's book...but ouch! $200+)

JanH Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 6:48pm
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Thanks for the input everyone.

Can't believe that the pans aren't available if the Lambeth style is still alive and well.

Maybe I need to start checking UK sources.

Can anyone offer a UK supplier that they've used successfully.

TIA, again!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

leily Posted 10 Jul 2006 , 11:21am
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Actually the Lambeth style is hard to find. It is quite the art and takes a lot of time. That is also why lambeth books/pans are hard to find. Not a lot of people take the time to do it anymore.

The pans are definitely hard to find though. I have been keeping an eye out for about 3-4 years now and Still haven't had good luck with finding a decent price I can afford, so still saving up for those high prices.

I am not sure if anyone else makes pans like the wilton ones. If you finda source though please do share! I would definitely be interested.


JanH Posted 10 Jul 2006 , 3:35pm
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I have been searching the internet for UK and AU cake/bakery/decorating sites, but none of them carry these pans, so far. It's funny, but they carry a lot of WILTON pans.

Since Wilton did manufacture these pans at one time, why don't we start a write-in campaign asking them to re-release them, even on a limited basis.

I don't think Wilton would pass on an opportunity to sell more cake pans, and they might even have the original masters in a vault somewhere! icon_biggrin.gif

I'm going to e-mail from their website right now.

JanH Posted 10 Jul 2006 , 3:45pm
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I did it:


I have been trying to buy these old cake pans on e-bay and at yard sales, thrift shops to no avail.

As Wilton was the original manufacturer of these pans, I was hoping you might want to re-introduce these pans, even on a limited basis.

I lost my e-bay bid when the bidding got over $80.00, so there is a market for these pans!

I don't currently decorate in the Lambeth style, but these pans are appealing on their own and just scream out for scrolls and lace.

Think you would definitely have a winner in these pans!!!!

I'd appreciate any help - e-mailing them early and often

THANKS icon_biggrin.gif

bostonterrierlady Posted 10 Jul 2006 , 5:34pm
post #12 of 21 sells contour pans. I do not know if this is what you are looking for.

leily Posted 10 Jul 2006 , 11:15pm
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Originally Posted by bostonterrierlady sells contour pans. I do not know if this is what you are looking for.

The contour pans have more of a rounded edge than an angled edge. The contour seem to be really good for fondant, but they are just a little bit different than the Beveled pans.



imartsy Posted 24 Jul 2006 , 7:20pm
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JanH, did Wilton ever get back to you on this?

JanH Posted 24 Jul 2006 , 8:25pm
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Wilton never got back to me, just totally blew me off!!!

However, I am undaunted. I'll just start sending snail mail to the president, and maybe send a fax - until such time as they see fit to give me an answer.

Any help phoning, faxing, writing or e-mailing Wilton about re-releasing these pans would be very much appreciated!


or if you're in the U.S.:

Wilton Industries
2240 W. 75th St.
Woodridge, IL 60517

Phone: 630-963-1818/800-794-5866

Fax: 630-963-7196/888-824-9520

Email: [email protected]

JanH Posted 24 Jul 2006 , 8:28pm
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Wow, the board's really jumping today!

imartsy Posted 24 Jul 2006 , 8:43pm
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I sent them a quick e-mail too. I asked since they are teaching the Lambeth method at their "school" - will they be selling the Lambeth/ bevel style pans again? We'll see if they reply.

JanH Posted 24 Jul 2006 , 9:16pm
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Thanks for the help!!!

I just faxed Wilton the following letter:

Re: Lambeth style cake pan set

I recently e-mailed you concerning the re-release of this cake pan set, after losing an e-bay auction when the asking price rose above $80.00 (not including shipping/handling).

I also belong to a cake chat board, ans was surprised to learn that other members were also looking for this cake pan set - one respondent said she has been looking for 3-4 years with no success.

I, personally, don't decorate in the Lambeth style, although it looks very intriguing. However, I think the pans would allow another style choice for brides and decorators that would be happily received.

I think these style pans would make it very easy for the home baker, also, to achieve designer style results without the professional carving techniques now required.

The style, just begs for scrollwork, lace and a plethora of other design elements, not available from any other pan set on the market today.

As Wilton originally marketed these pans, years ago, would it be possible to re-introduce them, even as a limited edition, at some not too distant time in the future.

I enjoy the many wonderful Wilton pans and baking/decorating tools I have, I think they are some of the finest on the market. I also enjoyed the classes I have taken and look forward to learning much more.

I would really like to learn a modified Lambeth style using Lambeth cake pans. But if that isn't possible, I'd be really, really happy, just to have the pans!

Thanks for your prompt attention to my request.

Very truly yours,


imartsy Posted 25 Jul 2006 , 2:47pm
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Just wanted to update - I asked Wilton about the pans too and they sent an e-mail saying they were discontinued and to look on ebay. Also that they hadn't heard about any discussion in bringing them back. I wrote back saying that the pans were on ebay occassionally but were very expensive b/c they were discontinued and I just thought that since they were teaching the Lambeth class, they migth bring back the pans. I also said I knew that a lot of people would be very happy if they did!

Anyone else want to jump on this bandwagon to bring back these bevel style pans???

JanH Posted 25 Jul 2006 , 4:13pm
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Wow, I'm still waiting for a response. Great job.

I can't understand why Wilton isn't considering re-releasing this pan set. After all, they are in the cake pan business!

I know that politicians gauge an issues timeliness by how much feedback is generated by e-mail, phone calls or letters, etc. (They also factor in that for every card, letter, what-not received there are hundreds more voters who are interested but just take the time to actively respond.)

If we could get enough "buzz" going over at Wilton, I think they would make the pans available again.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

bobbylee007 Posted 10 Jul 2013 , 8:32am
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I too have searched FAR & WIDE on the internet, but cant seem to find any. . . . .

I am going to try antique shops next. . . . !

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