nickluke0705 Posted 22 Jun 2006 , 10:02am
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I am making a three layer Wilton Recipe butter cake with almond filling. I am frosting it with the buttercream frosting, then a fondant which I purchase already made. How do keep the fondant from cracking, and how do I make it look perfect - meaning sometime the fondant shows any problems with the buttercream, and sometimes it is hard to get fondant perfect on bottom. Also, do I have to put dowels through the top down?

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springlakecake Posted 22 Jun 2006 , 12:09pm
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I just used fondant for the first time the other day (marshmallow fondant that I made) I started a thread about how to smooth it. I will see if I can find it for you.

When you say 3 layers, do you mean 3 tiers or 3 layers of cake? It it is tiers, then yes, you would need to dowel it. But it is just a torted cake, then no.

I doubt the fondant would crack as long as it is not too dry. Since yours is ready made, I am sure that it is probably at the right consistency. If it is too dry and cracking I have read to add just a little crisco into it, but a little goes a long way I think.

you do need to make sure the buttercream underneath is a smooth as possible to make sure that the fondant doesnt take on those imperfections. I used a crusting buttercream then smoothed it with a papertowel. That part looked great. Anyway, I am sure there are more more experienced fondant people on here, but I will try to fine the other thread and post the link for you on smoothing the fondant. Good luck!

springlakecake Posted 22 Jun 2006 , 12:17pm
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okay so I cant figure out how to copy the thread on here! I guess I need help with that. But it is fondant 60% good 40% not so good or something like that. I will bump it up here so it is closer to the top.

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