How Much Mini-Desserts To Make For 60 People?

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Darra Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 7:28am
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hi everyone! got my first big order yesterday... dessert for 60 people! i was thinking of making mini items like brownie bites, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, etc... but now i'm thinking how much of each item should i make to feed 60 people if each item will be no bigger than 3 square inches?

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JamesSweetie Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 8:48am
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Are these following a full meal? You will need less if thats the case. From everything I could find they reccommend 4-6 per person for appetizers (couldn't find anything on desserts), less if you offer more choices of dessert. I would say you are safe with at least 3 per person.

klg1152 Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 10:40am
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I agree, three sound right.

gilson6 Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 12:12pm
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It depends on how mini you go. I have a small bundt pan that has 6 small wells in it. These are big enough for 1 per person. Cupcake size is 1 per person. Now if you are going mini muffins - I would recommend the 3 per person. Mini cheesecakes which are made using the cupcake pans would be 1 per person. If you are offering a variety of things (say 3 things) I would make enough for 1 per person of each item. Some people won't eat one item but another person will. Know what I mean? I used to do catering and this was the most frustrating part for me. You had to make enough of each item for each person even though everyone wouldn't eat that item.

Darra Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 12:45pm
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JamesSweetie - yes, it follows a full BBQ with meat, sides, salads, bread, etc... i'm thinking of making four kinds (2 kinds of cookies, baklava, and lemon bars) cookies will be about 2 inches across, baklava and lemon bars will be about 3 inches square. chocolate covered strawberries will be for garnish.

gilson6 - cookies will be about 2 inches across, baklava and lemon bars will be about 3 inches square. i'm making 4 items total, so i should make 60 pieces of each then? i will also have some chocolate covered strawberries for garnish.

koolaidstains Posted 19 Jun 2006 , 6:28pm
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I think you should cut them smaller. 3 inches square is pretty big if you're going to have multiple items.

nicoles0305 Posted 20 Jun 2006 , 4:18am
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when I used to do a little catering, we figured 1 1/2 for each person. So 60 people x 1.5 = 90 pieces. That's what I would do, because usually its just enough that there's only a few pieces left over, but not too many.

nicoles0305 Posted 20 Jun 2006 , 4:21am
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that's 90 total pieces, so if you're doing like 3 different things, make 30 of each to total 90. From my experience, 1 1/2 is a good number.

qtkaylassweets Posted 20 Jun 2006 , 4:33am
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I did a party that I think the girl said there were a little over 50 people(not sure of total count)I made 100 of each item that I was making. I made choc covered strawberries, lemon Bars (mini-bite size), choc dipped macaroons, choc covered oreos, bite sized frosted brownies, and cookies.
The lady called after the party and said that they had maybe 7 cookies left! It was a big hit!
Pictures are in my photos

Darra Posted 20 Jun 2006 , 5:22am
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koolaidstains - you're right... i think 2x2 squares should be enough.

nicoles0305 - i doubt that 1.5 pieces would be enough... the portions will be kind of small, so i'm thinking maybe 3 per person

qtkaylassweets - wow! that's a LOT of work! how long did it take you to finish everything? i need to start working on my time table! and more importantly, how much did you charge? your stuff looks awesome, by the way icon_smile.gif i think i'll play it safe and make 100 each as well, i mean, they're all so teeny tiny anyway icon_smile.gif

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