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Samsgranny Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 3:53am
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Thank you for the kind remarks. The original cookies had a pool of water cut out beneath the sailboat with a steak knife but didn't come out very smooth after they baked so we ended up eating them...sometimes the experiment doesn't survive! Can't wait for next month!

NEWTODECORATING Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 4:01am
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I finally got into this thread!! Yeah me!! It wasn't letting me. Kept saying no post exist for this topic icon_confused.gif

Samsgranny- I love the cookies! I never thought of using two cutters for one design. Sam's a lucky little guy to have such a smart Granny!

babynewyear Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 4:34am
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Very cute samsgranny. ThAt a great idea to use two cookie cutter! thumbs_up.gif

bonniebakes Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 5:54pm
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samsgranny - great idea. your cookies came out really neat!

Samsgranny Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 6:58pm
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Thanks so much for the great comments, I'm really looking forward to next month...is it bugs?

daltonam Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 7:10pm
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Yjudania Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 7:30pm
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Everyone's cookies are so awesome! I can't wait to see what we come up with for next month!

Kos Posted 28 Jul 2006 , 8:30pm
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Samsgranny, awesome idea on the double cookie cutters and your cookies look beeeeautiful! thumbs_up.gif

daltonam - cookie cutters? icon_eek.gif Don't be askeered! icon_lol.gif


daltonam Posted 29 Jul 2006 , 3:12pm
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Originally Posted by Kos

Samsgranny, awesome idea on the double cookie cutters and your cookies look beeeeautiful! thumbs_up.gif

daltonam - cookie cutters? icon_eek.gif Don't be askeered! icon_lol.gif


hehe haha---so maybe it's the icing them that i'm scared of! & i have no cute cutters here either icon_cry.gif

tayesmama Posted 30 Jul 2006 , 7:55am
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I MADE IT!! LOL. I didn't think I would have time this month to do any cookies but I found some and I made some chocolate chip cookies in the July theme. A day before July is over.... LOL. Not the best but they were fun to do. icon_lol.gif

mis Posted 30 Jul 2006 , 12:44pm
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Wow cool cookies tayesmama did you cut those out before or after baking them?

babynewyear Posted 30 Jul 2006 , 3:06pm
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Great Cookies Tayesmama, I wouldnt have thought of chocolate chip! Yum. I love the star fish. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

tayesmama Posted 30 Jul 2006 , 7:19pm
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mis - I cut them out before baking. I just love chocolate chip and it's such a nice change from the No Fails.... icon_razz.gif

mis Posted 30 Jul 2006 , 10:06pm
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tayesmama thanks I will have to give that a try. thumbs_up.gif Yea I wanted a change too.

spottydog Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 12:20am
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Wow all these are great.

Sams very creative using 2 cuters!

coffeecake Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 8:43pm
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samsgranny - live the baking two together - and the icing colors were great .

Tayesmom - great starfish, I have never tried two colors when I'v made them. And your bikin bottoms, the icing is perfect - Do you outline first?

bonniebakes Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 9:00pm
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tayesmom- great cookies... the bikinis are SO cute! I'll have to try chocolate chip sometime (YUM!). what recipe did you use?

bonniebakes Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 9:39pm
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OK, I know I'm getting in JUST in time, but here are my July cookies....

I made sea horses, palm trees, starfish and lobsters. Don't really like the sea horse cutter, though. I think the fins should be on the back, not the front. oh well...

Kos Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 10:20pm
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Love the dots on the seahorses, and I love, love, love the lobster! Soooo cute!

What's next Bonnie....bugs?


bonniebakes Posted 31 Jul 2006 , 11:06pm
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I'm not sure.... August is Cake_Princess' monthly theme. But people sure seem to want bugs! I'll PM her about it and we'll get a new thread going within the next few days....

mis Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 1:15am
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Awesome cookies. I'm not sure which I like best the lobster or sea horses. They all look yummy.

Zamode Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 1:43am
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Bonnie what great colors! I love those palm trees and the lobster.

cookieman Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 1:52am
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Hi all,
Is there an August theme? How do I join? This seems exciting! icon_biggrin.gif

Samsgranny Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 2:19am
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It IS exciting! icon_biggrin.gif I think it will be bugs but we should be getting an announcement within the next couple of days...stay tuned!

daltonam Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 2:37am
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bonnie i love them

just_for_fun Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 3:02am
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All these cookies are great and original!! Makes me want to take out the mixer... no time today icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif I guess there's always tomorrow..

babynewyear Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 4:03pm
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Awww Bonniebakes those lobsters are my favorites!. But there all really cute. icon_smile.gif

tayesmama Posted 1 Aug 2006 , 4:36pm
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Love the cookies bonniebakes! And they sure do look yummy! I really like the palm trees!

coffeecake - no I didn't outline. I hate having to make two batches of royal when I hate outlining anyway... (powdered sugar can get expensive LOL icon_redface.gif ).

bonniebakes - the recipe was kindly posted by Kos here:


She's the 8th post down. thumbs_up.gif

bonniebakes Posted 3 Aug 2006 , 12:10pm
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thanks, everyone!

And tayesmom and Kos - thanks for the recipe!

Have you seen the new thread about the Cugust cookie theme? Cake_Princess is calling for ideas....

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