Bride Asked : Swarovski Crystal Monogram

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HammIamm Posted 20 May 2005 , 11:15am
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i know there are people out there who can make them, are they hard to do??? would you be willing to share the instructions?? please help! thnaks.

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nathalie Posted 20 May 2005 , 12:00pm
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Here is a site of a place that you can buy them from.
I know there are lots of places to get the crystals, but have no idea where you could get the letter forms. I imagine it would be a very tedious job, and might be worth paying for.

peacockplace Posted 20 May 2005 , 12:17pm
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The topper is something the bride should pay for anyway. I'd find some online and then let her choose which she wants to buy.

Mchelle Posted 20 May 2005 , 3:23pm
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I would love to learn how to make these. icon_eek.gif they are really expensive, but oh so beautiful.

veejaytx Posted 20 May 2005 , 4:26pm
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I found these advertised in the latest ACD magazine, page 54, there are flower, heart-shaped and monogram picks.
Very pretty, a little pricey, but the bride probably knows that about swarovski! These are custom made. Won't hurt to check them out! Janice

angelkiss013 Posted 20 May 2005 , 4:55pm
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I know that some people go to the kraft store to by thingd that look like crystal , and glue them on metal wire.
Cost less , and it's custom made...And won't be as expensive !

peacockplace Posted 20 May 2005 , 4:58pm
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ok... I found this site for Aluminum letters for cake tops
I know they sell Swarovski Crystals at michaels. I'm sure they have some type of adhesive there to put them on with.

Mchelle Posted 20 May 2005 , 5:21pm
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That is soooooo awesome. Thanks guys!

CIndymm4 Posted 20 May 2005 , 5:49pm
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Wow, those are gorgeous.....I may have to try my hand at making those!

veejaytx Posted 20 May 2005 , 10:22pm
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If the swarovski crystals that you can buy at Michaels are faceted, as most crystals are, I don't think you can just glue them on because they will need a hole or at least an indention for the point (like a diamond) to fit into. This is one reason the pre-made monograms are so expensive, the crystals have to be set like gemstones or diamonds. Jan

peacockplace Posted 21 May 2005 , 1:38am
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Ok... I did some research and Swarovski makes " flat back crystals" I'm not sure if you can get them at Michaels or not, but there are tons of places to order online and even on ebay! This kind can be glued on and should work fine. You guys have got me so interested in this I might have to try it just to see if it works.

veejaytx Posted 21 May 2005 , 3:38am
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Okay on the flat back crystals, we need to locate some of those, this does sound like fun and the chance to make something really pretty! veejay

peacockplace Posted 21 May 2005 , 12:19pm
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Ok I found some on Ebay... which I'm convinced has everything in the world! I'm going to look at michaels today and see if they have them too. In the beginning I was like " let the bride buy one" but now I have a challenge. I'm going to make one of these little buggers and it's gonna be great..... hopefully!

llj68 Posted 21 May 2005 , 6:02pm
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Wow--I've never seen anything like that before. Just gorgeous!

As far as flat backed crystals, I would try Firemountain Beads and Gems. They have a website and I do beading and have found that they have about the best retail prices.

You could most likely find something on Ebay, also.

I would love to see a pic when you are done!


veejaytx Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 3:26pm
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Has anybody had any luck finding these and trying to make the initials? Just was hoping we could figure this out. I'm on my way to Joann's with coupons, and will check on the crystals there! Janice

peacockplace Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 3:36pm
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Michaels doesn't have the swarofski crystals in "flat back" but they do have some cheap ones which I would recoment working with to practice before using the real ones. They have some small wooden letters at walmart with a hole in the bottom for a scure. I guess you could paint them then attach the crystals. My other thought was to go to the hardware store and buy a small sheet of alluminum and cut out the lettershape yourself. Maybe it could also be done with metal tubing that has been flattened. I'm still trying to come up with a way to do it. Good luck and happy shopping!

eve Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 3:45pm
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I saw that in a Bridal Magazine... It is called Cake Jewelry...
Go to yahoo and search under Cake Jewelry

veejaytx Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 6:43pm
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Joann's didn't have the flat ones either, and the ones they do have are very expensive! Obviously the internet is going to be the place to get them.
Check out, they have a great selection and looks to be good prices.

I've been wondering if they could be attached to fondant bows and such to where they would stay, sure would be pretty if it could be done.

There has to be a way, I'll bet we figure it out! Janice

missjane Posted 3 Jun 2005 , 7:25pm
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i found this website too.. they are so beautiful! I cant wait to see what you come up with!icon_smile.gif

veejaytx Posted 4 Jun 2005 , 12:01am
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Thanks missjane, that is a good website. Some of those look like they may be attached to a plastic
back, but it is really hard to tell. This is going to take some digging to find out how to make these, but I'd sure like to be able to do it! Janice

debsuewoo Posted 4 Jun 2005 , 12:59am
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Go to and look at their Swarovski foil backed crystals.... you can get a gross (144) of them for what you'd pay at Michaels or Joanns for a dozen, and they have different colors and sizes.


veejaytx Posted 4 Jun 2005 , 7:18am
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Debbie, you are so right on the price difference at Michaels, I found the same kind of prices at Joanns!

I've also been comparing prices at Fire Mountain and at, and Fire Mountain is cheaper on a gross (144 pc $10.07) and the price goes down when you order 2 or 3 gross! The advantage at ejoyce is they have 57 colors (including one that is called Mixed Colors), and the price is only about $12 per gross. Also, at ejoyce when you order 10 gross (1440 pieces) the price goes down to $76.50 or $7.65 per gross. This sounds like a lot of crystals, but I am sure when you begin to make a monogram or an initial it takes a lot of them!

I have emailed to ask if these can be different colors or if all have to be the same...thinking that two or more of us might order the 10 gross and split them up, shouldn't cost much to mail them! I will let you know when I get a reply, and I did order a brochure from them.


peacockplace Posted 5 Jun 2005 , 3:01am
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Thanks for all the investigative work you guys! Keep me posted! thumbs_up.gif

veejaytx Posted 5 Jun 2005 , 8:44am
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Hi! ejoyce answered my email and said the 10 gross would be all the same color...too bad...but we could get the "mixed color" the problem with that is having to sort them out!

I also emailed the Tami lady who is selling these on eBay (her prices are good, too, by the way) and asked if she has any information on how to make these, so maybe she will come back with something that will help. I did imply that there might be several of us buying crystals if we can figure out how to make the initials. We will see if she answers my email.

I meant to look at the wooden letters at Walmart, but forgot about them when I finally went to do my shopping. I have some of these crystals here that I got to go with a setting tool some time ago, wish I had something to put them on for an experiment! I don't even have any fondant right now.

Does anybody have any idea of how to "glue" these to fondant? I'm not sure egg whites or just the ususal moistening will hold them! Janice

peacockplace Posted 5 Jun 2005 , 12:37pm
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I'd say royal would be the best glue I could think of. Keep us posted about the crystals! I can't wait to figure this out!

doc_farms Posted 1 Nov 2006 , 9:52pm
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Hey there any updates on this subject? Just curious what you all figured out or learned icon_smile.gif

saberger Posted 14 Aug 2010 , 4:04pm
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What a fascinating topic! Did you ever figure out how to do it?

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