Attaching Silk Flowers To Cake??

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PurplePetunia Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 5:48am
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I've never used silk flowers on a cake, just personal preference, but I have a customer that wants them.

Just wondering how do you get them to stay on the cake?? Do you actually stick them into the cake?? icon_confused.gif

The cake will be fondant covered and will be picked up one day before the event, so I will have to put the flowers on before that, so maybe Thurs. night, for a Fri. pick-up and Sat. event.



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Falenn Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 5:54am
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i prolly wont be of any help, but i did a cake the other week in bc, and we stuck the silk flowers in cake. not sure if that was a good idea or not, but we did it right before the guests started to come. what a difference it makes.

candy177 Posted 2 Jul 2006 , 5:54am
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Could you put toothpicks into them and stick the toothpicks into the cake? Dowels? Bamboo skewers? Just make sure you tell the customer about them. icon_smile.gif

PurplePetunia Posted 3 Jul 2006 , 1:49am
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Thank you both for your suggestions.

I read somewhere on this forum that someone said they insert the stems into plastic straws first and then into the cake.

That sounds like a good idea and I think I will use the straws, but I just wanted to make sure that you actually stick the flowers into the cake???

I won't be setting this cake up. Someone is picking up the cake a day before the event.

Thanks again.

CandyLady Posted 3 Jul 2006 , 12:43pm
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I recently did a wedding cake and bought the small white flower picks for the silk flowers. I would never stick the wires directly into the cake. Not sure who handled them before I bought them....

PurplePetunia Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 5:02am
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Thanks CandyLady, that's a great idea.

I was planning to wrap the stems first in floral tape and then insert that into plastic straws, but I like your idea too.

Thanks! icon_smile.gif

jowhip Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 5:07am
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Wilton make a cone shaped pick that you stick into the cake and can put silk or real flowers into them. They won't touch any part of the cake because they are inside the cone.
Hope this helps

Kazoot Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 5:08am
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One thing to think of is that they might slip out of the straws. Maybe you could put a dab of icing in the straw and then insert the stems. It would make sure no air got to the cake, too.....Just something to think about.


PurplePetunia Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 2:07pm
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Ooooh, Kazoot! I didn't think about that!!
Thanks for pointing that out!

The question I really have is whether or not the silk flowers were to be stuck into the cake or just attached with icing to the top of the cake??

I know a lot of people stick it in, but I was wondering if anyone just puts them on top??

Thanks. icon_smile.gif

CandyLady Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 2:56pm
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if you are just putting them on top of cake, there are small dishes you can place them in. You may want to buy a small piece of florist foam and stick them in that....I would tape the florist foam to the dish first. I did some wedding cheesecakes and placed a round of wax paper on top of each and laid silk flowers on the round. Just don't let them come in contact with the cake. pat

PurplePetunia Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 3:03pm
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It's just about 3 calla lilies and some greenery that I want to put onto fondant covered cakes. So the waxed paper sounds more like what I need to do to.

Thanks so much for your help CakeLady, and everyone else who made suggestions. I am doing more wedding cakes, so I know all your tips/advice will come in handy.

Purple Petunia icon_smile.gif

jmt1714 Posted 6 Jul 2006 , 4:12pm
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why not let the silk flowers come into contact with the cake? what are we worried about?

renee Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 2:18am
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i use silk flowers all the time on my cakes. all i ever do is just stick the stems into the cake. we've done it like that for years.

shrek Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 8:17pm
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I usually use the silk flowers in my cakes. i wrap the stems in floral tape, sometimes I use the straws also.

Jenn123 Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 10:08pm
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I've done lots of silks on cakes. I just pull the flowers and leaves off the stems. Then I squeeze icing on the cake in different heights and stick the flower on. (Just like you would do with BC roses.

Pearls, baby's breath, and ribbons can spruce it up too.

PurplePetunia Posted 8 Jul 2006 , 11:25pm
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Thanks for everyone's input.

I ended up just making a bouquet out of the flowers and laying them on top of the cake.

This was my first time using silk flowers, so everyone's tips/advice was helpful.

Thanks icon_smile.gif

cake4less Posted 18 Aug 2013 , 12:19pm
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This is my first floral arrangement for a wedding cake.  It is made of cala lilly's and little white flowers.  You've given some good ideas on how to do the top of the cake.  This arrangement has 3 strands of flowers flowing down the cake.  Any suggestions on how to do that and hook them into the centerpiece on top?

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